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The Best Eyeshadow Colours for Hazel Eyes

Eyeshadow Colors for Hazel Eyes

Eyeshadows are cosmetic products that are primarily used to enhance the look of the eyelids. Eyeshadows vary in different colours, textures, shades, and formulas depending on the desired outcome and look. The basic compounds found in eyeshadows are binders, base fillers, preservatives, and slips. Application of eyeshadows can be done with a brush, beauty sponges, or even with bare fingers. What used to be predominantly used by females, eyeshadow is a growing market among male consumers. 

Eyeshadows are commonly used to bring out the beauty of the eyes to convey different kinds of moods. The diverse selection of hues and colours with eyeshadows gives more creative freedom to most makeup enthusiasts. Golden Green blends well with the natural specks of green and brown hues in hazel eyes. Silver eyeshadow provides a platinum background that elevates the hazel colour. Hues of Emerald is a sultry take on a classic and formal makeup look for people with hazel eyes. Gold eyeshadows highlight the outer brown colour of the hazel irises. Bronze and copper shaded eyeshadows mixes well with hazel eyes, for a warm and shimmered look. Purple brings out the most colour contrast of hazel eyes, but still complements it very well. 

1. Golden Green

Green shades of eyeshadows blend very well with hazel eyes, given that they naturally have a greenish tinge at the centre of the iris. Gold eyeshadow is a great addition as it brightens green and hazel colours even more. When applying golden green eyeshadow, select a flattering shade of greens like emerald, which gives a more distinctive look to hazel eyes. To avoid a heavier look on green eyeshadows, apply only a layer, just enough to create a green shaded brush around the eyes. To accessorize the eyelids, blend some golden tone of eyeshadow at the lower creases of the lids to bring out the brown colour of the hazel eyes. Trying these Golden green eyeshadow palates completes the Nature inspired Earthy Look; L'Oréal Infallible 24hr Eye Shadow in Golden Emerald, Anastasia’s  Tiger’s Eye Gold Shimmer eyeshadow, Z palette’s Olive Oil Eyeshadow Palette.  

2. Silvers

Silver eyeshadows feature the Hazel eyes very well, giving it a platinum and original look. The silver colour gives a brighter background hue for the Hazel eyes to pop. A shimmered silver eyeshadow can be applied on the inner creases, near the lash line, of the eyelids to give out an accent to silver base eyeshadow. A selection of silver palates for a Neo futuristic look can be found in; Clinique’s Neutral Grey All About Shadow, Urban Decay’s Naked2 Basics Eyeshadow Palette, and NARS’ Silver Screen Quad metallic hue. 

3. Emeralds

Emerald coloured eyeshadow highlights the green tones on hazel eyes. Emerald toned eyeshadows can give a more sultry look to match the green undertone flecks of the eyes. Hues of emerald can be perfect when going for a more formal, all dressed up evening look. To get this look done, just apply an emerald shade eyeshadow on the eyelids and experiment with blending lighter tones or shimmer texture of emerald on the corners of the eyes to add an accent. There are several shades and textures to get a Cat’s Eye Emerald look with these eyeshadows to choose from; Giselle Cosmetics Loose Powder Organic Mineral Eyeshadow in Ganja Green, Mary Kay Chromafusion Eye Shadow in Emerald Noir, Charlotte Tillbury Colour Chameleon Smokey Emerald. 

4. Golds

A Gold eyeshadow provides a flattering warm accent to a Hazel set of irises, making them sparkle even more. For an elaborate and grander feel, Gold eyeshadows accessorize the Hazel eyes, just like how golden pieces of jewellery do. For a unique look, buffer some deep gold eyeshadow on the eyelids, blending them from the centre to the lash line and upper eyelids. To add a bolder touch, outline the eyes with smokey black eyeshadows to deepen the gold eyeshadow colour. Gold eyeshadow is meant to be an over the top colour, but proper blending makes it look classier and more sophisticated. The best makeup brands for a Glam Gold Smokey Makeup Look are Urban Decay’s Hal Baked in golden shimmer, Armani Beauty’s Eye Tint Long lasting Liquid Eyeshadow Gold Foil, and Anastasia Beverly Hill’s Soft Glam Eyeshadow Palette. 

