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How to Use a Jade Roller on Your Face: A Step-by-Step Guide

How to Use a Jade Roller

A Jade Roller is a beauty tool commonly produced using jade gemstones. This re-emerging beauty accessory has been practised in olden times as a beauty ritual. Modern use for the Jade Roller is to massage and improve the facial skin texture. It employs cold temperature and pressure, which claims to have skin benefits. The Jade Roller targets lymph nodes and puffy areas to reduce water retention, excrete toxins and relieve tension around the jawline. This beauty tool is especially useful for women who experience frequent water retention due to hormonal factors and irregular menstrual cycles. Other causes of puffiness on the face include a sedentary lifestyle, high salt intake, and excessive alcohol consumption. The Jade Roller applies pressure to these areas, specifically the lymph nodes, to drain the excess fluid and toxins. One could also start using force on the puffed-up sites and lightly rolling the Jade Roller into the area where the lymph nodes are located. The smoothness and coolness of the Jade gemstone provide the ultimate relieving sensation for the skin. 

As a beginner, one would probably be puzzled about how to use the Jade Roller properly. Looking at the Jade Roller itself can be intimidating in itself. It requires time and consistency when using Jade Rollers to experience visible results. Knowing how to use it can be done by following a few simple guides and tips. Once one gets the hang of it, this would be a perfect addition to anyone’s beauty regimen. Incorporating moisturiser or serum before using the Jade Roller relatively improves product absorption into the skin. With the popularity of Jade Rollers among beauty enthusiasts, one can find an affordable variant online and in stores.

Directions to Use Jade Roller

Listed below is a step-by-step guide on using a Jade Roller on your face.

  1. Add product to your face
  2. Begin with your collarbone and neck
  3. Transition to your face
  4. Use the small stone for your eye area
  5. Clean your roller

1. Add product to your face

Apply one’s favourite serum or moisturiser before using the Jade Roller. These beauty products easily penetrate through the skin barrier when pressure is exerted. Jade Rollers can be an alternative to massaging beauty products with bare hands as it adds the right texture and pressure. Having the skin moisturised or slightly damped helps the roller easily glide through the skin. Moisturisers also reduce the friction between the Jade Roller and the skin for people with sensitive ones. Make sure to let these products partially set into the skin before using the Jade Rollers to avoid any product transfers.

2. Begin with your collarbone and neck

Manoeuvre the Jade Roller first through the face's lower parts, including the collarbones and the neck area. The neck area situates several lymph nodes, which is an ideal target for the Jade Roller. Many toxins are filtered out on the lymph nodes, and applying pressure would help lead these toxins into the lymphatic system. Jade Rollers help remove these blockages and hasten the drainage of water retention around the neck area. The pressure exerted by the Jade Rollers relieves any constriction and tension around the collar bones that may result from prolonged sitting on a desk all day. It can provide a soothing and relaxing feeling when stroked at the back of the neck, almost like a gentle neck massage. Make sure to apply even pressure throughout the collar bone and neck area to avoid irritation and prolonged stress in one spot. A subtle back and forth motion is ideal when using the Jade Roller tool. 

3. Transition to your face

The facial area is the most important and intended area for the Jade Roller. One could start applying gentle pressure between the sides of the nose or at the corner of the lips and work in an upward and outward direction. People commonly experience fluid and mucus retention on the sides of the nose that can be lightly reduced with the gentle pressure exerted by the rollers. Roll the tool under the eye area to reduce puffiness and provide a cooling sensation to relax the eyes. The face has one of the most delicate skin areas, and applying too much pressure would defeat the Jade Roller’s purpose and may eventually disturb capillaries. It is also not advisable to use the Jade Rollers on inflamed areas with active acne, and open wounds are also not advisable. 

4. Use the small stone for your eye area

Some products include a smaller stone at the opposite side of the Jade roller to access smaller corners of the face.  Smaller rollers are ideal to use under the eyes or much more sensitive face areas requiring much gentler pressure. The mini de-puffing tool address skin concerns around the eye area brought by stress or lack of sleep. The mini Jade Roller conveniently applies the correct pressure to help relieve the presence of eye bags and tired eyes. There are claims but no evidence to prove that Jade Rollers can eliminate existing fine lines and deep wrinkles. But the mechanism of Jade Rollers might reduce ageing signs in the facial skin area.   

5. Clean your roller

Practising good hygiene with one’s Jade Roller is vital to prevent contamination. It is essential to have the entire tool cleaned after use to avoid bacteria and fungi growing and eventually coming in contact with the skin. Using uncleaned Jade Rollers would result in skin inflammation and breakout, defeating the purpose of what a Jade Roller does. Washing the Jade Roller with soap and water would be enough to keep them sanitised. One could also use alcohol or moist wipes to remove any gunks and sediment from previous use. Keep the Jade Rollers dry and in a sanitary container, away from dust or moisture.

