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Bomb Cosmetics

Bomb Cosmetics - the kingdom of sweet relaxation. Thanks to them you will immerse yourself in a bath with natural oils and the power of a wonderful fragrance! Bomb Cosmetics are hand-made, natural bath cosmetics that impress with their fragrance, appearance and care properties.

The company, whose head office is located in the seaside Bournemouth in southern England, has been around for 14 years and every year delights us with new, original body care cosmetics. Only natural ingredients are used in the production of cosmetics - among them nourishing butter, chocolate, nuts, seeds, berries, flower petals and essential oils - in addition, Bomb cosmetics are not tested on animals so they are vegan friendly. Bomb Cosmetics products look like the delicious works of the best confectioners, transform sparkling bath balls into a nourishing SPA ritual, massage cubes caress the skin and relax muscles, washing butter for the shower resemble tasty ice cream, and act as a compress on the skin, ankle shampoos care for the condition of the hair, shower scrubs make the skin silky smooth, and tasty lip balms moisturize them great.

£14.39 £15.99 You save: 10%( £1.60 )
£14.39 £15.99 You save: 10%( £1.60 )
£14.39 £15.99 You save: 10%( £1.60 )
£4.59 £6.59 You save: 30%( £2.00 )

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