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Have you ever dreamt of perfect makeup? Makeup that looks like you were a movie star, singer or model? Does it sound familiar to you? If yes, there is no better place to be. In our Roxie Cosmetics store, you will find everything you need to do this kind of makeup on your own. And that is possible in just a few minutes. All you will need is a perfect cosmetic set. Foundation, foundation brush, bronzer, blusher, lipstick, mascara, and that's all. And if you think that you will have to look for all the things online, search the whole Internet with no positive result – there is a perfect solution. You don't need to spend hours in front of your computer screen. We have gathered all the cosmetics in one place. Bourjois is a cosmetics company that will supply you with everything necessary.

Bourjois is a French makeup cosmetics brand that everyone associates with, and although the name is not accessible, everyone knows how to pronounce it correctly. And what's even more critical, no one will ever mistake it with any other company. The idea of Bourjois for cosmetics is like a child's play: they are to be easy to apply, stay on the skin for a long time, and additionally – delight with perfected details. Do you need anything more?

What foundation to choose?

Foundation is a makeup cosmetic that is the most important. It is a base that we apply before every other cosmetic. Only if we decide to use the best possible foundation will the whole makeup look unique and perfect. How to choose the best foundation? It is easier than you thought. The first thing to remember is to choose a matching colour. It should be a little bit lighter than your neck. However, not too much. Only one or two shades. Then, you should decide what kind of problems you deal with. If you have oily skin, it is better not to buy a foundation with oil as the main ingredient. Then it would be best if you chose some light formula cosmetics that won't irritate your skin.  

However, you don't have to worry. All of Bourjois foundations are made of the highest quality ingredients that not only cover your skin. They also help your skin to look healthier, shinier and glam. No matter which one you will decide on, you will be satisfied with the effect that it will have.

Do you need a bronzer and blusher?

If you desire to have perfectly done makeup – bronzer and blusher are musts. First, remember that using only foundation, even the best, is not enough. It would be best if you contoured your face to look more natural. What's more interesting, using bronzer and blusher, you can slightly change your natural facial contours. With bronzer, it is easy to lift your cheeks or make your nose look smaller. You don't need a plastic surgeon. Bourjois cosmetics are just fine. And if you like your skin to look fresh and girly, blusher has to become your friend for life.

How to apply lipstick to make your lips look bigger?

There are a few steps that you should follow if you want your lips to look bigger. The first one is to buy proper tools. You will need lipstick in your perfect colour. Then focus on the lip liner. It would be best if the colour of the lipliner were a little bit lighter than your lipstick. Only then you will get the desired effect. Start your lips makeup by outlining your lips with a lip liner. The next step is to cover the whole inner place of your lips, and that's it! You can add some lip gloss in the middle. It will also make your lips look bigger and fuller.  

Why should you choose Bourjois makeup cosmetics?

Bourjois cares for female cosmetologists, which is why products often resemble richly decorated gadgets for everyday use. The brand knows that consumers, when choosing a product often follow the first sign. That is why general appearance is so important. French products are dedicated to ladies of all ages who like to feel attractive and care for carefully made makeup. Bourjois offer includes top-quality makeup cosmetics and nail polishes, toilet waters, perfumes, and accessories for applying makeup.