5 Mistakes to Avoid When Using Gel Nail Polish

Gel Nail Polish Mistakes

The gel nail polish is just like a regular manicure application, however, it is cured using a UV light. The purpose of using a UV light is to let the gel nail polish harden to its actual look. This gel nail polish could last for as long as it isn’t removed, it will not be easily chipped off, unlike the regular manicures. The gel nail polish improves its appearance as it is more glossy and thicker. Though, gel nail polish is quite expensive and might not be suitable for just a one-night occasion. 

There are mistakes about gel nail polish that needs to be addressed, some mistakes are caused by the wrong application or by just self-application that did not know the proper procedure. Gel nail polish should be done by a nail professional in salons, they know if all nails are properly cured and know how to safely remove them. Furthermore, the application can be done alone, but knowledge and needed tools and materials that are essential for the application or removal should be available. Mistakes can be avoidable as long as proper knowledge about the gel nail polishes’ essential preparation and right application there should not be a problem.

Listed below are 5 mistakes to avoid when using gel nail polish.

  1.  Applying thick layers
  2.  Failing to shake your polish.
  3.  Using long strokes
  4.  Forgetting to cap the edges.
  5.  Trying to cure all of your fingers simultaneously when your lamp is too small.

1. Applying thick layers.

Applying thick layers

The gel nail polish composition and texture are thicker compared to regular nail polish. The right amount of liquid on the brush should not exceed the whole nail. The uneven surface is because of the thick base gel, the first stroke must only be thin to have an even surface. Do not mix the gel with the brush, during mixing some air bubbles might get trapped between the brushes and might add a bulge during application. 

2. Failing to shake your polish.

Failing to shake your polish

Nail polish formula combined with substances that are best when mixed properly, if a cosmetic product sits on the cabinet for too long the formulation might be separated, this is because of the density of each substance. Some chemicals are lighter than other substances, as per observation, most thicker layers would go down the bottle and the thin layer or substance would be on the surface of the bottle. Shaking the bottle before use will enable the formulation to be mixed evenly together, and this will make the application smooth with an even colour outcome.

3. Using long strokes.

Using long strokes

These mistakes are a common cause of uneven layers, because the brush purposely absorbs the liquid, during the application the glob would accumulate on the base which is not ideal to apply for a long stroke. Shorter strokes enable the brush to evenly distribute all the absorbed contents. The gel texture would easily combine and would even up its level and surface, by doing short strokes. 

4. Forgetting to cap the edges.

Forgetting to cap the edges

During the application of each stage, the edges are the last in every step. By doing these, the nails are properly sealed, and the nail polish is anchored well on the nail's surface. Forgetting to include or capped the nail’s edges would affect the structure of the gel nail polish, and would eventually be chipped off in some instances. 

5. Trying to cure all of your fingers simultaneously when your lamp is too small.

Trying to cure all of your fingers simultaneously when your lamp is too small

A curing lamp is a tool that is used as a final procedure on how the gel nail polish is done. The lamp produces UV light that immediately cures the gel nail polish and hardens it. When using a small curing lamp, do not simultaneously place all the fingers. This will treat most of the nails unevenly, it is because the distance of the UV rays not perpendicular to the nails. If only 4 fingers are fitted easily, then place all 4 on each hand, then cure the 2 thumbs last to have it all evenly cured.

What is the common mistake in wearing gel nail polish?

Gel nail polish is known to be sturdier and won’t easily break as regular nail polish. A chipped gel nail polish is a nightmare for those who just got their nails done. Most common mistakes are preventable, these things should be avoided if possible to make the gel nail polish last long enough before deciding to remove it.

Listed below are some common mistakes in wearing gel nail polish.

