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How to Grow a Beard in 30 Days?

How to Grow a Beard in 30 Days?

Beards have made a huge comeback over the last decade. More and more men are interested in growing one for themselves. However, if you do it on your own and don’t know some of useful tactics – it’s more than possible that you’ll fail. Please, bear in mind that every man has probably dreamt of a beard at least once in his life. However, not everyone can afford it. Or at least that’s how men think. However, there are a few ways to grow a beard with almost no effort. To grow a beard and be satisfied with it for the next decades. Read the article and find out, what to do to grow a beard in an easy way.

How to grow a beard for the first time?

The first time is always the biggest, but also the most demanding. The same is with growing a beard. The first thing that you should remember, before you even start doing anything else with your beard is the fact that to grow a beard is a process. The process that will take time. More or less – it depends only on your genes, place where you live, your diet and the way you take care of your beard. It can grow fast and stay in desired condition and shape. However, don’t be so optimistic. It’s better to get surprised than to end disappointed. Here are a few steps and tips what to do to grow a beard fast and with no effort.

  1. Make a plan – as it was mentioned, growing a beard is a process. That is why there is needed a plan. At the very beginning it is good to know which beard styles suit your face shape. The first and the most important rule here is to let your beard soften any extremities. For example, when you have a long face it wouldn’t be great to make it look longer with a long, narrow beard. In this situation the best option is to widen your face. That is why you should plan to grow fuller sides, however remember to trim your beard under the chin regularly. If you’re not sure, what shape is the best for you, a good barber will definitely help you. If not to grow the beard, so at least to make it’s shape for the first time. Then you can take care of it with special products at your own home.
  2. Stay calm and patient – growing a beard can be a real test of patience. There are many different factors that affect it. Sometimes it’s easy to change some of them, but most often the only option is to wait. That is why, don’t get frustrated throughout the process and don’t shave your beard in an act of panic or frustration. It’ll destroy everything that you went through and Stay calm and be patient. Your beard will eventually grow and get the desired shape.
  3. Shave the perimeter – the neck and cheek lines are the spots that will instantly let everyone know if you allow your beard just grow or actually take care of it. In addition, if you start shaving your neck and cheek lines for the beginning of the whole process, the final shape of your beard will be perfect.
  4. Supplement your beard – this is the same as with hair on your head. To make your beard hair look more thick and stay soft at the same time.
  5. Trim as your beard grows – remember to trim your beard regularly. Only this way it will be shaped perfectly. You won’t loose control over it and at the very stage of growing a beard you will feel extraordinary, elegant and handsome.
  6. Brush your beard – brushing is the same as with hair on the head. However, you’ll need special comb or brush. Brushing your beard at the end of each day will ensure its health and tame-ability in the long haul, and also from one day to the next. It is very important, because this will help you to distribute natural oils produced in the skin throughout the whole beard.
  7. Don’t change a style, unless you get bored with it – remember, again, that to grow a beard is a process. It will take time till you achieve the desired shape. Don’t make any experiments during this time, because you’ll never see the final shape of your beard. Wait until it’s long enough and then, if you don’t like, there is time for changes.

The best products to grow a beard and take care of it

Taking care of your beard is not only trimming it. There are also specially designed products that can help you maintain the best shape and condition of your beard. First of all you need to wash it. Use a special shampoo not to get any irritated places on your face. Secondly, use comb or brush to brush a beard after washing it. And thirdly, use a conditioner styler. There are beard oils, balms and creams available, so you can choose the best possible form for you. However don’t forget about this step, because only then your beard will look exactly the same as on the covers of magazines. All of the cosmetics are available in our store, so you can have all that you need from one place. Good luck with growing your beard!