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SPF - why to use and which one to choose?

SPF - why to use and which one to choose?

Nowadays a lot of people take care and pay more attention to their skin’s appearance. We tend to choose more and more cosmetics with advanced complexes inside. They are necessary, especially with our lifestyle and the way the environment treats our skin every day. However most of us don’t remember crucial products that can save our skin from aging. I’m talking about SPF face cream. This kind of product is mostly associated with holidays and the way we try to protect skin all over our body. But only when it’s hot and extremely sunny outside. Nevertheless it is worth taking into account using SPF also to protect your face’s skin. How to do it? How often to apply face sunscreen and what products to choose? Below you’ll find all of the answers that will help you start the SPF journey for good.

What is SPF?

SPF comes for “Sun Protection Factor”. This is a factor that determines how much longer after applying a particular cream with a filter we can stay in the sun until a burn occurs. The most effective one is SPF 50 or 50+. They can protect your skin throughout the whole day after applying face cream or body cream in the morning before going out.

SPF as a Sun Protection Filter is supposed to protect your skin. Both in winter and summer and in every situation you do every day.

SPF face cream – when to use it?

Now, when you already know what SPF stands for, it’s time to tell you when to use it to have the strongest protection. At first, the most important thing is simply not to forget to apply SPF face cream every single day. This is the only way to avoid sunburn and other harmful factors. If you don’t want to let your skin age fast – make SPF face cream your everyday skincare routine.

It is crucial to bear in mind that SPF face cream should be applied to clean skin in the morning. Before putting makeup on. It will not only protect your skin from UVA and UVB rays, but also prolong your makeup. After coming home in the afternoon – remember to take your makeup and SPF cream off. Unless you go outside to spend time in the garden. Then remove everything from your face, clean it deeply and apply a thin layer of SPF face cream again. Now you can relax after the long day at work and forget about the harmless influence of the sun on your skin.

Why should we apply SPF face cream?

As we all know, solar radiation has a negative effect on the condition of the skin. What is more, our face skin is exposed to the harmful effects of UV rays throughout the year. Therefore, it is necessary to properly care for it and protect it with sunscreens. Cosmetics with a high SPF (50, and even 50+) protect the delicate, sensitive skin of the face from adverse radiation, being an essential element of anti-wrinkle and anti-aging prevention.

If you don’t want to wake up in the morning one day, look in the mirror and see wrinkles around your eyes and over your face – especially not too soon, apply SPF cream every single day! It is important even if there is no sun in the sky. Even with many clouds, covering the blue sky, UV rays come out of it and are likely to destroy the surface of our skins.

The skin on the face is constantly exposed to harmful sun rays. Therefore, every day you need to take care of it, applying protective creams with a high filter. In addition, it is important to properly select the factor and adjust the cosmetics to the needs of your skin. For some people, especially those prone to allergic reactions, the substances contained in cosmetics – chemical filters – can cause irritation. In this situation, try to use creams with natural or physical (mineral) filters that leave an invisible protective barrier on the skin without reacting with it.

However remember that the effectiveness of sun protection depends not only on the complexion and intensity of the sun. The durability of UV filters is also affected by exercise or bathing. Therefore, protective creams should be applied several times during the day.

Do we need to apply SPF throughout the year?

Definitely YES! It is one of the most essential aspects of taking care of your skin. If you live in a place that is sunny only for about 4 months a year – it is not a good reason to stop applying SPF face cream in winter, autumn and spring. UV rays that come from the sun can easily go through even the thickest clouds and can cause a lot of harms to your skin. That is why applying SPF face cream should become your everyday routine for the rest of your life starting from now on.

What kind of SPF face cream is the best?

Nowadays you will find a lot of options of SPF face creams both online and offline. Yet, the most important fact here is to choose those SPF creams that don’t contain any products that we are allergic to. What’s more – you need to remember that the higher SPF protection the better. It doesn’t mean that your skin will stay pale for the whole summer. This way you will only make it safer and without sunburns. In addition your skin won’t get dehydrated or harmed in any other way by sun.

What is also very important – remember to apply SPF face cream not only on your face but also on your neck! If not – your neck will age at a faster pace. As a result there will be more wrinkles and decolorizations and it will be easy to say how old you are.

Apart from neck and face creams there is one more place on your face to take care of – lips. This is not as important as applying SPF onto your skin. However, if you buy SPF balm your lips will look younger and healthier till you actually get really old. Apply it every time you don’t need to put on your lips any lipstick or lip gloss with color. It will not only help your lips look fresh and juicy, but will also protect them from sun! That will make you feel better every day you will look in the mirror.