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Face rollers - how to choose and use them?

Face rollers - how to choose and use them?

Face roller is used for massage. It may sound corny, but this procedure can bring a lot of benefits for beauty. The method itself was already known by the elite in the days of ancient China. The facial massager was then considered a luxury product and not everyone could afford it. Today you can choose from several types of rollers, among which the most popular are the jade and quartz rollers. What are the differences between the two of them? How to properly massage your face? How often do you do it? Below you will find the answers to all your questions!

What is a face roller and why is it worth using it?

Roller, also called a massager, is used to massage the face. This treatment has a relaxing and caring effect, among other things, it increases blood circulation, which makes the skin firmer, smoother, and its color even. It can be used both at home and in professional beauty salons. You don’t need any special skills, however it would be great to be aware of what moves to do to make massage the most effective. You will find a short instruction below.

What does the price of a roller depend on? Is it worth buying cheap rollers?

There are many different types of rollers available in shops nowadays. Below we will show you the difference between jade and quartz rollers. However in this part we want to focus on the fact that prices differ as well. Why is it so, that once a face roller costs less than a popular mascara and the other one is more expensive than some advanced cosmetics sold in sets?

The price of the roller is mainly influenced by:

  1. Is the stone natural.
  2. Does the roller have so-called stopwatch: these are such small metal parts at the heads, thanks to which, the roller is very quiet.
  3. What metal was used for production: the cheapest will rust, it will not be possible to put it in icy water or cool it in the refrigerator.
  4. Whether the roller handle is made of stone or artificial material (acrylic, plastic).
  5. Whether the roller is sold in a bag (cheaper version) or in a special box or silicone packaging, or only in bubble wrap.
  6. What kind of stone is used: the less popular - the more expensive.

Jade or quartz? Which type of roller is the best?

Jadeite is a naturally cool stone, and as you know, the use of cooling rollers can increase the effectiveness of treatments, as you have probably seen for yourself, using eye rollers with a ball or ice under the eyes.

The jade roller has been used for facial massage for centuries in eastern cultures. It is found mostly in green colors, the most impressive of which is emerald jade, but there is also a bright green jade, and even white pink, brown, black or yellow. The Chinese believe that this stone draws out negative energy and helps the body to regain internal balance, so this strengthens the body, protects against fatigue and prolongs life. Jadeite is especially recommended for kidney or liver diseases.

Quartz in Chinese culture is used for emotional problems and pain. It helps to fight primarily headaches, joint and muscle pain. It can also help with stress and insomnia. It is also believed that quartz relieves heart and circulatory problems and promotes fertility. Legend has it that the origin of quartz is due to Adonis and Aphrodite, whose drops of blood fell on the stone and turned it a bright pink color. Therefore, it is believed that this stone emits vibrations of love and a great sense of joy. What is important to remember, that a roller made of pink quartz, unlike jade, is heavier and keeps the cold longer.

A few steps for a perfect skin without wrinkles

Now, when you have the perfect face roller chosen, it’s time to start using it. The use of a roller for the face brings results only if you follow a few basic rules and perform facial massage regularly. You can do it even every day. It is best to massage your face once a day for at least 5 minutes, in different directions, i.e. from bottom to top, from inside to outside (antigravity). Movements should be repeated 5-10 times for each party of the face. Adjust the strength of the massage to your preferences, remembering that the facial massage was primarily pleasant, and as soon as you feel pain, stop massaging.

Before starting to roll, thoroughly clean the skin of the face. Apply a cream, oil or serum on your face to ensure a slip-although the roller can be used dry, but without this roller can do more harm than good, because it can tear the skin.

A few steps on how to roll your face:

  1. Start massaging from the neck, because this will open the lymphatic drainage channel. Do not move back and forth, just drag the roller in one direction. Otherwise the results won’t be as spectacular as they should be.
  2. Then roll the face from the jaw line to the ear and from the jaw to the cheekbone.
  3. Massage the cheeks up and down to the ear, that is, from the nose to the ears.
  4. When massaging the forehead roller should be positioned at the level of the contact of both eyebrows, and then move towards the hairline.
  5. To remove toxins, roll with a sweeping motion along the sides of the jaw to the base of the neck to push them towards the lymph nodes behind the ears.
  6. To highlight the cheekbones, you can massage from the jaw up to the cheekbone.
  7. You can get the best results by cooling the roller beforehand. In addition, the cooled stone significantly better affects the skin, among other things it calms irritation, reduces swelling, and also closes the pores. Thanks to this, the skin looks rested and more relaxed.
  8.  A face roller can also help with headaches – instead of doing a standard massage of the temples, you can use a cooled massager.

And now it’s your turn. Start doing face massage with a roller that suits you the best. The results will come immediately, even after first usage. However, if you keep going, they will stay with you longer and be more visible.