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Can Acrylic Nails Ruin my Nails?

Can Acrylic Nails Ruin my Nails?

Acrylic nails have been known for years. They used to be extremely popular a decade or two ago. They were easy to apply and remove and they could’ve provided perfect manicure for everybody. Then, acrylic nails had to give up their seat to hybrid and titanic manicures. Those are more natural and it’s probably the reason why many of women have started to choose them instead of acrylic ones. Yet, due to the celebrities, Instagram and a lot of design possibilities they assure, there’s been a resurgence of acrylic nails in recent years. Acrylics are back in game now, but are they safe for a surface of your natural nails? Is there a risk of ruining your nails in the name of a perfect, original and long-lasting manicure?

What are acrylic nails?

There are a lot of types of manicure available nowadays. Women can choose either more natural-looking nails or something more dramatic, effective and extravagant. One of the possible options are acrylic nails. What are they really about and why are they so resistant? Acrylic nails are combined of a liquid monomer and a powder polymer. These two ingredients form a paste that is placed on your natural surface of nails. The paste bonds to your nails and then manicurist can form it in a desired shape and length. Now, when you know, what acrylic nails really are, let’s check what are the differences between the acrylic and gel ones.

The differences between acrylic and gel nails.

Both types of artificial manicure are popular and confused with each other. So which one to choose? As acrylics as gels add a strengthening layer to your natural nails, you can choose among thousands of colors and patterns. Yet, there is a significant difference. Gel nails require a UV lamp to be set. That is why the process takes longer. Moreover, acrylics are more durable and there is no need of additional equipment to get a perfect manicure. Acrylic nails are the best option for working, busy women, who are looking for extended, hard to break, long-lasting and impeccable manicure.

How long do acrylic nails last?

Nowadays almost every girl dreams of a perfect, shiny manicure that lasts forever. Or at least a couple of weeks. Acrylic nails – this is both economic and comfortable solution and you don’t have to think about your nails for a long time. So, how long do acrylics last? You won’t believe it, but at least try. Acrylic nails last six to eight weeks! The only thing you have to do in a meantime is to fill them every two or three weeks. Doesn’t it sound like a perfect world of neat hands? If you fill your acrylics regularly, they look better and last even longer. To keep your manicure in an untouched shape, you have to think about it every two to three weeks, because once your nails grow, there is a risk of lifting of artificial ones. If it happens, you’ll have to not only get a fill, but change the whole manicure. So it’s better to take care about it and not forget to visit your beauty salon twice a month.

Are acrylic nails safe?

There are plenty of information about the fact that acrylic nails can be not fully safe for our health. Yet, you have to take in mind that they aren’t any more harmful than other artificial nail manicures. If you have an acrylic manicure – don’t panic! There are only a few rules for you to follow to minimize any side effects of acrylic nails.

  • Firstly, you have to remember not to try to remove acrylics on your own. Due to the hardness of the product there is a huge possibility of damaging your nails. It’ll make you suffer and probably you’ll be discouraged for the next acrylic manicure.
  • Secondly, remember to fill in and remove acrylic nails in a professional salon. That will allow you to stay permanently satisfied with your manicure for a very long time.
  • And las, but not least – keep in mind that occasional breathing spaces between appointments are very healthy for your natural nails and should be repeated regularly. Every three to six month will be suitable.

How to make your acrylic nails last longer?

As you already know, acrylics cannot ruin your nails if you fill in regularly and leave the removal to professionals. Yet, there is still one more thing that you can do to make them last longer. Whilst house duties, remember to wear gloves to protect both your hands’ skin and acrylic nails. Pay attention to the details, use moisturizer or some oil and you’ll be glad with your nails every day for even eight weeks!