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Short hairstyles - Step by Step Guide

Short hairstyles - Step by Step Guide

Women have always dreamt of beautiful, neat, shiny, long hair. It is believed that long hair is an unbeatable sign of femininity. Short hairstyles can seem limiting in a way, because at first glance there is far less possibilities. You cannot do ponytail or buns, so you can feel that your hair will look the same all the time. However, there are plenty of women who have short hairstyles – yet, they’re still sexy, feminine and good-looking. Moreover some of them can’t even imagine their lives with long hair. They say that short hair doesn’t need as much attention as the long one – but is it really true? What should we do for our short hairstyles to look perfect? Read the whole article to find out!

Is having short hair an easy decision?

If you’ve ever thought of changing your hairstyles for a short one, you are aware of the fact that it wasn’t an easy decision. No matter how many time you flip the coins, when you want fate to help you decide – it’s normal to ponder over this decision. Please, bare in mind that it’s only hair and they will grow every day. So if the decision of cutting them turns for you as a very successful one – don’t worry. In a few month you’ll have your long hair back. It’s not a permanent change, so why not give it a try? At least you’ll know not to repeat it in the future. We bet that each friend will be jealous of your courage. However remember that short hairstyles can be different and they have to suit you. The best way to choose he perfect one is to find some inspirations online and show them to your hairdresser. An extremely important thing is to look for women with similar face shape. And when you decide for some style – consult it with professional. He or she will tell you if your hair is right for the given short hairstyle. And after the initial excitement – please follow the instruction on how to take care of your new, short hair.

Short hair, don’t care!

That’s it! This slogan is a bull’s eye! When you change your hairstyle, you’ll see that short hair are way more comfortable than long ones. You wake up and you even don’t have to brush them and you can go wherever you want. Washing short hair is more comfortable too. It takes less time, shampoo, water and energy. So having short hairstyles can be also eco-friendly. If your hair is cut well, it will do itself. However, we have a few essential tips for your hair care. Only with them you’ll fell as sexy and feminine with your short hair as with long ones.

Short hairstyles care tips

First things first – before you start styling your short hair – take care of them in a proper way. And yes, short hair does require slightly different approach than long ones. Here are 4 tips that is essential for you to get used in your everyday hair care routine.

  1. First of all – use a smaller amount of hair products. For some of you that may seem obvious, but still bear in mind that with too much product on your short hair it will look greasy and not healthy, not mentioning sexy hairstyle.
  2. Secondly – short hairstyles may need to be washed more often than long locks. Why? First of all you cannot make a ponytail to cover you not first fresh hair. Secondly, at least at the beginning, you’ll touch your short hairstyle more often – that will make it more oily. So don’t hesitate and wash it as often as you want, and don’t forget to moisturize it. Use a moisturizing anti-gravity shampoo and conditioner.
  3. Once a week you can add a hair mask. Choose the ones that moisturize your hair deeply and take care of its condition. Leave it on your hair for 10-15 minutes, then rinse it well with warm and then cold water.
  4. Book your next haircuts! It is extremely essential for short hairstyles to stay in a given shape to be cut regularly. On the contrary to long hairstyles that you can forget about for a very long time, short ones need frequent visits at a hairdressing saloon. So to not get overwhelmed with this duty – book your appointment in advance and write them down in your planner or phone not to forget about any of them.

Make a short hair and don’t care of long hair anymore! You’ll feel different but sexy, independent and unique at the same time. So give it a try and call to your hairdresser.