What to know more about Jade Roller?

Jade Rollers were initially used centuries ago in China as a beauty ritual, reaping several health benefits. The Jade Rollers were used by the Chinese as a medical treatment alongside other popular tools and treatments using herbs and gua shua. The intention of creating the Jade Roller was not to treat facial ageing problems but to restore overall health and life longevity. It is no wonder that Jade Rollers have resurfaced in modern cosmetics as an accessory for skin improvement. Besides Jade, the facial roller can be made of amethyst, rose quartz, and other similar materials. The bigger versions of the Jade Rollers can be used apart from the face on different body areas to relieve stress and tension. Jade Rollers also come with smaller rollers that conveniently get through the corners of the face. There are a lot of claims on the benefits of Jade Rollers, like inducing collagen production and eliminating wrinkles. These remain claims as there is no evidence to prove them. 

What are the benefits of Jade Roller?

Benefits of Jade Roller

Jade Rollers rose to popularity among beauty enthusiasts for its skin benefits. To see results, one must religiously use and incorporate the Jade Rollers in their daily beauty regimen. Knowing the correct technique and adequately using the tool would show beneficial effects. 

Listed below are the benefits of using a Jade Roller. 

  • Constant use of the Jade Rollers reduces the presence of puffiness caused by water retention on the epidermis. 
  • The gentle pressure exerted by the rollers induces toxins to drain into the lymphatic nodules and eventually excrete them.
  • Some people would place the Jade Rollers inside the fridge to increase its cooling effect. The cold temperature absorbed by the Jade material alleviates skin redness and irritation. 
  • Jade Rollers can be incorporated into one’s daily beauty routine wherein it can massage the products into the skin for better absorption. 
  • Reducing fluid retention and toxins on the skin brings out a healthier appearance. It can help tighten and improve the skin’s nutrient absorption. 

What is the best jade roller for the face?

Picking out the best Jade Roller for the face won’t be a problem as many brands offer their version of the beauty tool. They vary between price, size, and features but provide the exact purpose of improving the skin's overall health.

Listed below are some of the best Jade Rollers for your face in 2022. 

  • Skin Gym Jade Vibrating Lift & Contour Beauty Roller: This Jade Roller has the unique feature of providing an option to vibrate the tool while using it. It promises 6,000 vibrations per minute that give a relaxing massage to the skin. The vibration helps reduce the tension on the skin, while the roller pressure improves skin circulation. A piece of the Skin Gym Jade Vibrating Lift & Contour Beauty Roller would cost around £57 GBP.
  • Matykos Jade Roller: The complete Matykos set includes a dual-ended Jade Roller and a Jade spiked roller. It claims to reduce signs of dark spots, puffiness, or wrinkles and helps excrete toxins from the skin. It is made from pure Jade stones sourced from the Himalayan Province. The spiked Jade Roller is said to provide an acupressure-like sensation on the skin to relieve any tension effectively. The Matykos Jade Roller can be bought for £11 GBP.
  • Knesko White Jade Gemstone Roller: The facial Jade Roller from Knesko Skin assist facial products in penetrating through the layers of the skin. White Jade is believed to be a lucky stone that promotes peace and calmness. It claims to define facial muscles increase facial product absorption, and improve overall circulation to the skin. It is convenient to carry around with its silicone travel case that it comes packaged in.  The Knesko White Jade Gemstone Roller retails for £62 GBP.
  • What is the difference between jade roller and gua sha?

    Aside from the design of the Jade roller and gua sha, they also differ in their primary function and use. Jade roller focuses on relieving any water retention or toxins that cause some skin areas to look puffy. It drains this fluid into the lymphatic nodules and eventually excretes them. A Gua sha vs Jade Rollers comparison can be based on its uses and effectiveness. Gua sha, in contrast, provides a more versatile stroke that mimics a facial massage. The Gua sha tool has apparent edges and dimension that helps loosen muscle tension on every corner of the face and body. The shape of Gua Sha gives an extra advantage over other facial tools in effectively sculpting the facial features. Jade Rollers provide smoother strokes that create much broader pressure compared with the much narrower edges of a Gua Sha. 

    Is it safe to use a jade roller every day?

    Yes, it is safe to use the Jade Roller every day just as long as there are no signs of irritation that may further affect the skin's surface. There may be nothing wrong with using the Jade Roller daily, but the recommended frequency is three times a week for an average of 5 minutes per use. Better results from using the Jade Roller are observed when used religiously and for long-term use. One must remember that these face rollers may provide temporary relief and solutions to skin problems and may not be suitable for everyone.