5. Bronzes and Coppers

Bronze and Copper eyeshadow provides a warm colour to hazel eyes without overpowering them. Shades of copper and bronze have a natural metallic sheen, making hazel eyes shine even brighter. A daytime look for Hazel eyes would be a bronze and copper smokey eyeshadow look. To achieve this, start with a little bronze eyeshadow on the eyelids, then amplify the bronze with a copper shade over to provide a lighter contrasting layer. To finish the look, put on some darker shades of brown eyeliner to make the eyes pop some more. The best brand to choose for that Summer Glow Makeup Look that matches Hazel eyes are Charlotte Tillbury’s Eyes to Mesmerise Chocolate Bronze eyeshadow, Dalish Metallic Copper Liquid eyeshadow, and Maybelline’s dark brown Liquid Ink Eyeliner.  

6. Purples

Purple eyeshadows provide a contrasting colour with hazel eyes that make them stand out even more. There are a lot of shades of purple eyeshadows, but the plumb shadow can be a flattering choice for hazel eyes. A smokey purple eyeshadow look would be a playful but attractive look for every occasion. Apply a purple plum eyeshadow by lightly patting it on the eyelids to even it all out on the lids. A few strokes of darker shades of purple or black eyeshadows give a smokey, dramatic effect to the outer creases of the hazel eyes. A variety of purple eyeshadow for a Chic Purple Makeup Look is best recommended for the following brands; Shiseido Shimmering Cream Eye Colour in Purple Dawn, Cover Girl Blossom Eye Enhancers 4 Kit Eye Shadows, Marc Jacob’s Beauty Style EyeCon collection. 

How to Choose an Eyeshadow for Hazel Eyes

Hazel eyes already exude a blended colour of green and brown, but picking the right kind of eyeshadow to complement the two colours is still vital. Several factors should be considered to help one find the right kind of eyeshadow for hazel eyes, including skin types, skin tone, colour, the finish of the eyeshadow, and the price of an eyeshadow palette. People with cooler skin tones and Hazel eyes should opt for bluer shaded hues, on the other hand, those with warmer skin tones should opt for orange undertones. Deciding the right colour of eyeshadow to complement hazel eyes is crucial so as not to intercept with the purpose of enhancing hazel eyes. Selecting a more contrasting hue like purple looks best that not only matches the Hazel eyes but brightens them more. The user can play with colourful shades of emerald, and blended golden green eyeshadows for people with Hazel eyes. It is recommended for people with Hazel eyes to use metallic finishes like gold and silver, as the light reflects off them and makes them sparkle. Looking into the prices for eyeshadows is important as they dictate the quality, pigmentation, and longevity of makeup wear. 

What Colour Makes Hazel Eyes Look Hazel?

The shades of green and gold eyeshadows make hazel eyes look even Hazel. The colour brown and hints of green colour in the inner and outer irises of the hazel eyes, complement each other well. Green on its own gives off an earthy tone that makes hazel eyes pop even more. Shimmered textures of golden eyeshadows, elevate the colour of the hazel eyes. 

How should You Apply Eyeshadow for Hazel Eyes?

The first step-by-step guide on how to apply eyeshadow, is to apply some eyeshadow primer across the eyelids using a clean eyeshadow brush. Primer functions to help the eyeshadow base provide a richer colour, bringing the Hazel colour to the eyes even more. Apply a matte coloured eyeshadow as a base, primarily at the centre of the eyelids, and work it across the eyelids. Makes sure to blend all the colours well together, most especially with eyeshadows that have a different finish. Using a much lighter shade, apply some eyeshadow on the corners of the eyes to give an accent, bringing out the hazel hue of the eyes.