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What should your daily body care look like?

What should your daily body care look like?

Taking care of your body should be an essential part of your everyday life. Your skin is the biggest organ of your body, so it needs special treatment. However, don’t focus only on taking care of it from the outside, but also from the inside. These both paths are extremely important to maintain in the best possible condition and took healthy and young look as long as possible. If you don’t know, what to do and in what order, there are a few tips that will definitely help you. Follow all of the steps and you’ll see the difference sooner than you expect.

Steps of daily body care from the outside

  1. Cleansing the skin of the face and body every day. It is the best to do it regularly, twice a day. Before you begin to apply any nutrients to the skin, you need to thoroughly clean it from the impurities that are collected on your face and body throughout the day.

If it’s about a face – removing makeup is obligatory every single day in the evening. You can do it straight after coming back home. This way your skin will be able to breathe and relax after the whole day being covered with all of makeup cosmetics. Regardless of the products used for this procedure (micellar liquid, milk or biphasic liquid), the most important is the method of removing makeup. The most important principle is to gently handle sensitive skin: rubbing, stretching and sweeping movements are a simple recipe for new wrinkles and weakening of the skin.

If it’s about cleansing the body, it is easier and not so demanding. What is worth remembering in this – try to use products that have the least preservatives, parabens and silicones, which not only dry the skin, but also can cause allergic reactions.

  1. Exfoliate the epidermis – put on a scrub!

Removing dead skin is a necessary care procedure for a simple reason: "open", devoid of unnecessary layer of skin faster and more efficiently absorbs the nutrients that we apply to it when applying moisturizing and nourishing cosmetics. In addition, it becomes taut, firm, flexible and pleasant, which is exactly what every woman would like to have. To exfoliate the skin, you’ll need scrubs – gels with peeling or scrubs themselves. The first are designed for sensitive skin, prone to irritation, the second – normal and demanding skin, which lacks elasticity. A similar rule applies to face peeling.

  1. Moisturizing and nourishing the skin – one of the most important steps, however don’t forget to peel your skin beforehand!

In a polluted environment full of invasive external factors, our skin requires an adequate dose of nutrients. Ideally, if we provide it from the inside, that is, through a proper, full of vitamins and minerals diet. However, sometimes it is impossible, so it is worth to help the skin with moisturizing cosmetics. One of the most effective ingredients is urea. It softens the epidermis and moisturizes the skin, preventing its roughness. The second one is a vitamin A, responsible for the growth and maturation of epidermal cells. D-Panthenol is also essential as it gives the skin softness and firmness due to the properties of water storage. Another ingredient that should be hidden in the products that you use is hyaluronic acid. It binds water in the epidermis, preventing the drying of the skin and preventing the formation of wrinkles. An last but not least – oils (jojoba or almond), which regenerate and moisturize the skin.

Is makeup important in taking care of your body?

If you want to look gorgeous every day, even when the nigh was tough – try to highlight your natural beauty with makeup. The myth of unnecessary interventions in natural beauty in the context of makeup has long been debunked. Today, every woman knows that makeup is used primarily to emphasize, and only sometimes to correct minor beauty deficiencies.

What should you remember when choosing color cosmetics? Bases, fluids and powders cannot dry the skin – a satisfactory effect must go hand in hand with skin care. Most products of this type contain moisturizing and smoothing substances, but no less it is worth looking at the composition of the preparations before buying. Crayons, eyeliners and mascaras you can choose any, here it is more important to apply them – carefully, gently and away from the inside of the eye. The choice of lipstick, gloss or colored lipstick should dictate not only the color of the cosmetic, but also its label-the more protection, the better.

Steps of daily body care from the inside

Preserving beauty means also taking care of a healthy lifestyle. With help in perpetuating the effect of proper body care comes ... nature. Or rather – healthy habits and proper lifestyle. What should you do? Drink at least 1,5 l of mineral water each day – it moisturizes the skin like no other cosmetic product. It is also important to have a healthy diet and physical activity, even in the form of walks or light but systematic gymnastics. You should also ventilate the rooms regularly and moisturize them.