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Makeup Mistakes That Are Actually Ageing You

Makeup Mistakes

Makeup work wonders to help someone look their best. It masks skin blemishes, under-eye circles, and cover-up ugly scars. It can be helpful in temporarily hiding all the imperfections of the face, but there are some makeup mistakes often committed that make someone looks older. Learning how to strategically place makeup products can boost the youthful glow that is lacking. There’s no need to be a professional makeup artist to follow some tips when doing makeup that will make the face 10 years younger. Applying too much eyeshadow and sticking to dark-coloured liners are common mistakes that make the face look more mature. When it comes to makeup, less is more. Putting on the right amount of makeup, particularly on the eye area, will boost the youthful glow of the face. The eyes should be highlighted when putting on any eye makeup, they should look bold and bigger. Overlining them makes them appear smaller and not properly emphasised. 

10 Makeup Mistakes

Finding the right product for the eyes can help in trying to hide signs of ageing like wrinkles and lines. There are eye shadows, concealers, and primers that can promote collagen production, that help in improving skin’s elasticity. Neglecting natural features of the face like the brows can also add to making someone look beyond their age. Well-groomed eyebrows can instantly make a person look young. Bushy brows may look messy, but proper grooming can make them look natural and in shape. Ageing is not a bad thing, especially if taking care of one’s self is the priority. However, looking aged and old is something that most people are avoiding. Some things can instantly take away the numbers on the age, and that is applying proper makeup.

Makeup Tips

Listed below are the makeup mistakes that are actually ageing you.

  1.  Using eyeliner that's too dark
  2.  Skipping your brows
  3.  Lining the waterline
  4.  Choosing the wrong concealer
  5.  Going heavy on the liner
  6.  Skipping the primer
  7.  Using powder eye shadow
  8.  Going heavy on the glitter
  9.  Ignoring your eye shape
  10.  Putting highlighter on after blush

1. Using eyeliner that's too dark

Eyeliners are used to emphasise the shape of the eye,  and Using too dark eyeliners would highlight fine lines and wrinkles around the eye area. Say goodbye to gothic-looking liner from the teenage years and too dramatic smokey eyes. Ageing makes the skin sag, mostly in the eye area, using dark-coloured eyeliners will draw more attention to the eyes, making the sagging more visible. Always aim for the opposite of the “black-liner-effect”, and that is to make the eyes pop. Choose an eyeshadow colour that will bring out the natural colour of the eyes. To give the eyes a more flattering and youthful look, try using lighter shades like grey and brown to define facial features naturally. For blue eyes, a brown coppery shade is flattering. For green eyes, choosing a deep plum or purple will make the eyes look more gorgeous.

2. Skipping your brows

Eyebrows frame the face, it has the power to completely alter the look of a person. It can help to correct minor flaws such as small eyes, or it can add definition to a face. During the 90s, thinner eyebrows are trendy. Today, the thicker the eyebrow, the more natural it looks. It is now very popular to groom the eyebrows, and they can become an anti-ageing secret. Properly-groomed eyebrows make a person look made-up without even putting makeup on. Thick eyebrows make a person look more youthful. Choose a brow liner that will fill gaps in the brows or a brow soap that will define their natural shape.

3. Lining the waterline

Lining the waterline is one of the common mistakes when applying eyeliner. It makes the eyes look smaller and dulls the complexion. Avoid overlining the entire eyes up to the waterline. Having bigger eyes is more youthful, and making the eyes looks smaller must be avoided. There could be exceptions to this, and that is if the liner used is on the nude tones or silver. These colours when lined to the waterline will make an illusion of brightening the whites of the eyes, making them appear bigger.  

4. Choosing the wrong concealer

Applying the wrong concealer can add years to the face. The reason is that the skin around the eyes is where fine lines and wrinkles are more visible. Wearing the incorrect concealer will only highlight the lines and make them look worse than they are. A liquid concealer that is moisturising the skin will help. Choose a concealer with an intense hydrating effect so that skin will not look old and dry. Concealers can also make the eyes look smaller when applied directly along the lower lash line. To avoid this, focus only on the dark circles under the eyes, and conceal them away from the lash line. Do not cover the shadows directly below the lower lash line to maintain the shape and definition of the eyes.

5. Going heavy on the liner

Eyeliners are good makeup that highlights the eyes and makes them more attractive. Applying eyeliner can sometimes make someone look older. One common mistake when applying eyeliner is others tend to create broad lines. Broad eyeliner appears heavy on the face and makes the eyes look smaller. Try drawing thinner lines instead, for a more light and subtle effect on the eyes. Avoid using pencils that are too dry, dry makeup tends to break on the skin and doesn’t look good when applied. Dry pencils don’t stay long and leave a mark behind.

6. Skipping the primer

Primer makes a smooth canvas for the makeup and helps it stay longer. It is used underneath foundation, tinted moisturisers, and eyeshadow. Makeup will melt and smudge throughout the day, what the primer does is, makes makeup stay and last. Choose a primer that contains hydrating ingredients to plump the skin and create a perfect canvass for the makeup. Applying primer will produce flawless makeup like it was airbrushed. Always remember to never skip the primer to achieve properly set eye makeup that will last all day.  

7. Using powder eye shadow

Eye shadow with a powdery finish often settles into every line or wrinkle. Although powder eye shadows are popular, their powder consistency tends to clump up in the dry areas. Furthermore, if not blended well, the powder might settle into the crease and end up highlighting wrinkles or fine lines. Instead of using only powder eye shadow, why not try cream eye shadow. Compared to powder eye shadow, cream eye shadow are much easier to apply and blend using just the finger. Cream eye shadows are creamy and velvety and can last longer. Typically, cream eyeshadows have a glossy base that moisturises and can be used without a primer. 

