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Beard cosmetics for men – how to choose the good ones?

Beard cosmetics for men – how to choose the good ones?

Beard balm, like every cosmetic, has its supporters and opponents. There is no doubt, however, that a good quality product can bring many benefits to the beard. Why use a beard balm and how to choose the best one?

The choice is not so simple

The range of beard cosmetics is constantly expanding. Newer and newer products dedicated to beard owners appear on the market. Some tempt you with fragrances, others with amazing properties. Without a doubt, every bearded man will find a product that meets his needs. Let's start from the beginning. Do you care about the good condition of your beard? Only a well-groomed and manicured beard will look good. Therefore, your beautician should also have room for other important beard cosmetics. Even the best beard balm cannot replace you.

Beard balm and other beard cosmetics

The beard balm is really the last product you should reach for during daily care. In order for your beard to be in good condition, you must first of all take care of its proper, systematic cleansing.

Beard shampoo

For this you need a special beard shampoo, which has a properly selected composition - so as to effectively cleanse the beard and skin, but also care for them - moisturize and nourish. Once a week, it is worth using a peeling to effectively unblock the pores and mouths of the hair follicles. Thanks to this, the skin and hair will absorb much more nutrients. After washing and gently drying the beard, you can reach for beard oil, whose task, in the simplest terms, is to restore comfort.

Beard oil

A good beard oil effectively moisturizes, nourishes, regenerates and protects the beard against the harmful effects of external factors. It also soothes irritations, has antibacterial properties and tolerates persistent itching. After these treatments, you can apply the right beard balm. It will allow you to tame the mane and keep the beard in check. He will also care for her. The action of the lotion depends on its type.

Beard Balm or Beard Oil?

Beard oil and beard balm has a slightly different task, but they can complement each other perfectly. If you necessarily want to use only one of them, I'd rather go for beard oil, because it comprehensively cares for the beard and skin under it. Good quality beard balm also has a caring effect, but its task is primarily to stylize the mane, so that it can be lightly weighted. Working with lotion is a bit more complicated than with oil. It all depends, of course, on the type of cosmetic. To understand this, let's find out what products we can find in the offer.

Types of beard balms

While in the case of beard oils, the topic is easy, simple and pleasant, because they differ only in consistency, type and intensity of the fragrance, in the case of beard lotions, the issue of their division is a bit more complicated. The key issue is their composition, because it depends on the composition of the balm both its consistency, grip strength, method of use and the final effect it allows to achieve. Taking into account the composition itself, we are able to distinguish 2 basic types of beard balms: moisturizing and stacking. When we add the type of consistency to this, we get 4 basic categories, namely: liquid balms (in emulsion), cream balms (moisturizing), wax balms and beard waxes.

Beard waxes and mustache waxes

Beard waxes, despite the look very similar to mustache waxes, are not the same. As usual, the key to the program is composition. For mustache waxes, this is 100% pure beeswax or micro-crystallized wax, paraffin and fragrance. This provides this type of wax with a very hard consistency and a mega strong grip that allows any stylization of the mustache. As long as it works when laying small beard areas - if you try to style a medium beard - it usually leads to a shoemaker's passion, because applying such hard wax to a larger area of ​​the beard is a miracle.

Beard waxes

In the case of beard waxes, the situation is slightly different, because in addition to the previously mentioned substances, their manufacturers also add to them waxes providing greater plasticity under temperature. Exactly as in the case of wax balms, only in much smaller quantities. Thanks to this, the wax does not lose its mega firm grip, and we, after heating the wax in our hands or a dryer, are able to apply it much more easily to the entire chin. As with wax balms, we can use beard waxes when we just want to style a defiant beard. However, the best results are achieved by using wax together with the oil. Thanks to this, on the one hand, we are able to moisturize and nourish the beard properly, ensuring its softness and healthy shine. On the other hand, arrange it exactly as you like it.