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How to Apply Eyeshadow

How to Apply Eyeshadow

Eyeshadows are pigmented beauty cosmetics that are used to colour, provide texture and accentuate the eyelids. The eyeshadows can do a lot of wonders to the eyes, they can add depth, enlarge them, or generally make them stand out. There are a variety of formulas for eyeshadows available now from pressed powders, cream, liquid, matte, or shimmer. Trying to mix and match eyeshadows can be both fun and creative when you get the hang of it. 

For beginners, trying to apply and make personal choices with eyeshadow can be confusing. It can be confusing to figure out which eyeshadow goes on first and what goes after. Knowing the basic steps of the eyeshadow application is a good start to getting the ball rolling. Below are helpful steps and information on how to apply eyeshadows. 

The following steps below are the instructions on how to apply Eyeshadow

  1. Apply a base eyeshadow to the lid.
  2. Apply a darker shadow on the eye crease
  3. In a much darker colour, rim your lash lines.
  4. Using a shimmery and light shadow, highlight under the brow.

1. Apply a base eyeshadow to the lid.

The Eyeshadow base is the first layer that usually comes in a cream-based formula with a thick consistency. What base eyeshadow does is that they elevate the pigment of eyeshadows when layered beneath them. Eyeshadow bases act as a concealer for the eyelids to prevent uneven blotching of eyeshadow colours when there are blemishes found on the skin. Choose the best base eyeshadow colour that matches closely with one’s skin tone, but won’t be a primary concern, as they will be covered by eyeshadows after. Base eyeshadows are best applied with either a beauty sponge or brush that can easily cover the tiny corners of the eyelids. 

applying eyeshadow to the lid

2. Apply a darker shadow on the eye crease

Putting on eyeshadows is subjective on the kind of look one is going for. Coverage on the eyelids can be done all the way up to the eyebrow bone when going for a smokey eye look. A more natural option would be brushing the eyeshadow of choice inside the corners of the eye crease. Opting for a much darker eyeshadow will bring in more light, which highlights the eyes even more. Dark eyeshadow is beneficial for people with hooded eyelids to give them more definition. Finding the best set of colours for eyeshadows should depend on the person’s skin complexion, eye colour, or the look one is going for. Using a quality domed-shaped brush is best when covering the eyelids, as they do a great job of blending the eyeshadows on the eye crease. 

applying darker eyeshadow on the eye crease

3. In a much darker colour, rim your lash lines.

The lash line is also an important section of the eyelids that can be improved using a darker colour eyeshadow. One can also go for an eyeliner instead of a darker colour of eyeshadow to further define the lashes, making them appear bolder. Rim your lash line using a stiff and flat bristle makeup brush, allowing a certain angle that can apply the preferred darker coloured eyeshadow. If going for a much more playful look, one can run a winged eyeliner effect beyond the lash line using a liquid eyeliner brush. A much darker shade to define the lash line creates a contrasting border from the eyeshadow colour on the inner creases. 

rimming lashes

4. Using a shimmery and light shadow, highlight under the brow.

Eyeshadow Makeup doesn’t just accentuate the eyes, but also the eyebrows. One may use some shimmery highlight just below the eyebrows to give it a little more definition and added sparkle. To apply some light eyeshadow or a bit of a shimmer, use a flat shader brush or with your bare fingers directly pat on the area just below the eyebrows. Putting on some highlights under the brow will help them look naturally lifted a bit more. Another tip would be adding some shimmer on the inner corners of the eyes, which will brighten up the eyes more.

shimmering with light shadow under the the brow

What are some pointers and reminders to keep in mind before you apply eyeshadow?

There is so much versatility when applying eyeshadows to enhance the features around the eyes. It may vary how eyeshadow is applied, but the basics of how to wear them don't stray too far from the basics. Whether one is a beginner, intermediate or advanced makeup user, the following general pointers and reminders apply to everyone. 

  • One must know the right kind of makeup brush to use when applying different eyeshadows. An advantage of having more than one brush is that you don’t have to wash them in between use and avoid mixing different products. Different eyeshadow brushes serve distinct purposes, some are for blending and other brushes are for a much more angled thin stroke. 
  • Choosing the right formula for eyeshadow is important. Over time, wrinkled eyelids may manifest creases with cream and gel formula when worn on humid days or when primers are not layered beneath the eyeshadows. 
  • People with oily skin should never forget to put on some eyeshadow primers to prevent the eyeshadow colours from smudging. Most eyeshadow formulas now are ideal for oily skin, preventing them from melting over the lids. 
  • Find the best colour palette of eyeshadow that goes well with your skin complexion, eye colour, and the overall look one is aiming for. The colour wheel is the best guide to match different matches of eyeshadow colours that will blend and contrast well with each other. 
  • Practise the perfect technique when applying eyeshadows to the creases of the eyelids. The basic order when putting on some eyeshadow makeup is to start with a primer or base eyeshadow, colour eyeshadow, eyeshadow eyeliner, and then some highlights before the eyebrows.

What eyeshadow palette colours are recommended for different skin tones?

A general rule when choosing the right eyeshadow palette is to make sure it matches the hue of the skin, called the undertones. People with cool undertones are recommended to wear eyeshadow palettes that range between the colours blue, green, and purple.  Neutral undertones can perfectly wear eyeshadows in between colours from warm or cool coloured undertones. For those who have skin complexion leaning on the colours yellow or gold, one should opt for warmer colours of eyeshadow like red, orange, and gold. Wearing a warmer set of the best eyeshadow palette will pair well with the warm skin tone. 

What kinds of makeup brushes are required when trying to apply eyeshadow?

There are many types of makeup brushes that one can select from for applying different shades of colours to various areas of the eyelids and avoiding the mixing of different products. A fluffy domed beauty sponge is the best eye makeup brush recommended when applying and blending the different layers of eyeshadows like primers, base eye shadows and coloured eyeshadows. An angled blending brush can be a great addition to blending inner corners of the eyes that are harder to reach.​​ A stiff, flat eyeliner brush is useful for applying darker shades of eyeshadow along the lash line or adding shimmer to the corners of the eyes.

Do you need to know your eye shape first before you apply eyeshadow?

Yes, knowing one’s own eye shape is important before applying different types and shades of eyeshadow to be able to accentuate or tone down areas of the eyes. Almond eyes have the advantage of having a naturally contoured shape that any type of eyeshadow will fit just right. People with round eyes can do a little contouring using dark shades of eyeshadows to lift them up a bit. If one has a pair of downturned shaped eyes, never blend eyeshadows too much beyond the crease of the eyelids and make sure to use more natural colours. To add some more definition for monolid eyes, one can create a gradient look on the eyelids to accentuate them more. 

Does Roxie Cosmetics have eyeshadow palettes and brushes?

Yes, Roxie Cosmetics offers some of the best palettes with quality brushes of different shades, textures, and formulas. One can select between sheer to matte, neon and earthy tones, cream, or powder formula. Some of the best eyeshadow to choose from to achieve that eyeshadow look are Eveline Eyeshadows, Wibo Cosmetics, Paese Eyeshadow Pallets, Lovely Eyeshadows, Ofra Signature Eyeshadows, Revlon Eyeshadow Palette, Maybelline and more.