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La Rive – inspired by famous perfumes

La Rive – inspired by famous perfumes

Very often, when you want to buy a new perfume bottle, the price is a blocker. Perfumes are quite expensive, especially those known and popular all over the world. However, there is a chance to have your favorite smell combination and still save some money in your wallet. You can try inspired fragrances – like those made by La Rive. Currently, the Polish manufacturer has over 124 scents in its fragrance base. Their perfumes are original and high quality. Yet, they are inspired by various popular perfumes. Sometimes, you cannot smell the difference!

La Rive – one of the leading perfume producers in Poland

La Rive is a Polish company, known for its high-quality perfumes and perfumed waters in numerous European countries. They create unique fragrance composition which makes them recognizable by clients. The company portfolio includes perfumes, perfume waters and deodorants, toilet and cologne, shower gels and perfumed shaving oils. The company always puts quality first. They create perfumes in their own factory (equipped with premium-quality technologies that meet European standards), carefully watching all phases of the production process. Every detail matter – from the original fragrance itself to a state-of-the-art bottle, manufactured according to patented forms. However, what La Rive is particularly famous, is inspired perfume. The company draws inspiration from the latest trends in the world of perfumes and combines unique, yet inspired scents for those who appreciate both beauty and affordable price. What will you find in their portfolio? 

La Rive Dream Woman

La Rive Dream Woman is one of the cult perfumes of La Rive. It has been created with Giorgio Armani Emporio Diamonds for Women scent in mind. Its top notes are Litchi and Raspberry, middle notes are Patchouli, Freesia, Cedar and Rose and base notes are Amber, Vanilla and Vetiver. The scent is distinctive, yet casual. It’s designed for women who look for refreshing undertones but also appreciate some spicy notes. 

La Rive Donna

The scent is inspired by iconic Dolce Gabbana Light Blue Femme. Like the original scent, La Rive Donna is everything that comes to your mind when you think of the joy of life and seduction. Imagine a sunny summer afternoon, a luscious garden full of florals and the Mediterranean views. This is La Rive Donna – fresh, colorful, and fruity thanks to the freshness of Green Apple, Bluebell, Bamboo and decadent jasmine.

La Rive In Flames

A fiery, distinctive scent with oriental notes. Inspired by Paco Rabanne Olympea, it has top notes of Green Mandarin, Water Jasmine and Ginger. Middle notes are Vanilla and Salt and base notes – Ambergris, Sandalwood and Cashmere Wood. La Rive in Flames is extremely feminine. It’s designed for women who take power, are confident and hard-charging. 

La Rive Red Line Men

Inspired by: Lacoste Style in Play. Some men keep saying that it’s almost impossible to find a difference between these two fragrances. La Rive Red Line Men is a woody floral musk scent. It centers on the Green Apple, Jasmine and Musk. The top notes emphasize the freshness. The scent is pleasant, just perfect for young, active men. It’s memorable thanks to a pinch of Pine Tree, Vetiver and Patchouli. 

La Rive in Love

A real star in La Rive’s portfolio. Loved and admired by crowds, inspired by the iconic Christian Dior J’Adore. Just like the original, La Rive In Love is floral and fruity, with top notes of Melon, Magnolia, Pear, Orange, Bergamot and Mandarin. Middle notes are Jasmine, Freesia, Orchid and Rose, whereas base notes are Vanilla, Blackberry, Cedar and Musk. The scent is floral with an edge. It’s sweet but balmy, not too spicy. Women find it elegant and alluring, it looks nothing but perfect on a dressing table. If you are looking for something magnificently balanced, La Rive In Love is your way to go. 

La Rive Fleur De Femme

La Rive Fleur De Femme – just like Christian Dior Poison Girl, it’s a modern, delicious and sensual scent, designed mainly for younger women – rebellious feminists who pursue their happiness and dreams. The composition of ingredients is really impressive. Top notes are Orange Blossom and Rose, and middle notes are Vanilla, Tonka Bean and Almond. The fragrance is a little bit bitter, immediately recognizable.

La Rive Prestige Beauty

The scent is inspired by Christian Dior Miss Dior. It’s 100% feminine and, just as Miss Dior, it smells like… love. Although it is very modern, it’s also both elegant and rebellious. Top notes are various kinds of Orange, Pink Pepper, Lemon and Bergamot and middle notes are Rose and Jasmine Leaf. Base notes are Palisander Rosewood and Patchouli. The scent has some fresh notes. It’s sensual and truly mesmerizing.

La Rive Pearl Women

A great inspiration of Versace Yellow Diamond. The scent is beautifully floral and glamorous. It’s feminine and luxurious, often chosen as icing on the cake for an important evening or an elegant event. Top notes are Lemon, Pear, Neroli and Bergamot and middle notes – Mimosa, Water Lily and Freesia. The scent is surprising and fascinating thanks to a punch of Musk and Amber that play key roles among base notes.

La Rive Touch Woman

Have you heard about Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium? Sure you have! If you like this oriental vanilla fragrance, you will lose your head for La Rive Touch Woman. The inspired perfume is classic, yet mysterious. It has surprising notes of Coffee and additional accords of Pink Pepper and Jasmine. Top notes are seductive – these are Orange Blossom and Pear, whereas middle notes are, besides Coffee and Jasmine, Bitter Almond and Licorice.

La Rive Cash for Woman

Paco Rabanne Lady Million must ring a bell! A carnal-white floral fragrance is what inspired La Rive to create La Rive Cash. La Rive Cash is a floral fruity scent, with top notes of Raspberry, Amalfi Lemon and Neroli. The fragrance’s middle notes are African Orange, Gardenia and Jasmine and base notes – Amber, Honey and Patchouli. La Rive Cash for Women is sexy, hot, designed for women who wear a scent to seduce. The fiery character with incredible sensuality – this says it all! This charismatic, awakening fragrance is something you cannot pass by neutral.