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Bielenda Professional is a brand from Lesser Poland that gained recognition in the homeland and abroad. Its products are available in 45 countries and are extremely popular in the South Korean market. Bielenda Professional was founded in 1999 by Barbara Bielenda. Nowadays, the brand offers a wide range of over 400 products, in which you will find series designed for body, face or hair care. Bielenda Professional has long been associated with natural ingredients, not by accident.

The Polish cosmetics brand benefited from the benefits of nature, using plant ingredients - ginkgo Biloba extracts, chamomile, shea butter, aloe vera and olive oil. Many Bielenda Professional cosmetics have the status of bestsellers. Anti-wrinkle creams from the Bielenda Skin Clinic Professional collection are top-rated. Bielenda algae masks soothe dry skin, and Ultra Moisturizing Youth Cream Glow quickly disappears from the shelves. Bielenda is also an excellent offer of face acids (mandelic acid) or natural oils - Bielenda Argan Face Oil and argan oil for hair are the real hits of the Polish brand.