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The best way to cleanse your face!

The best way to cleanse your face!

Facial cleansing is a very important part of daily care. It makes the skin smooth, healthy, firm and supple. Deep cleansing, e.g. with peeling, allows the skin to better absorb and use other preparations or masks. Incorrectly performed cleansing means that makeup and other impurities remain on the face, which prevents the skin from regenerating. So what is the best way to cleanse your face?

How to clean your face at home?

Residual impurities on the skin contribute to the formation of pimples and blackheads. In addition, they are a source of free radicals that damage skin cells. Are you wondering how to cleanse your face at home? There are several ways to do this - in addition to make-up removal, peeling and washing, specialist masks and equally effective home methods are recommended. Another solution is professional cosmetician procedures, which are also worth using.

Self-cleaning the face at home - how to clean the face?

You should choose special face cleansing cosmetics that are designed for your skin type. What should a step-by-step facial cleansing look like? It should consist of four stages.

  • eye make-up removal - it should be done with micellar water or liquid makeup remover.
  • skin cleansing - you can use a lotion for this purpose, but you have to remember that the lotion itself will not cleanse the skin, which is why you need to use a face gel or foam.
  • toning, which aims to adjust the pH of the skin. A tonic is used for this, which should be properly adapted to the type of skin.
  • moisturizing and nourishing the skin of the face, which can be done with individually matched face cream.

In addition to cosmetics, you can also use commercially available swabs, cleaning wipes or brushes. You can choose between electric and manual brushes - it's worth trying out both.

Oil makeup removal - is this an effective method?

OCM is a very gentle method of cleansing the skin, which allows effective removal of fat, dirt and makeup residue from the face. Its biggest advantage is that, unlike the traditional method of washing your face with care products, it does not affect the natural hydrolipid layer of the skin - ready-made facial cleansing products often contain ingredients such as alcohol, soap, parabens, SLS and preservatives that disrupt the proper functioning of the sebaceous glands and the functioning of the natural bacterial flora of the skin. After applying the right cleansing oil for the face, the skin is clean, moisturized, refreshed and nourished, and at the same time it is not accompanied by the unpleasant feeling of tightness and burning of the skin.

Beautician's face cleansing - what treatments should you choose?

Deep facial cleansing is an opportunity offered by treatments performed by specialists in beauty salons. In the salon, the beautician uses devices and preparations that are not widely available on the market. However, if you clean your face well every day, you do not have to use the cosmetician's services often - it is enough once or twice a month or only when needed. One of the treatments performed in the office is manual (mechanical) or laser facial cleansing. Mechanical skin cleansing involves manual removal of blackheads and pimples, while a specialized device is used for the second treatment.

The beautician who will look at and assess the skin condition will advise you on which treatment to decide on. Cavitation cleansing (also called cavitation peeling), i.e. ultrasound facial cleansing, is also available in many beauty salons. Cavitation is a process that thoroughly removes all skin impurities and is also painless. Another treatment that can be done at the cosmetician's is acid cleansing. In fact, it is a professional peeling, which uses acids that dissolve and exfoliate dead cells and impurities, and unclog pores. Thanks to this the skin absorbs nutrients better, but on the other hand is more prone to irritation.

Homemade ways to cleanse your face

Homemade facial cleansing is a great alternative to a cosmetician or facial cleansing using products purchased at the drugstore or pharmacy. To make them, you must prepare, among others tonic or peeling - just brew a herbal decoction, which will cleanse your face perfectly, or use almond bran, which will perfectly wipe off dead skin. Self-made cleansing masks or tonic or lotion will certainly be milder and better tolerated by our skin than drugstore ones. However, it is worth remembering that when preparing home-made specifics, you also need to consider what type of skin you have.

This natural facial cleansing using home remedies can be done to get rid of blackheads, blackheads or inflammation. At home, you can also cleanse your face with oils that perfectly remove impurities from the skin. You can make, for example, a tonic with honey, a homemade cleansing mask with cream and lemon juice, as well as a rose or cucumber tonic, avocado cosmetic milk or a grape mask.