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Mesotherapy - you can do it by yourself at home!

Mesotherapy - you can do it by yourself at home!

It is always the case that a treatment first appears as a novelty in beauty salons, because despite the fact that it is proven and lost, it requires specialized equipment and experience. With time, however, thanks to its popularity, variations of it that can be made at home appear. This is what it is with needle mesotherapy. Once available only in professional beauty salons, today you can make it yourself in the comfort of your bathroom.

Effective fight against wrinkles - needle mesotherapy

Effective fight against wrinkles - needle mesotherapy

Visible wrinkles appear with age. It is the effect of collagen disappearance in the skin. However, there is an effective method of fighting wrinkles - needle mesotherapy. Wrinkles are the result of lost skin firmness. After the age of 25, the human body begins to produce less collagen than it uses. In this way, deficiencies are created that cause wrinkles, less skin elasticity and hair loss. However, there is an effective method for this - needle mesotherapy. Needle mesotherapy is a procedure that involves injecting carefully selected mixtures of medicinal, nutritional, rejuvenating and activating substances into the skin. It is performed with a special device with a very thin needle. It is a procedure that requires extraordinary precision, but thanks to the latest devices, we are able to perform it at home!

Effective skin regeneration - needle-free mesotherapy

Effective skin regeneration - needle-free mesotherapy

The latest medical achievements are used in the fight against skin aging. One of them is the deep introduction of active ingredients under the skin to rejuvenate it. The newest method of effective skin regeneration is needle-free mesotherapy. Needle mesotherapy uses small diameter needles to introduce nutritional mixtures under the skin. It is an invasive procedure and carries some risk. In needle-free mesotherapy, needles were replaced by a physical phenomenon occurring in the cell membranes and in the stratum corneum, i.e. electroporation. The treatment uses a high-voltage, unidirectional pulsed current of radio frequency, which facilitates the penetration of the agents through the skin without puncturing it. This is done through micromassage using ultrasound and electricity. Unfortunately, this is a procedure that requires specialized equipment and knowledge, so it's best to go to a beauty salon.

Needle mesotherapy at home – how to choose roller?

Needle mesotherapy at home – how to choose roller

In order to perform the needle mesotherapy treatment, it is necessary to invest in a specialized roller. It's best to start with the shortest needle length available on the market, i.e. 0.2 mm. Thanks to this, you will be able to check your reaction to the painfulness of the treatment and see how your skin reacts to mesotherapy. After a few times, you may decide to lengthen the needles and push the drug deeper.

Does needle mesotherapy cause bleeding?

During mesotherapy, blood may appear in the case of very thin skin or the use of long needles. Blood occurs sporadically during home mesotherapy, so you should not be afraid of it. If, however, there is bleeding, use it for a vampire facelift! Rub the blood droplets into the skin and wait for it to dry. If, on the other hand, blood has appeared in a person with couperose skin, it means that the procedure should not be performed on it!

How to do needle mesotherapy at home?

Start the mesotherapy treatment with thorough make-up removal. It is also worth doing peeling before the treatment - getting rid of the dead epidermis will increase the skin's ability to absorb cosmetic preparations, which will be absorbed later. After the skin is properly prepared for the treatment, you can start rolling. It is worth using a professional roller such as the Dermofuture Mezoroller Device. When the massaged part of the skin turns red, move on to the next one. The roller should be moved with gentle but firm horizontal, vertical and diagonal movements. Remember to disinfect the roller after each treatment. At the end, you should also put on a mask that will help the skin regenerate and return to normal. How often should you do mesotherapy at home? Not more than once a week. Preferably every two weeks. Between treatments, the skin should have sufficient time to regenerate so that it can rebuild itself.

What are the contraindications for needle mesotherapy?

What are the contraindications for needle mesotherapy

Although needle mesotherapy is a regenerating treatment, unfortunately it cannot be performed on every skin type. It is especially recommended as a treatment to improve the condition of the skin, fight the emerging or deepening wrinkles, visible cellulite, stretch marks, excessive hair loss or alopecia. However, it should not be performed by pregnant and breastfeeding women. People with diabetes, herpes, skin infections, inflammations or allergies to ingredients contained in the preparations cannot use mesotherapy. It is also worth consulting a doctor if you are taking anticoagulants and if you are taking cancer.