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Protecting Men's Skin - What Does it Need?

Protecting Men's Skin - What Does it Need?

The modern man is not indifferent macho, who does not attach importance to his choice and stubbornness that water and gray soap are the only things he needs. Taking care of yourself is no longer perceived as a fad or taboo - it is becoming more and more natural and pleasant. Gentlemen know that proper care is not only a matter of context - it also has an impact on health and well-being.

Everything you need to know about care

Although a quick shower and deodorant are not enough for most men, not everyone is aware of the type of care you should choose. And this selection is very important - the wrong means can harm both women and men. Male skin is significantly different from female skin, which is caused by hormones. First of all, it is over 25% thicker, which increases its resistance to external factors. In turn, the greater number of sebaceous glands means that the skin is less exposed to moisture loss, and it also slows down aging. On the other hand, it's easier to get inflammation, which is manifested by pimples. It is very important to reach only for cosmetics dedicated to men. They have not only a typical male fragrance and packaging, but also a composition tailored to male needs. It is worth knowing that not every guy has normal, combination or oily skin. There are a lot of men with sensitive and prone to irritation skin. Most brands offer men's lines, taking into account the needs of different types of skin or hair.

Cleansing is the key

Proper cleansing is the most important thing, without which there is no cared for skin. Let's forget to use ordinary soap for this purpose, which irritates and has a drying effect. For men's face, face gel obviously matched to skin type, works best. The one with microgranules additionally gently exfoliates the skin. After washing your face with a gel, it's worth wiping it with a tonic that refreshes the skin and helps restore its proper pH level. The male beautician should also find a scrub. It is worth reaching for it once a week to enjoy smooth skin. In addition, regular abrasion of dead skin prevents hair growth, which is very important for men who shave their face every day.

Shaving can be pleasant

Facial hair removal is a ritual that accompanies every man since his teenage years. However, it is not always pleasant due to cuts, irritation, dryness, skin tightening and general discomfort. A lot depends on how you shave. Choose from razors, disposable razors and various types of electric shavers. The most modern ones can also be used dry. Models with a head system provide greater comfort and efficiency by matching the shape of the face. There is no one best shaving method that works in every case. Her choice is an individual matter and usually comes through trial and error. Regardless of how you remove the beard, remember not to reach for the shaver immediately after waking up - the skin is then extremely sensitive and prone to cuts. Before you start shaving, it's a good idea to apply shaving cream, lotion or gel - preferably to sensitive skin. These preparations facilitate shaving and protect the skin. After the procedure, it is good to wash your face with cold water, which will constrict blood vessels and soothe your complexion. A step that should not be missed is reaching for the after shave cosmetic, which task is to soothe irritation and moisturize. For oily skin, fat-free gels are recommended, for normal and dry creams and lotions will work. Traditional aftershaves are still very popular. You can't deny them many benefits - they have antibacterial, cool, and their subtle scent gives a pleasant feeling of refreshment. Most of them, however, contain alcohol, which in high concentration causes dryness and redness. It is therefore worth looking at the composition of the preparation before buying.

Find the perfect cream

Men's face care doesn't end with after-shave. Applying a portion of the cream in the morning and evening should be the daily habit of every caring man. Men's skin, although thicker than women's, is also susceptible to the negative effects of atmospheric factors such as frost, wind and sunlight. Without proper protection, it loses moisture and elasticity, becomes dry, gray and earthy. In addition, blemishes and irritation appear more often on a neglected, rough face. The systematic use of the cream supports defense functions, softens and refreshes the complexion, as well as improves its elasticity and color. Creams for men have a light texture and are quickly absorbed, so you should not be afraid of the unsightly shine effect. The cream is applied to the face and neck. Depending on the type of skin, it can be a moisturizing, matting or nourishing preparation. It is worth, especially in the morning, to reach for a light eye cream that will help eliminate bruises and refresh your look.

Above all, systematic

All the above principles are united by one thing - their effectiveness is possible only with consistency. The most important thing is to recognize the needs of your skin - thanks to which we will be able to choose the most appropriate cosmetics from the range of cosmetics available for comprehensive care. Then you only need to stick to proven products. Over time, it will turn out that everyday care rituals can be pleasant, they will become natural and obvious, and the feeling of being a well-groomed guy will add confidence. It can not be denied that a well-groomed appearance is extremely important these days. It makes life easier both in private and professional fields. Contrary to the sometimes repenting stereotypes, buying useful specifics will not take away manhood - on the contrary. It also turns out that care is not a complicated matter - it does not require much time, but only willingness, regularity and a bit of knowledge.