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Vegan Makeup - What Is It?

Vegan Makeup - What Is It?

Throughout the years makeup has been growing in popularity. There were a lot of different styles and types of makeup. Some of them endured the test of time, some didn’t. There is makeup-no-makeup, which is preferable for day and stronger, more visible makeup with smokey eyes and red lips for some special occasions. It only depends on you, which one you will decide for. However, in a dense jungle of all the products available on the market, there is more than just choosing colors. Cosmetics are produced differently. There are some companies that don’t care about our planet or possible side effects of using their cosmetics. Yet, there are some that produce cosmetics called vegan. What are they and why are they getting so popular? All of the information you’ll find below in this article. Read it through and be aware of two kinds of makeup products choose the one that suits you the most. 

Vegan cosmetics – what are they?

A cosmetic to be called “vegan” needs to follow two rules. They are strict and if there is some exception, they don’t get this name.

  1. First of all, vegan products are the ones that are produced without testing on animals. On the bottles you can find a label “Cruelty free” which is getting more important nowadays. Testing on animals is an activity that should have been banned a long time ago. Yet, there are a lot of other possibilities to check whether some product is effective or no. There is no need to torture poor animals with some face creams or lipsticks. In the end it is not 100% reliable, so what’s the point of doing it?
  2. The second important fact is that vegan cosmetics don’t include any animal ingredients. Normally, even if you aren’t aware of this, there are a lot of animal ingredients in makeup and skincare cosmetics. They are most often hidden behind some foreign names, which is why we don’t focus on them. However, they still have contact with our skin and more importantly, they had to be taken from animals. You can find a lot of producers that don’t hide with some animal ingredient. On the contrary, they are proud of using them and their excellent properties. One of them is royal jelly that is used in balms and hair conditioners. It is known for its nourishing and moisturizing properties. It is also found in some makeup cosmetics as foundation or lipstick. Another animal ingredient that producers use quite often is a snail slime. It is so nourishing that it is likely used in face and eyes creams.

There are more animal ingredients that are commonly used in cosmetics. Makeup products are no exception. However, there is a lot going on nowadays that makes vegan cosmetics well-known. More and more people decide to change their makeup and skincare habits and choose the products that don’t harm animals. However, are they so healthy for our body and face?

Is there anything added to vegan cosmetics?

Nowadays more and more actresses, singers and celebrities use vegan cosmetics. They make this trend so popular that most of the consumers don’t think what they buy. They simply believe in their idols. However, there is a small, but extremely significant thing to bear in mind while choosing makeup cosmetics. Not all of them, even if they are 100% vegan, are healthy for us. There are still a lot of ingredients added that can cause some problems with our skin and in a perspective with our body. Parabens, PEGs, pesticides, silicones and a lot more. That is why you should read the whole list of ingredients beforehand. Only this way you’ll avoid any ingredients that can be harmful. The best option is to use cosmetics that are both vegan and made of natural ingredients.  

Is vegan makeup different from traditional one?

This question may come to your mind if you have never tried vegan makeup cosmetics. However, we can assure you that there is no difference. Even more, sometimes vegan cosmetics stay longer on your face and give better effect. The best option is to try them and see yourself if they suit you. The choice is huge, so there won’t be a problem that you don’t have anything to choose from. It can be hard to decide which cosmetic will be the best. There are vegan eyeshadow palettes, lipsticks, mascaras, foundations, concealers and a lot more. Everything that you may need to create a perfect makeup for a day and night. Some companies were set up with the thought of producing only vegan cosmetics and they have grown in power ever since. That shows that the vegan trend is getting bigger and bigger and we should definitely follow it. Try once and you will never want to change vegan cosmetics. What’s more, you’ll see the difference in the condition of your skin and the final effect of your makeup. Vegan cosmetics act like traditional one, so there is no need for some special or professional abilities. You’ll handle making your vegan makeup on your own.