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Laminating hair - is it worth it?

Laminating hair - is it worth it?

Hair is this part of every person's general appearance that we should take care about in a very special way. The first reason is that if we can’t pay enough attention to it we can easily lose all of the results we gained. The second reason is that our hair shows the state of our body. If you are well hydrated and there are all the vitamins inside your bloodstream, then your hair looks amazing. However if there are some lacks you can be sure your hair won’t shine, it will start breaking and falling. What’s more we should take care of our hair with some external treatments to help them grow faster and look amazing every single day. One of the best and recommended by many people around the world is laminating your hair. It doesn’t only bring a quick effect, but also gives a lot of nutritious benefits for our hair. If you are not aware of the topic, continue reading and find out why it is worth laminating your hair and why you should start doing it right away.

What is laminating hair about?

Lamination is a care treatment that creates a protective, silky layer on the hair. All this is due to gelatin – the main component of the home laminating mixture. Laminating hair with gelatin is a great way to get beautiful, healthy and shiny hair. The very lamination of hair at home consists in distributing on the hair a mixture consisting of dissolved gelatin and any nutrient, thanks to which we will create a smooth mass. After a few dozen minutes the whole mixture is washed off from the hair. The effects are visible immediately and you can be sure that it will last on your hair for several days or even weeks.

First of all gelatin contains collagen, which is a protein, and its constituent amino acids. Naturally, human hair is mainly made up of proteins and amino acids. Therefore, gelatin perfectly smoothes its structure, and with regular use restores cavities. If you start using hair lamination, you will quickly see the effects. And what’s more interesting is that it is also available for everyone who wants to do it at home, without spending too much money on it. It is a quite expensive treatment at some professional salons, so if you want to save some money and have the most beautiful hair in your neighborhood, you should definitely try laminating at home.

How to laminate hair? Step-by-step treatment

You already know that laminating hair with gelatin will help you get a beautiful and healthy hairstyle. Spectacular effects encourage, but how exactly to perform the procedure? Before you start, stock up on gelatin or flavored jelly, which is a combination of gelatin, flavors and dyes (however you can relax – they will not dye your hair!). The concentrated product has a distinctive smell, described by some as meat or marine. Laminating hair with gelatin is a simple procedure that you can easily do at home.

If your nose is sensitive to this type of notes, any flavored jelly (for example, lemon, orange or strawberry) will be a better alternative due to the perceptible fruity smell, masking unpleasant scents. You will also need any conditioner or hair mask, access to boiling water and you can start laminating hair at home. Below you will find all the steps to follow:

  1.   First of all you need to boil the water. In a small bowl, combine 3 tablespoons of boiling water with a tablespoon of gelatin or jelly. Mix thoroughly to get rid of lumps. Add a tablespoon of your favorite mask or conditioner and mix again. Allow to cool slightly.
  2.   While the mixture cools, wash your hair with your favorite shampoo. Do not put any mask or conditioner on them. Drain the hair from excess water. If you can comb your hair wet without pulling it out, do it gently.
  3.   Check if the mixture has cooled down – it should turn into a thick gel. If it concentrates instead, add a little boiling water and stir the whole thing.
  4.   Then spread the mixture thoroughly over the entire hair. If you look your best with your hair firmly bouncing off the base, apply the treatment from the ear downwards, so you avoid smoothing the hair at the scalp.
  5.   The next step is to put a cap or wrap your hair with cling film. In addition, make a towel turban or put on a hat-gelatin that is warm. Optionally, you can heat the wrapped head with a hairdryer for a while. It will help gelatin to treat your hair better.
  6.   Wait 40 minutes and only then rinse the mixture with warm water. Do not worry, despite the sticky consistency, it can be washed off very easily. Do not apply any more cosmetics. Remember that the treatment includes all the nutrients your hair needs. Optionally, you can cover the ends of the hair with your favorite oil.

Effects of laminating hair at home

What effects can be expected after the procedure? There are plenty of them, but we will show you only a few of them:

  •         hair becomes shiny;
  •         the hairstyle is soft and pleasant to the touch;
  •         strands do not tangle, and combing ceases to be difficult;
  •         hair does not fluff and reacts better to changes in ambient temperature;
  •         bands are more resistant to damage and external factors.

Importantly, laminating hair at home will not improve the condition of damaged hair after the first procedure. It gives wonderful results "here and now", however, after a complete washing out of gelatin, the hairstyle will look the same as before. Hair lamination can improve the condition of the hair in the long term, but it requires consistency, because the proteins do not penetrate immediately into the hair scales. However, gelatin for hair over time will allow them to rebuild and get a beautiful shine.

Why repeat the procedure when the results have to wait?

 First of all, hair regularly laminated due to the gelatinous layer becomes more resistant to damage. This promotes their ingrowth without damage to the ends. Gelatin on the hair protects against the formation of numerous damages in the structure of the hair.