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Short or Long Nails?

Short or Long Nails?

Different woman, different perspective and different nails. There are a lot of women who love long nails. Fashion for long, pointed nails appeared decades ago, for a long time dominating the manicure salons. The most fashionable was exaggeration and nails, which even screamed  “this is inconvenient!”. To this day we can meet admirers of very long nails, however there are also plenty of women who choose short nails. Short nails, first of all, are much more practical. Their very painting is no different from painting long. So which one to decide for and how to treat them?

Long nails

Long nails are trendy. There are a lot of possibilities that long nails give. There is plenty of colors and patterns that are easy to do on long nails. What’s more, small decorations are more visible on long nail than on short ones. However, long nails are also more difficult to take care of.

First of all, if you want to have long nails, it is important to pay attention to a healthy diet. Why? Eating a lot of vegetables and fruit is essential to prevent your nails from breaking. Only this way you will be able to grow them long and strong. The best option is to protect your hands and nails from the harmful effects of chemicals-cleaning products or dishwashing liquids. The easiest way is to stock up on rubber gloves, which will act as a protective layer between our injured nails and chemistry. You should also use acetone-free detergents and ensure adequate supplementation. But for the effects, you need to wait. At least for a few weeks. Don’t give up in the meantime and wait until your nails are long enough.

Short nails

Short nails, above all of the other advantages, are extremely comfortable in everyday life. If you work with your hands – you use computer or do something manually – short nails will be the best choice for you. However, it is not obvious that short nails are easier to take care of. As with long nails, it is important to hydrate ourselves from the inside (drink at least 3 liters of plain water every day) and eat well. In addition, hands need moisturizing, so, regardless of the length of the nails, be sure to use hand creams. Especially now that you wash them more often than usual. For cuticles use oil.  The cuticles dry out regardless of the style of your manicure. Use nail conditioner, especially if they are weak and thin and paint them! On short nails manicure looks really cool. And it's more durable.

Short nails are ready for any manicure that you want. Hybrid, gel or traditional nail polish. It only depends on you, which one you will choose. The best option is to try them all and then decide, which one you prefer. Short hybrid nails are amazing for those of you who don’t like changes. It lasts several times longer than the traditional one, that is, about four or five weeks. Which is why you have the same color or pattern for a few weeks. But if it doesn’t bother you, hybrid manicure will be the best choice for you. You can also grow your nails under the hybrid manicure, which can be an additional advantage.

Gel is a solution especially popular if the nails are very brittle or have a damaged plate. If you want them to look healthier, stronger or longer, this is the solution for you. The gel has a consistency denser than ordinary varnishes, so it aligns the plate and it is he who is used to extend it. It is placed directly on the nail using a special template for extension, or on pre-glued tips. Short gel nails are very popular. Especially if your nails are damaged (due to wrong diet or other reasons).

Long-lasting manicure on short or long nails?

There are different types of manicure that will fit long or short nails. For long nails the best option is a gel manicure. It is long lasting and you don’t need to worry of your nails if you accidentally hit something. They won’t broke, because the gel makes them strong and durable. However hybrid manicure will also pass the exam with long nails.

Regardless of whether we have long or short nails, whether they are hard or brittle. Today we can do a manicure that will make our nails look very nice. If you want a lasting effect, choose short nails hybrid or gel. If you like to change the color of your nails very often, stick to standard nail polishes that can be washed off without using acetone or other strong means. However, let's remember that the chosen manicure, was as much as possible adapted to your needs. Also try to include nutritional treatments, so as not to burden the plate all the time. Good luck in growing your nails or keeping them short but in the best possible condition. It is possible to do with them whatever you want, but firstly you need to take care of them. Remember of your nails every single day not to let them break or anything bad happen to them.