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How to Apply Lipstick

How to Apply Lipstick

Lipstick is a cosmetic that is used to apply colour, texture and protection to the lips. The first known use of lipstick dates way back to 3500 B.C in Southern Mesopotamia. The Sumerians used lipsticks as a status symbol. The queen of Sumerian used lead and white rocks to colour the lips. Since the late 1900s, lipstick has become a symbol of women empowerment and an enhancement of their personal appearances. Soon after James Bruce Mason, Jr. introduced the swivel tube lipstick in 1923, the lipstick has then become more common to women. The variations of lipsticks then emerged with different colours, texture, and composition. Bright-coloured lipstick was a symbol of sexual and social rebellion in the 1970s, but was then used by Hollywood superstars like Madonna. 

Lipstick has become one of the most important parts in the cosmetic industry in the modern day. It is also one of the most versatile cosmetics, which offers a lot of varieties of colour and composition. Some people use lipstick to highlight the lips and attract the opposite sex. Others use it as a way to enhance their self-esteem. However, lipstick has been an instrument to express one's artistic personality and individuality. In applying lipstick, there are steps to follow to ensure the right application and get the best results.

Listed below are the instructions to apply lipstick.

  1. Apply your lips with lighter foundation powder to colour correct
  2. Using a lip liner, trace your lips before you apply lipstick
  3. Fill in with lipstick using lip brush
  4. Tap and blot your lips into a napkin to remove excess products
  5. Apply a translucent powder to set your lipstick

1. Apply your lips with lighter foundation powder to colour correct

Applying foundation powder to the lips would be the first step in applying lipstick. Applying foundation powder to the lips is essential because this will help hold up the lipstick and is a way to correct the colours of the lips. It is important to know which kind of foundation to use. Determine the type of skin undertone before choosing a foundation if the user has a cool, warm, or neutral undertone. Choose a light coloured foundation and make sure it doesn’t compete with the chosen lipstick colour. 

Apply your lips with lighter foundation powder to colour correct

2. Using a lip liner, trace your lips before you apply lipstick

Most lipsticks fade faster if it isn’t applied with a lip liner. Lip liner helps the lipstick to last longer on the lips and makes the lips look fuller and brighter. The lip liner helps highlight the lipstick and avoids it from getting a greasy finish. Furthermore, lip liners help prevent smudges on the lips. Choosing the best lip liner is crucial because it needs to complement the colour of the lipstick. If the user is planning to use a red lipstick, then pair it with a red liner. If the user plans to go for a natural look, then pairing it with a nude lip liner would have the best results.  The user needs to determine the type of lip shape he/she has. Warm the lip liner by tracing it on the back of the hand before using it on the lips. Trace the upper lips first starting from the middle forming a heart shape to make the lips look fuller. Then trace to the bottom to complete.

Using a lip liner, trace your lips before you apply lipstick

3. Fill in with lipstick using lip brush

In choosing a lipstick, users have to consider different things. The most important thing to consider is selecting a lip colour, since it will determine the outcome. For cool undertones, going for a lipstick which has a blue or purple undertones would get the best results. On the other hand, warm undertones get excellent results if it is paired with warmer tones of lipstick, like flaming red or orange colours. For neutral undertones, it is best paired with light nude to deep wine colours. Lipsticks can be applied directly to the lips, although, using a lip brush will give it a more precise and fuller finish. A retractable brush is better because it gives more handle length than the regular ones. To apply the lipstick, dip the lip brush in the pot of lipstick. Relax the mouth and lips before applying the lip brush. Swipe the brush with short strokes starting from the middle of each lip and work outwards to fill in.

Fill in with lipstick using lip brush

4. Tap and blot your lips into a napkin to remove excess products

After applying the lipstick, grab a piece of napkin and gently blot the lips. This step is essential because this removes the excess products from the lips to make sure the lipstick stays in place. This also removes extra oils and grease to prevent the lipstick from falling out and smudging. Repeat the process until all excess substances are removed.

