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Eolab cosmetics are produced by the Russian company Eo Laboratorie Natural & Organic, which in its products contains almost 95 percent of ingredients of natural and organic origin. Most of them do not contain silicones, parabens, SLS and EDTA, and most importantly, the components come from the wild areas of the undefiled Siberian human activity.

Thanks to this, the plants from which Eolab cosmetics are made are free from smog, exhaust fumes or factory waste. Therefore, Eolab products are completely safe, they should not sensitize and cause irritation, which is often due to plant poisoning by external factors, as well as the addition of harmful substances to cosmetics, including dyes. In the case of Eolab, we can be sure that we are dealing with pure, undisturbed nature, with all its wonderful properties for our skin and hair. Eolab products are largely based on plant extracts. These are primarily natural ingredients from uninhabited areas of Siberia, which have been growing there unchanged for centuries. It is primarily a Siberian iris, which not only looks beautiful, but also has great beautifying properties.

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