There are a lot of people who don’t know that they can take care of their skin in a professional way without spending too much money. You don’t have to go to professional spa saloons. There are a lot options to take care of your body, face and hair without a huge effort. One of them is Darsonval device. What is it and how does it work? What problems can Darsonval device help with? Is it worth the money? All the answers and more you’ll find below in the article. If you want to know what to do to make your skin look fresh, young and get rid of any imperfections – Darsonval comes to help you.

What Darsonval is?

what is darsonval

Darsonval is a procedure performed using a device that generates electricity at a high frequency (from 300 to 500 kHz), that is, the so-called Darsonval currents. They act as a short pulse, followed by a relatively long break, so that there is no production of a large amount of heat. During this process, electrical discharges occur in the electrode and the release of a beneficial variety of oxygen-ozone. This element has a bactericidal, virulent and fungicidal effect on your skin.

What are the advantages of using Darsonval device?

There are a lot of advantages of this device that you can see after using it regularly for at least one or two weeks. Darsonval brings great results in the case of people struggling with acne and skin becoming greasy very quickly. It reduces eczema and prevents the formation of new and regulates sebum secretion. In addition, Darsonval exfoliates dead skin and thus clears pores, brightens discoloration, reduces the visibility of scars, smoothes and restores the natural glow of the skin.

However, Darsonval is excellent not only for the treatment of acne. Because the device stimulates blood circulation and metabolism in skin cells, the treatment accelerates their regeneration and makes them oxygenated and nourished. As a result of all these processes, Darsonval currents also bring the effect of skin rejuvenation – gentle wrinkles are washed away, the skin becomes firmer and looks better than ever before.

Darsonval for hair growing

Darsonval for hair growing

What’s even more interesting is that Darsonval doesn’t work effectively only on your face’s skin. It can also help your hair to grow faster and become healthier. That is a huge opportunity for people who suffer from hair loss and don’t have any diagnosis to treat it with medications. In this case, ozone has a similar effect as in the case of facial skin: it cleanses, reduces seborrhea, stimulates cell metabolism and blood circulation. The effect of Darsonval hair treatment is to nourish the bulbs and thus stimulate the stems to grow and improve their condition. In addition, it is effective in combating dandruff and making hair become greasy slower.

Darsonval at home

Darsonval at home

There is an opportunity to treat your hair and face with Darsonval device at home. It is 100% safe, so you don’t need to worry about any side effects. The only thing is to follow the instruction and everything will be perfect.

The device usually consists of a main part and four glass electrodes:

  • Mushroom electrode to use on the whole face
  • Rod electrode for point application
  • Spoon electrode to hard-to-reach parts, such as the petals of the nose
  • Comb electrode for use on the scalp

After choosing the correct electrode, remember to prepare your skin. Clean it with some gentle face gel, then dry it with a towel. Use Darsonval and after a few minutes apply moisturizing cosmetics such as face cream or serum. It is important to give your skin a lot of rich substances that will help it regenerate. And if it’s about hair, remember to use the device onto dry hair not to harm yourself. It is enough to use it every other day and it will definitely help your hair grow faster. Soon you’ll see a huge difference.