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Lip liner and lipstick - perfect lip makeup

Lip liner and lipstick - perfect lip makeup

About the perfect lip makeup, it has certainly been written many times. However, this topic still appears in questions from many women who have a problem with this makeup. In today's article, we'll tell you how to paint your lips perfectly in three simple steps. In addition, we'll sell you two additional tricks to extend the life of the lipstick

Perfect lip makeup - the basics

The set that will allow us to make perfect lip makeup includes three basic products: lip liner, lipstick and lip brush. Having them all, we can guarantee that your make-up will be fast, comfortable and very precise. First of all, you must remember to choose the color in which you feel good. The second issue is choosing a lip liner. It can be a little lighter or darker than the lipstick applied to it, it is important that it has a fairly similar color.

How to make perfect lip makeup?

  1. First, prepare your lips. When applying face makeup, do not forget to apply a little fluid or concealer to the lip contour (not necessarily the entire one). It will be a perfect foundation for the liner and it will allow you to draw the shape that you feel like on a given day.
  2. The most difficult element, which is drawing a shape. Focus primarily on the natural lip line. Start drawing either from the cupid's bow or from the outer corners, remembering to gently go beyond the contour. If you care about significant enlargement, move the lip contour a little higher, mainly in their central part. In addition, filling only the outer parts will have the effect of optical magnification.
  3. The most pleasant element of lip makeup. So in short, fill the color with a precision brush. The one from Golden Rose has the perfect size and short handle, which makes it very comfortable. Using this tool allows total control over color, filling and shape. Remember not to marry the previously drawn contour, then your lips will be perfect!

How to extend the life of lipstick?

To definitely improve the durability of lip makeup, remember about peeling! Just add a teaspoon of sugar to a teaspoon of honey and massage your lips for a few minutes. In this way, the skin will be smooth, moisturized and free from dry skin. However, if you prefer to use more proven methods, choose a ready-made lip scrub. On the other hand, if you want lipstick to last for hours, I recommend that you powder your lips gently with a handkerchief and apply a little color again.

How to choose right lipstick?

To make a perfect lip makeup, you need to choose the right lipstick. Bright, shiny, iridescent and pearly lipsticks and lip gloss optically enlarge lips, while those in darker colors with a matte effect are suitable for women with full and wide lips. The lipstick should also be matched to your complexion.

Fair complexion

Fair-skinned women with cool shades should use transparent pink, light purple, and classic red lipsticks.

For fair-skinned women with golden pigments, lipsticks in shades of light peach, coral red and shades of honey will be suitable

Slightly dark complexion

Women with a cool beige complexion should use lipsticks in a shade of medium pink, fuchsia blushing red

Women with a warm, slightly tanned complexion can paint their lips in shades of warm caramel, coffee with milk and carmine red

Swarthy complexion

For swarthy women in cool shades, cherry, berry and dark pink colors will be appropriate

Warm-skinned women should choose toffee and gold shades.


If you are working in rooms lit by fluorescent lamps, avoid lipsticks in shades of bluish, but if you are waiting for a meeting by candlelight, do not apply lipsticks in orange-brown tones.

How to match lipstick to make-up?

The color of lipstick should also be selected in terms of the make-up itself and the occasion for which we do it. Others are used every day and others in special moments.

Daily makeup

In day makeup, moderation and a natural look should be maintained. The lips should be light and fresh. The best solution is to use lipstick in a natural shade or just lip gloss. The exception is the type of beauty - winter, which can use more intense colors even during the day. For women with a dark complexion, pastel shades of lipsticks will be perfect, which will soften facial features: light pinks, beige, flesh-colored.

Evening makeup

The lips may have more intense colors, in addition, they may have a glitter and shimmering glow. Bloody red lipstick is perfect for evening outings.

Wedding make-up

Lip makeup on this day should be matched to the whole. The mouth should be gently and very carefully marked with a slight wet gloss. Choose a durable lipstick. However, even with the most professional lip makeup, the lipstick may disappear from the mouth while eating, so it's worth having a lipstick with you that makeup was done to refresh your makeup.

It's important to be yourself!

Regardless of everything, the color of lipstick is best to choose according to your preferences! If you like bold stylizations on a daily basis, you can also afford a bold lipstick color, but it's important not to overdo the amount of color on your face. If you decide on an aggressive color on your lips, give up heavily pigmented eye shadows!