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Which nail polish should you choose - hybrid or traditional?

Which nail polish should you choose - hybrid or traditional?

Careful manicure is almost an obligation in professional life today. Many women want to have well-groomed hands and use nail polish also for their own pleasure. There are at least a dozen ways to decorate nails. Let's look at the two most popular solutions. Today we will discuss the similarities and differences between classic and hybrid varnish.

Focus on objective criteria

We are aware that hybrid enthusiasts are hard to convince to return to the classic nail polish, and women used to traditional nail polishes may not eagerly try hybrid nail polishes. However, we suggest putting aside your personal preferences and focus on objective criteria: availability, method of application, washing, drying time, durability and price of both solutions.

Classic nail polish - what are the advantages?

Classic nail polish is easy to put on and wash off at home. Its application or washing does not require any additional equipment, except for nail polish remover and a few cotton pads. It only takes a few minutes. It is not much longer to paint nails with classic varnish, especially since there are already varnishes on the market that provide excellent coverage after the first brush stroke. This is an important argument for those women who quickly get bored with the appearance of nails. A plus is also the large color base in all the most sought after shades. You can even buy nail polishes that are very fashionable nowadays. There is also no problem with availability, because classic varnishes are available in every drugstore.

Hybrid nail polishes - why are they so fashionable?

Unfortunately, the durability of classic varnishes and quite a long drying time leave much to be desired. Waiting for 15 minutes to dry is a minimum, for example, by inserting a coat to not damage the paint. This time increases if there are more layers. This also happens when the base or hardener is placed. Each of the ladies can cite many examples, when after sitting for a few minutes to let the nail polish dry and at the last minute one of the nails scratched. The same applies to the appearance of classic varnish after performing some ordinary household chores. All you have to do is wash the dishes, use the floor detergent and the varnish tips quickly wipe or chip off. The answer to these problems was the emergence of hybrid varnishes on the market that retain their perfect appearance for a minimum of two weeks. Hybrid nail polish is eagerly chosen during holidays, for trips, special occasions, when we want to look good.

Hybrid nail polish - how to apply?

However, applying hybrid varnish requires some practice and, most importantly, additional preparations, among others degreaser, a special base and top that is applied regardless of the varnish. It takes about an hour. A lamp for curing the hybrid is also necessary, so either we will go for a hybrid manicure to one of the beauty salons, or we will have to invest in a hybrid kit that contains the necessary accessories and cosmetics. They can be more or less extensive. As a rule, they contain a UV / LED lamp, a set of several varnishes, a base, a liquid for degreasing the plate, acetone, nail files. This set allows you to make a hybrid manicure step by step at home. You can even apply a hybrid varnish to change the color yourself.

How to remove a hybrid varnish?

Also, washing hybrid varnish requires a special preparation and is more time-consuming than washing classic varnish. It is most often done with acetone, which can dry the nail plate and the skin around.

Does hybrid nail polish damage my nails?

A correctly performed hybrid manicure does not damage the nails. In the salon you need to pay attention to the quality of lamps, varnishes. Only keep acetone for as long as necessary. Otherwise, you can weaken the nail, which will become soft and more sensitive to possible infections. It is also harmful to file off the hybrid, because it is easy to do it too deeply and filing the top layer of the nail.

Which is better - hybrid or classic?

Who wants a perfect manicure for at least two weeks without worrying about chipping or matting the plate, will certainly be happier with the hybrid. However, if you do not mind the need to paint your nails often and be careful not to damage the nail polish, then traditional nail polish will also work. The financial aspect is also significant. Making a classic manicure at home or in a beauty salon is much cheaper than a hybrid. In a word, something good for everyone, because each solution has its pros and cons. Regardless of whether you choose a hybrid or classic varnish, it's worth just taking care of the appearance of your hand. And because all care treatments are also a moment of breath for yourself and a stepping stone from various problems, it's worth out of curiosity to try something new and test the pros and cons of each nail polish yourself.