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Is it worth using lip scrubs?

Is it worth using lip scrubs?

Many women dream of smooth, soft and firm lips. A lip scrub can help make this dream come true. What is that? Simply put, it is a cosmetic designed to remove dead skin and preventing dryness and cracking of the lips. It is especially popular in the autumn and winter, when weather conditions are exposed to adverse effects on the lips.

How does lip scrub work?

Its primary task is to remove the stratum corneum. It works especially when the lips are dry and chapped. It will give them softness and smoothness. It will also improve microcirculation and even out the color. It is worth reaching for it in the autumn and winter, when the low temperature and wind make the lips prone to cracks. The appearance of the mouth is also affected by dry air in air-conditioned rooms. Therefore, it is worth having a scrub in the vanity case in the summer.

Why should you do lip scrub?

It is worth doing lip scrubs, because the scrub will not only help us to solve the problem of chapped lips, but also the lipstick applied to the lips will look great. For this reason, we can perform lip scrub for two different purposes that are related to each other. First of all, by peeling the lips, we will remove dead calluses, making the lips moisturized and soft, and the blood will circulate faster. Secondly, before going out to the party, it's worth not only preparing your face for the adoption of colored cosmetics, peeling or applying a moisturizing mask. It is worth taking a moment to lips. All the more so if lipstick is to stay on the lips all night, and at the same time look beautiful. Using long-lasting lipstick also dry the lips, so peeling should also be done the day after the banquet or a night spent with friends at a party, when lipstick was one of the most important elements of makeup.

What ingredients should be in the mouth scrub?

Due to the fact that the skin on the lips is very delicate and sensitive, which is indicated by chapped lips, the products that are the basis for peeling should exfoliate the skin in a subtle way. Sugar is an excellent component of peels, which after massaging the lips can simply be eaten. In addition, in cosmetics available in drugstores and pharmacies, it is worth looking for vitamin E or vitamin B. The more common reason for cracked lips is their deficiency. In addition, the lip scrub may contain hyaluronic acid, glycolic acid, evening primrose oil, honey or beeswax. Peeling products not only have a good composition, but also a beautiful smell (e.g. exotic fruit) or taste, so that performing a regenerative treatment at home is a real pleasure.

Lip scrub - types

A lip scrub can be done at a beauty salon or you can buy a finished product at a drugstore. However, these due to the rather long shelf life often have preservatives in their composition. In addition, dyes are also added to make the product more attractive and fragrances. Most often, peels are made on the basis of:

  • sugar,
  • coffee,
  • fruit e.g. raspberry seeds.

Before buying, make sure that the lip scrub does not have unnecessary preservatives and fragrances. A soft-bristled toothbrush that also effectively removes dead skin can also be used for lip scrubs. However, you should remember to buy a fresh brush for this purpose, so as not to transfer bacteria from the mouth to the skin of the lips.

Lip scrub in a stick or jar

We can buy a lip scrub at any drugstore. The cosmetic most often comes in two forms - in a jar and in a stick. The lip peeling stick resembles a protective lipstick. However, after a closer look, let's see that the crystals embedded in the stick are used to exfoliate dead skin. You can use this exfoliating lipstick at any time, even several times a day. Peeling in a jar is a less universal cosmetic, designed to perform treatments once or twice a week. The jar contains abrasive particles, usually sugar crystals, intended for massage. The product makes a gentle massage so as not to irritate the lips. Finally, rinse the cosmetic with water.

How to make a lip scrub?

Lip scrub is a very simple and pleasant procedure. It consists of only three steps:

  1. thoroughly clean the skin of the lips with a cotton swab moistened with a delicate tonic or micellar fluid.
  2. Apply the scrub to the lips and massage for a few minutes. Do not do it too much, because the skin of the lips is very sensitive.
  3. Wash off excess peeling with water or a toner or micellar fluid that has been used before

Optionally, after the procedure you can also apply a layer of moisturizing lotion. It is important not to peel lips more often than 1-2 a week, because of the tenderness of this epidermis.