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How to take care of your hair in summer?

How to take care of your hair in summer?

Hair in summer is quite difficult to cope with. Your hair can be damaged by different and various factors. Sun, high temperatures, salt water on vacation are definitely not your hair’s friends. However there are some tips on how to take care of them to minimize all of the damages that your hair needs to deal with. Below you will find information about shampoos to use during the summer and we will tell you if hair conditioner and mask is needed. Read the article to find out whether you take care of your hair properly or not. If not, try to improve your hair routine as fast as possible.

What shampoo to choose in summer?

Summer is different from the rest of the year. We tend to travel more, spend more time outside and don’t pay too much attention to our hair. However, we shouldn’t forget about hair to keep it strong and healthy. You don’t have to do much. However it is important to use proper products not to get your hair dry throughout summer. Then they will start to break and even fall down.

Shampoos that are the best during summer:

  1. Nutritious shampoos – they will make your hair strong, hydrated and shiny.
  2. Shampoos with some extra oils inside. There are shampoos with only those products that dehydrate them in a way. However, if you find a shampoo with oils in it, don’t hesitate too much. Just take it and start using it. You will see a huge difference just after a few times. And if you have thin hair and you are afraid shampoos with oil
  3. Shampoo with UV protection. This is not very well known, however everyone should remember that our hair, as well as our skin, needs protection when we go out. Especially when we need to spend a lot of time outside.

Do we need to use hair conditioners and masks in summer?

As you already know, summer is especially demanding for our hair. That is why every help will be necessary. Hair conditioners and masks should be applied regularly. You can use hair conditioners every time you wash your hair to hydrate and protect your hair from sun. However, let the mask work harder. Apply it once or twice a week and leave it on your hair for about half an hour. This way you will be able to see a huge difference in a short time.

Easy steps to help your hair during summer

  •         Visit the hairdresser before you go on vacation. You can just cut the ends of your hair. This will make them less vulnerable to the damaging effects of the sun and water. Hold off on dyeing your hair until you get back from vacation. Freshly applied color will fade in the sun and lose its power when you dye your hair before leaving.
  •         Tie your hair. The wind won't tangle your strands. It will also reduce the area of hair exposed to direct sunlight.
  •         Remember to wash off the salt – after each stay on the beach, we recommend washing your hair and applying conditioner. If you don't have time for this, then at least rinse your hair with water to wash out salt, chlorine or sand.
  •         Wear a hat or cup – although they will not replace protective cosmetics, but will minimize the harmful effects of radiation on the hair and scalp.