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Retinol - Is It Safe? How to Use It?

Retinol - Is It Safe? How to Use It?

Nowadays, during pandemic when almost all beauty salons are closed we need to take care of our skin on our own. When we try to do it at home, the effect is not as satisfying as it used to be, when there was a possibility to visit professional salons. That is why we decided to use products and cosmetics that will give us immediate and wonderful results. However, these kinds of products are not entirely safe if we don’t know how to use them properly. The situation is the same with retinol. A lot of people praise it for the way our skin looks afterwards. Yet, it is important to start using it just when we know how to do it. If you’re interested in the topic, read the article and find out all the necessary information.

Retinol – what is it?

Retinol is one of the most researched chemicals we find in cosmetics. It has been recognized for years as the most effective compound. It has anti-aging properties, smoothing the skin and brightening discoloration. Retinol is a pure version of vitamin A. Cosmetics with retinol effectively treat the skin from acne and bring spectacular results in the fight against skin aging. That is why a lot of cosmetics nowadays consists of retinol as one of the main products.

Is retinol safe for your skin?

Vitamin A, produced by the human body from beta-carotene, has the function of forming and regulating the growth of skin cells. With age, the amount of vitamin A decreases in our body, so we should replenish its deficiency from the outside. That is why we can say that retinol is safe for our skin. However, it is important to know how to use it properly. If not, we can hurt ourselves not intentionally.

You can find retinol in many various cosmetics. Mainly these are face creams, but the way retinol treats your skin depends on the proper concentration of it in the product. In a face cream it should be about 0,3% of pure retinol and in an eye cream – between 0,1% to 0,3% of retinol. What’s more, retinol is a very sensitive ingredient, so there are several things to remember to get the most effective results. Retinol as a pure form of vitamin A is a substance sensitive to sunlight, so it is important both the way it is "closed" in the cream, as well as its packaging and how it is stored. In the case of creams with retinol, you should especially pay attention to the way they are stored and the shelf life after opening the package.

How to use retinol not to harm yourself?

First of all you should remember to use creams with retinol only in a way described on the package of a given product. Choose products that are especially prepared for your skin. If you’re under 30 think twice if you want to treat your skin with retinol. If you’re older, there is a need, but try to look deeply into your skin and see its needs. If your skin is sensitive, you should avoid high concentration of retinol in any products. This way you can irritate your skin and make it even more sensitive than before.

To start and see what is the reaction of your skin, you should apply any cosmetics with retinol every two or three days at first. Then, when there are no undesirable effects. When the skin gets used to the product, you can increase the frequency of application of the cream and use it even daily. Everything depends on your skin and the way it reacts to retinol. Always apply retinol on the face in the evening, because the second characteristic of retinol is its photosensitivity properties. This means that creams with this component increase the reactivity of the skin to UV radiation. Therefore, care creams with retinol should always be combined with sun protection during the day. And the best solution is not to apply them for a day to avoid any uncomfortable effects and skin reactions. On dry skin, they can act temporarily drying, so if you decide on a cream with retinol, also stock up on an effective moisturizing and soothing cream. This way you’ll get the results you desire.