8. Going heavy on the glitter

Adding glitter to eye makeup may be adding age to someone’s appearance. Glittery eyeshadows can settle into the lines around the eyes and can draw more attention to that area. Instead of brightening up the eyes, it makes the appearance of dry skin much worse. Adding up a little shimmer may not be a bad idea, just make sure to wear eye shadows that are more on the neutral tones with subtle shimmer. Try applying enough shimmer on the centre of the lid and not on the corners of the eyelids. 

9. Ignoring your eye shape

Not all eye shapes are the same. Each eye shape either compliments someone’s face or the other way around. Learning to embrace one’s own eyes can help in highlighting them and making them look fabulous. Choose an eyeliner technique that will flatter the eyes and make them stand out. If the eyes are small, there is a way to make them appear bigger by lining the waterline with light shades. This technique makes the whites of the eyes look more open and larger.  Different eyeliner techniques can bring out the natural beauty of the eyes, no matter what size or shape.

10. Putting highlighter on after blush

Putting on a highlighter after applying blush is a common practice when it comes to makeup. However, it may not be necessary most of the time. Applying a highlighter right before putting blush is like creating a visible line between blush and highlighter. The proper application of a highlighter aims to make an optical illusion by correct layering. Applying blush on the last part of the makeup routine, allows a little highlighter shimmer to shine through, polishing the appearance of wrinkles and maintaining the natural glow. 

What are the makeup tips that will make you younger?

Makeup Tips

Listed below are the makeup tips that will make you younger.

  • Moisturise the face: Never skip moisturising the face before applying any makeup on the face. Moisturisers will hydrate and moisturise the face, so dry patches will be avoided. Makeup will stick more to the skin if it is properly hydrated. Applying moisturiser is one of the five ways to look younger instantly with makeup.
  • Step up the brow game: As a person ages, the eyebrows get thinner, especially if there’s constant plucking involved. Keep the brows natural form and avoid too much plucking. Thicker eyebrows represent youthfulness. 
  • Go for Fuller-looking lips: Thin lips are a sign of ageing, as a person gets older it loses the natural collagen of the lips making them a bit thinner. To make them look fuller, try using light colour lipstick like pink and peach. 
  • Go for Liquid formulas: Any makeup that is in liquid form will give moisture compared to a powder finish. Use liquid foundation and concealer to hydrate the skin. Makeup powder formulas tend to add dryness to the skin because of the matte finish. Opt for liquid formulas that make the skin dewy and supple. 
  • Conceal the right way: Concealers are the perfect product to hide skin’s imperfections. However, when not correctly done, it can accentuate skin problems than conceal them. Applying too much concealer on the eye accentuates those extra sagging skin or eyebags. The skin under the eye is thinner than the rest of the face, and light touch is necessary. Apply only to the corner of the under-eye area and softly blend outwards. 
  • What are the products that help to look younger?

    Listed below are the products that help to look younger.

  • ColourPop Pretty Fresh Hyaluronic Creamy Concealer: The creamy concealer is packed with hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring acid that improves blood flow. The  ColourPop Pretty Fresh Hyaluronic Creamy Concealer instantly masks dark circles and makes the skin under the eyes firmer, making the eyes look refreshed.
  • Pür Fully Charged Magnetic Mascara: The Pür Fully Charged Magnetic Mascara is a magnet-infused mascara that contains positively charged ions that stick to the body’s negatively charged hairs, covering each strand, so they appear thicker. It is made with panthenol, a moisturising ingredient that helps lashes grow stronger and thicker. 
  • Pixi Beauty Sheer Cheek Gel: The Pixi Beauty Sheer Cheek Gel is a gel-based blush that gives skin a dewy flush. It instantly wakes up the complexion upon application. It is formulated with aloe and helps in hydrating the skin and making it luminous. Furthermore, it is one of the four makeup products that will make you look younger. 
  • e.l.f. Cosmetics Lip Plumping Gloss: The lips lose their fullness with each passing year, making them, appear thinner. The good news is that there is a product that can make them plumper and younger-looking. The e.l.f. Cosmetics Lip Plumping Gloss is a plumping gloss that contains coconut oil, and menthol that increases blood flow, making the lips temporarily swell while increasing collagen production. 
  • What are the eyeshadow tips to look younger?

    Putting on makeup, especially eyeshadow, can make someone’s appearance much younger than the actual age. As a person adds age, the eyes can droop and loses the firmness of the surrounding skin, making them sag. While age cannot be altered, some tips can make a person look younger-looking. The eyes are one of the best features of a person’s face, make them look bright and young by highlighting them with the right eyeshadow. Choose a lighter colour for the eyeshadow to make them appear bright. Try doing cat eyes with a good eyeliner, the secret to looking a bit young is to always draw the line upward. A simple black liner will do the trick in making someone appear younger. Do not overline the entire eyes with dark-coloured liner, this will make the eyes appear smaller. Try using light eyeliner in the shade of white or silver. Do not be afraid to play around with different eyeshadow tips and tricks that will make you look younger. 

    Does going without makeup help you appear younger?

    No, going without makeup will not help you appear younger. As a person reach a mature age, the face may not look the same during the teenage years. The face will start to sag, the skin will be a lot drier, and the eyes will droop. Luckily, there is makeup to help aid these issues. Makeup is intended to make someone appear more beautiful. It is used to hide imperfections and highlights the best features of the face. Applying the right amount of makeup can make someone appear younger. Knowing the right technique and makeup products will help in hiding all the signs of ageing.