Tap and blot your lips into a napkin to remove excess products

5. Apply a translucent powder to set your lipstick

Translucent powder is used to set and cover the makeup. Moreover, it gives the makeup a controlled shine and gives the skin a matte finish. Translucent powder can be used on the lips to make sure that the lipstick stays in its place and will make it last longer. Choose a translucent powder which has a similar undertone to the foundation that is applied on the lips to achieve the best results. To apply the translucent powder, dab the powder blush directly to the lips. Make sure the excess oil and grease is removed before applying the powder to avoid stains on the brush.

Apply a translucent powder to set your lipstick

What are some pointers and reminders to keep in mind before you apply Lipstick?

Listed below are some tips to keep in mind before applying lipstick.

    • Preparation: Preparation is always a key element, not just in applying lipstick, but in almost everything. Preparing the lips is essential to have the smoothest application and the longest wear. Start with moisturising or exfoliating the lips so that the lipstick will last longer. 
    • Foundation: Setting powder is important because this will be the one responsible for holding the makeup. Powder should be applied before the lipstick to hold the lipstick in place. Choosing a shade colour of foundation should match the skin tone of the user.
    • Choosing a Lip Liner: Lip liner is as essential as the lipstick itself. Lip liner is responsible for making the lips fuller and brighter. The lip liner doesn’t only serve as an outline, but it also prevents lipstick from bleeding and smudge. Choosing a lip liner colour is also important. Blend it with the colour of the planned lipstick.
    • Choosing the right shade: Choosing a lipstick colour is the most crucial part. The user needs to consider different factors like skin tone, shape and size of the lips, hair, and eye colour. 
    • Blot and set the lips: Blotting the lips is important because this will be one of the determining factor on how long the lipstick will last. It is important to blot to remove excess substance on the lips that will cause a smudge. Setting it with a translucent poweder is essential to add cover and make it wear longer.

Which type of lipstick is suitable for beginners?

There are different types of lipstick that would be perfect for beginners. For beginners, choosing a lipstick colour is a dilemma. The user needs to decide which types of lipstick colour would complement the skin tone. The colours nude, red, pink, and corals would be great for beginners because he/she won’t have to worry about blending it with any skin types. For nude, it is perfect for a light day makeup. Nothing can go wrong for this lipstick colour as it suits any fair skin type. For red lipsticks, this colour will never be out of the trends. This lipstick can be paired to almost any skin tones. Red lipsticks are a staple on a girl’s daily routine. Furthermore, for pink lipsticks, this lipstick has always been a favourite for most girls. The pink lipstick goes well with any type of tones, although it is best paired with fair and medium skin tones. Go for a lighter pink if for a more neutral look, and brighter pinks if he/she wants to stand out. Lastly, coral coloured lipsticks go well with dark and tanned skin tones. An orange-reddish with a touch of pink coloured lipstick goes well with any skin type, but is best paired with darker skin tones. With these types of lipsticks, beginners could never go wrong and won’t have to waste time on deciding which type of lipstick to use. 

Do you need to know your lip shape first before you apply lipstick?

Yes, it is important to know the lip shape because the user needs to outline the lips before applying the lipstick. Choosing a lipstick colour is just as important as choosing a lip liner. The user needs to base the lip liner on which kind of lipstick he/she is planning to use. Since, before applying the lipstick, it is important to outline the lips first. Then it is essential to know the lip shape before applying the lipstick. In order to provide the best result and outcome, it is critical to know the lip shape and blend it with the colour of the lipstick.

What lipstick colours are recommended for different skin tones?

Skin tones are a factor in choosing a lipstick colour. There are three different skin tones; cool undertones, warm undertones, and neutral undertones. For cool undertones, it is best paired with lipstick colours that have a blue-purple shade. For example, if the user wants to go for a red lip, pick a bluer shade of red like cherry-red to complement the skin tone and make it look fuller and brighter. On warmer undertones, it achieves excellent results if paired with fiery reds and popping orange. Going for a shade of copper and gold is an option if the user wants to take it to a higher level. Lastly, for neutral undertones, it can be paired to a wide array of lipstick colours. From light nudes to deep wine colours, the neutral undertones complement almost anything on the colour spectrum.

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