  • Not resting the nails: Jumping from old gel nail polish to another new gel nail polish makes the natural nails exhausted. The nails tend to dry out due to no moisture being absorbed. The nails should have at least 2 weeks to rest without any nail polish to allow the nail bed to be exposed and breathe.
  • Wearing the gel nail polish longer: Experts said that 2 to 3 weeks are the maximum duration that a gel nail polish could sit on the nails. It is to avoid natural nails from damage caused by prolonged use of gel nail polish. It is also for hygienic purposes, some nail gels lift and may be inserted with bacteria that wasn’t able to wash out and may threaten the health. Keep in mind that the hands are the most used parts of the body, nails collect all dust and germ that might stay and could evolve, this is one of the ​​Mistakes You're Making When Wearing Gel Nail Polish for too long.
  • Not seeking professionals: Nail professionals know how to manage these nails and are also aware of nail types and conditions, different nail types have different approaches, so might as well seek professional help than doing “DYI” at home.
  • Not hydrating the nails: During cold weather, nails tend to be dry, dryness can make the nails easily break even for just a slight scuff. The gel nail polish does protect the nail during these times because it covers the nails while in cold dry weather, but when it is exposed the nails need more hydration. A simple moisturiser or mineral oil can provide extra protection for the nails, it also adds contrast and sheen while hydrated.

What is the best way to apply nail polish?

Listed below is the best way to apply nail polish.

  1. Prepping the nails: Clean the nails, cut excess nails and buff them in preparation for the first coating of the gel nail polish. A good start will have a great finish, this is How to Properly Apply Nail Polish for great results.
  2. Applying Base gel: Before applying the first coat of the base gel, make sure to shake the bottle well for up to a minute to ensure the formulation is even and effective. Applying a thin layer, up to the edge of the nails, to cap it.
  3. First curing: Expose the first coat or base gel onto the UV lamp to cure it and be ready for the next coat, which is the colour.
  4. Apply Colour Gel: Apply the desired colour gel of choice, and apply thin strokes, ensuring a slight hair gap around the cuticle and also include edges and cap them.
  5. Second Curing: Place it under the UV lamp to cure the applied colour gel, this allows the gel nail polish to cure as it quickly dries the manicure to be able to proceed on another process.
  6. Apply top coat: The final coat should be evenly applied by short strokes, including the edges of the nails, to prevent shrinkage.
  7. Final curing: This is the last curing under the UV light, wipe excess nail polish that sticks on the skin with N.A.S. 99 to remove the residues.

How long should you keep gel nail polish on nails?

The nail professionals recommend up to 2 weeks long that gen nail polish is worn, 3 weeks is the maximum duration. Though some are saying that nails are dead cells already, this misconception may have slight truth to it, but it is wrong to think that way. The nail bed that the natural nail sits carry too much when the gel nail polish is worn. Because the nails are covered with gel nail polish, the nail beds aren’t able to breathe enough, making the nails seem softer due to their unoxidised state. Health is also one of the concerns because of the duration that the gel nail polish stays on the nails, it may lift on some areas and might house the bacteria and germs during that period.

Is it safe to use UV lamps for gel nail polish?

Yes, it is safe to use UV lamps for gel nail polish. UV lamps are used in salons and by nail professionals, it is the tools used to immediately cure the substance, especially the gel nail polishes. The FDA approves the use of these devices because they have seen and tested the strength of the UV light that is available on the market. They found out that there are low-risk factors alongside using UV lamps as long as it is just at least 36 minutes of exposure daily, but still it is quite low. Is the UV Lamp for Gel Manicures Dangerous? No, UV lamps are not dangerous, however, choose brands that have gone through a safety inspection and should have stated the numbers that are factual regarding how to use and duration of curing should be stated to be safe.

Does gel polish ruin your nails?

No, gel polish does not ruin the nails, as long as it is applied correctly and worn for only just up to 2 weeks the nails would be more happy and healthy. The nail should also rest to be able to oxidise so that it would be ready again for the next nail polish. Understanding the right steps when applying it and being sure to avoid things that might ruin the nail polish during use is a win-win for both health and looks.