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Affect Cosmetics

Affect Cosmetics are professional cosmetics for every woman who wants to look phenomenal every day. This brand has met the expectations of every woman and created a unique line of professional cosmetics for everyday use. Affect Cosmetics is the answer that exposes the difference in quality between cosmetics for professionals and cosmetics available in drugstores.

Their cosmetics combine high quality and care for the face. They are also refined in the smallest details, which is why eye shadows smell great and powders and blushes have a unique pattern that catches the eye. Particularly noteworthy are their eye shadow palettes: Naturally Matt, Evening Mood, Pure Passion, Nude by Day, Party All Night. In addition to them, there are also various types of magnetic palettes that allow you to create your own eye shadow kit.

£26.99 £29.49 You save: 8%( £2.50 )
£26.99 £29.49 You save: 8%( £2.50 )
£26.99 £29.49 You save: 8%( £2.50 )
£29.99 £35.99 You save: 16%( £6.00 )
£22.69 £29.99 You save: 24%( £7.30 )
£24.79 £29.99 You save: 17%( £5.20 )
£24.79 £29.49 You save: 15%( £4.70 )

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