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Face Skin Routine for Young Women - Everything You Should Know

Face Skin Routine for Young Women - Everything You Should Know

Every woman – younger or older, likes to take care about herself. It is obvious, especially when we take into consideration the fact that nowadays, there are a lot of skincare products available everywhere. You can buy them online or in a traditional drug stores or even supermarkets. What’s more, there is a lot going on in social media and young women start to pay attention to their appearance sooner than decade ago. If you don’t know, how to take care of your young skin – here are some proven ways.

Cleansing young skin

When you grow up, young skin experiences many changes that affect its appearance. The increased work of the sebaceous glands makes the skin excessively oily, and on its surface appear enlarged pores, corns or pimples. Young people may also have hypersensitive and dry skin. Such a troublesome complexion requires proper care.

First of all, remember to clean your skin regularly and deeply. This is the basic step that will prepare the skin for the application of other cosmetics. Both during the day and at night, sebum, micro-organisms, dirt and cosmetics accumulate on your skin, which must be removed. That is why remember about washing your face twice a day – both in the morning and evening! If you are applying make-up, you should perform a thorough make-up in the form of a double cleansing of the skin during evening care.

The most common mistake at this stage is to use only micellar water or tonic to cleanse the skin. For cleaning to be effective, use a mild detergent, which is then rinsed off with water. The best option will be the use of face cleansers with a foam consistency that will not irritate the skin. It is enough to apply 2-3 pumps of the product on the previously washed hands, and then massage the moistened face with it. Wash the whole product off with water and repeat all the steps again. Remember not to rub or scrub the skin. If you are gentle – your skin will stay stretched for a long time. Use circular movements, paying attention to every part of the face. To dry your face, use a towel that you will only use for this area, never wipe it with a towel for the body or hands, which is used by other household members. If you have an acne problem, change your face towel as often as possible, even daily, or use disposable towels.

Don’t forget about a toner

The next step, also very important, is toning your skin. Toning is one of the most frequently missed steps in facial skin care – so remember to do it after washing the skin. The natural, acidic pH of your skin is disturbed, so it loses its protective barrier, protecting it from environmental factors. This leads to an increased risk of bacterial infections and, as a consequence, the formation of eczema, acne or irritation. To avoid this, after each skin cleansing, use a face toner that will restore the skin's natural pH level, refresh and improve the absorption of active ingredients from the applied cosmetics in the subsequent care steps. You can apply the toner to the skin with a soaked cosmetic flake, but for young, delicate skin it is better to apply the product directly with clean hands. As in the case of cleansing, toning apply in the morning and evening.

Apply face cream

After two first steps it’s finally time to moisturize your young skin. Face cream is the basic cosmetic that should be in your cosmetic bag all the time. Regardless of skin type, you cannot skip this step in the morning and evening care. Properly selected face cream will provide you with hydration of the skin and protect it from external factors. For young skin prone to excessive shine and eczema, creams with a light texture, not burdening the skin, are recommended. You can choose the ones with a gel formula – they won’t add problems to your skin. Apply face cream with your fingers, gently, without rubbing your skin.

Add masks to your everyday routine

Last but not least – masks. An excellent complement to the care of young skin are face masks, which should be selected according to the needs of the skin. You shouldn’t apply it every day, cause young skin doesn’t need as much skincare product. However, it is worth suing once a week to give your skin additional ingredients that it needs.

Used regularly, masks effectively remove any imperfections, relieves infections, narrows pores and normalizes the sebaceous glands. They make the face not shine, and the amount of sebum is balanced. After thoroughly cleansing and drying the face, apply the mask pointwise to skin lesions or problematic or oily areas of the face, without the eye area. Wash off after 10-20 minutes, then apply face toner, emulsion and face cream.

Now, when you know how to take care of young skin – start doing it regularly. Make all of the steps described above your everyday routine. Only this way your skin will be shiny, healthy and stretched.