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Best shampoo and conditioner for dry, damaged hair in 2021

Best shampoo and conditioner for dry, damaged hair in 2021

What shampoos to use to repair dry and damaged hair?

When it comes to shampoos, there are really a lot of options for damaged hair. One of them is Gliss Kur Oil Nutritive Shampoo for Dry Hair, with a revolutionary keratin serum that actively repairs damage and protects your hair from further harm. The shampoo works especially well with long hair with split ends and will make your hair silky soft and shiny.

If you’re looking for a dry shampoo that will help you repair your hair, Ecocera Dry Shampoo for Oily Hair is a great choice. The fully-vegan dry shampoo will work wonders for greasy hair, but will also help protect the hair from damage. What’s more, the shampoo gently moisturizes hair and speeds up its growth, thanks to the tapioca and bamboo extracts found among its ingredients. The shampoo has a wonderful white tea scent.

To go along with the shampoos, we recommend using a conditioner like the Anwen Moisturizing Lilac All Types Porosity Hair Conditioner, specifically designed for dry hair. Pentavitin included in the conditioner’s ingredients deeply hydrates the hair, and Hyaloveil-P helps repair and strengthen the hair structure. Additionally, the conditioner includes aloe juice to improve the effects, as well as a nanoparticle onion extract which deeply repairs the hair structure.

What conditioners will help with dry and damaged hair?

There is an important rule for choosing the best conditioners for dry and damaged hair - for better effects, it is always good to use a conditioner together with a good-quality shampoo. Gliss Kur Ultimate Repair Weekly Therapy Hair Conditioner is a perfect product for those looking for deep hair repair. The conditioner includes a powerful mixture of keratin and vegetable powder, designed for very damaged and extremely dry hair.

Another great choice of conditioner for damaged and dry hair would be Barwa Avocado Regenerating Hair Conditioner, designed for weak and damaged hair. The addition of avocado oil and coconut oil deeply regenerates the hair, and the premium blend of vitamins and biotin keeps the hair moisturized and shiny and protects it from the elements.

For a deep reconstruction, we recommend using the Bania Agafii Traditional Siberian Nourishing Hair Lotion, designed to not only repair the hair, but also to protect them from further damage and give them more volume. The main ingredient of the conditioner is birch propolis, which helps regenerate damaged hair from the base to the tip. The conditioner will also make your hair extremely smooth and shiny as an additional bonus!