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Beautiful Cuticles & Nails for Every Woman

Beautiful Cuticles & Nails for Every Woman

Healthy, complemented with beautiful and effective manicure nails are a reason to be proud and an indisputable aesthetic element of every woman. It is obvious that the nail should be taken care of. However, special care is required for brittle nails, prone to delamination and crumbling.

Did you know that nails are made of about 100 layers? As much as 95% of the nail composition is keratin (rich mainly in sulfur, cysteine and arginine), and 5% calcium, lipids and water. For this they grow quite slowly, because only about 3.5 mm per month. It takes up to 150 days to grow a whole nail! The more we should care for them.

Factors affecting the condition of the nail

Every day, nails are exposed to various factors that have a negative effect on their appearance. Chemicals such as detergents, acids and gasoline are particularly harmful to hands and nails. Our epidermis is also exposed to adverse weather conditions. Especially in winter, when there is very low temperature, frost and strong wind, hands are exposed to dryness and irritation. Our nails, in turn, weaken diseases debilitating the body, inadequate diet, battery infections and the use of acetone removers.

What causes the nails to crumble?

Many women complain about brittle nails. The reasons for this type of situation can be very different, ranging from a lack of calcium or vitamins, and the symptom of serious health ailments. To successfully solve the problem, it is necessary to know the cause. However, it is worth remembering that there are ad hoc measures that will strengthen and regenerate the damaged nail plate. Contrary to appearances, there are many home ways that can improve the appearance and quality of nails. More importantly, they can be used simultaneously with treatments performed in a manicurist's office.

Causes of dry and cracking skins

A common problem we face is dry and cracking skin. In addition to the already mentioned harmful factors, the cause may also be too aggressive or incorrectly performed manicure (for example, too frequent and deep cutting of cuticles around the nails). Allergies, atopic dermatitis or eczema adversely affect the skin condition. The cause of dry and cracking skins may also be a deficiency of vitamins A, E or B group. It also often happens that we have a natural tendency to dry the skin. Therefore, every day you should use a cream with vitamins that will support the regeneration of hands and nails.

How to care for nails and hands?

Do housework that requires the use of detergents in rubber gloves. Also protect your hands from frost, wind and temperature fluctuations - in winter wear warm gloves. Take care of your diet - make it rich in protein, calcium, iron, zinc and silicon, drink plenty of water. Systematic care is also important. Use properly selectedhand creams with moisturizing and nourishing properties. For the winter, choose a more nutritious cosmetic that will cope well with low temperatures. Carry it always in your purse and use it as often as you need it. For nail care, on the other hand, use a serum containing vitamins and ceramides, especially when you often paint your nails or use hybrid varnishes.

Rebuilding nail and cuticle serum

The ideal product for nail and cuticle care is hand serum. It is designed for thin, weak and damaged nails, prone to cracking, breaking and splitting, as well as a treatment after hybrid manicure! The serum perfectly cares for nails and cuticles, moisturizes, nourishes, improves the appearance and reduces the tendency to crack and split. It helps to regenerate and strengthen nails. The serum makes the plate harder, thicker and more resistant to damage. It also prevents discoloration and brightens the nail plate. Nails regain natural beauty. Regular use has a positive effect on their growth, and the skins are perfectly softened and smoothed.

How to care for nails after styling?

Hybrid manicure, gel-reinforced nails, nail tips, extension - all this affects the condition of your nails. You can often find the opinion that a hybrid or gel manicure strengthens nails, makes them hard and is really difficult to break. There is a lot of truth in this, but the threat is associated with individual predispositions. Not every nail will accept hybrid varnishes and curing under lamps well, not every nail will remain indifferent to glue and tips. First of all, you need to observe how your nails react to a given treatment and type of manicure. If you notice redness, irritation, the varnish will come off immediately after application, you will notice the changes on the nail, immediately remove the hybrid / gel / nail tips and let the nails natural. Many years of treatment may, though of course not have to, leave a mark on the nails, which must then be rebuilt. Learn how to care for your nails every day. Protect them from harmful factors, wear gloves in winter, do not forget to apply creams every day after washing your hands. Learn to break down an elegant manicure and find your favorite nail polish colour. Take care of your hands for you to feel good in your own skin. Even when you don't have a big way out, when you don't go out to work every day - you deserve to be taken care of every day.