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Marc Anthony

Does your hair need special care? Meet Marc Anthony products. The brand provides professional hairdressing cosmetics tailored to the needs of different types of hair. In order to get to know its philosophy better, it is worth getting to know the creator of the cosmetic empire and its history.

Who is Marc Anthony and why is his hair care product so effective? Marc Anthony won the 1989 International Hairdressing Championship in Los Angeles, making him the youngest ever winner of this competition and opening the way to a stunning career. Soon he opened his first salon. After several years of experience as a valued hairdresser, Marc Anthony decides to create his own line of hair care products. And so, in 1995, the first cosmetic signed with the name of the Grand Master hit the Canadian market. His career is developing at an incredible pace. Before the start of the new millennium, Marc Anthony entered the world of celebrity styling, starting with the hairstyle of Catherine Zeta Jones herself.

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