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Ceramides in cosmetics - are they really helpful?

Ceramides in cosmetics - are they really helpful?

Nowadays there are more and more cosmetics available both online and in stationary shops. On the one hand that is a huge advantage, because you can do anything you want anywhere close to the place you live or travel. However, on the other hand it causes a huge problem for those who don’t know what to choose. One of the problematic substances that we are not sure works in a correct way are ceramics. We can find them in many products and their popularity is constantly growing. Nevertheless we don’t have the slightest idea why we should apply them on our faces and necks. Read the article and find out why ceramides in cosmetics are so helpful and how to apply them in a correct way. If you want to take care of your skin in the best possible way, you should definitely get to know ceramides.

Ceramides - what are they?

Ceramides are natural components of skin lipids. When their level is low, the skin becomes dry, gray and rough. That is why we should definitely take a closer look at them. It is worth looking for them in cosmetics, because they will quickly restore the skin's hydration and elasticity. They will work in the care of the face, body and even hair. Ceramides are great for almost everyone. Both men and women. It also doesn’t matter how old you are - the sooner you start using cosmetics with ceramides, the better results you will get.

How do ceramides work?

Ceramides as an important element filling the intercellular space work miracles. They belong to the group of lipids and form a natural protective barrier of the skin, especially the epidermis and its stratum corneum. Ceramides together with corneocytes form an impermeable coating for water on the skin, and are therefore partly responsible for the surface elasticity of the epidermal layer. They are also involved in maintaining the homeostasis of the skin.

Thanks to ceramides, the skin stays moisturized and soft. It looks healthier and better, both with makeup and without it. When the level of ceramides is lowered, there are immediately huge changes easily seen in the shape of your skin. If you don’t want your skin to decrease in flexibility, get grey, unhealthy color, discomfort, burning and tightness - ceramides are here to help you. What’s more, cosmetics with ceramides work perfectly, if you can see the first wrinkles on your face or want to protect your skin from wrinkles appearing. 

What cosmetics with ceramides are worth using?

Products based on ceramides are extremely nutritional and regenerative cosmetics that should be recommended to everyone. Usually they are dedicated to the care of the eye area, face, neck and décolleté. They effectively restore the skin's natural protective barrier while inhibiting excessive water loss.

The best cosmetics with ceramides to use are face and eye creams. They are easy to get and use. There is no need with some special abilities to apply them and they are 100% safe to your skin. Face cream with ceramides should be applied after cleansing your face and neck. Then you should use some delicate face toner and then apply face and eye cream with ceramides or some face serum. You can do it both in the morning and evening to protect your skin from drying and some negative effects of aging. 

Who should use cosmetics with ceramides?

Products with ceramides are dedicated primarily to the care of dry and mature skin with visible signs of aging. The best possible time to use them is fall and winter when the skin is exposed to overdrying. These seasons are especially demanding for our skin due to low temperatures outside and high inside. Ceramides are an ingredient that sensitive skin will also love. They can also be used by people who have problems with peeling or itching of the skin.

If you want your skin to stay healthy and tense - try not to forget applying cosmetics with ceramides throughout the whole year. This way it will become your everyday skincare routine and will help your skin not to dry up. It will stay young and nourished for long and you will be satisfied with its general appearance. 

Ceramides for hair - do they work the same as for skin?

Ceramides, as very important ingredients, can be helpful for your hair too. They work the same as in the case of your skin. Shampoos and conditioners with ceramides restore water that is the most important if you want your hair to look bright and stay smooth. If you have dry, fluffy and electrifying hair or you have noticed that your hair is devoid of brilliance, weak and undisciplined - try cosmetics with ceramides. The product with ceramides saturates the hair along its entire length with vitamins, minerals, lipids and microelements necessary for health and excellent condition. Smoothes, moisturizes, repairs damage, adds shine and protects against the adverse effects of external factors. Leaves elastic and disciplined strands, repairs split ends.