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How to Remove Makeup Easily: A Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners

How to Remove Makeup

Makeup application is a tough process that requires focus, precision, and a proper step-by-step guide. Every makeup beginner does have a lot of questions about what and how to properly remove the makeup worn the entire day. Most of these beginners are confused as to where to start, what products need to be used, what things to be avoided, and what would be the hacks to make the process quicker. Just like makeup application, there is also a step-by-step guide for beginners that help them to remove makeup easily. Even the strongest makeup and the waterproof one can be removed in just a few minutes with these guides.

In removing makeup, the first step should always start with a cleanser. The cleanser removes the makeup products easily by just swiping the face in less than a minute. Additionally, being gentle when applying the product is a must. There should be no aggressive application that harms the skin. Furthermore, steaming the face can speed up the process as the pores will open up, and the trapped dirt will be released. Moreover, focusing on particular areas like the eye must never be forgotten. The eye area is known to have strong makeup products like mascara and eyebrows which cannot be removed easily. Lastly, avoid using products that are ineffective, such as baby wipes. The makeup must be broken down to remove it properly. Unfortunately, baby wipes do not have those chemicals that can remove makeup.

Listed below are the 7 steps in removing makeup easily. 

  • Cleanse Your Face to Remove Your Makeup: Cleaning the face with a facial cleanser eliminates a huge part of the makeup, including the foundation and powder. Cleanser must be used depending on the skin and makeup type to work effectively. 
  • Always be Gentle When Applying Product to Your Skin: Slow and gentle sweep on the skin is a must. Do not rub aggressively as it will only cause harm to the skin, resulting in irritation and skin damage. 
  • Before Cleaning Your Face, You Can Use Steam: Steaming the face opens up the pores of the skin. The clogged pores will be emptied, and the trapped dirt will totally be eliminated.
  • Concentrate More on Cleaning Your Eyes: The eyes have the most distinct type of makeup and these makeup products also have a stronghold. Focusing on the eye area helps in cleaning the face properly. 
  • Remove Any Excess Oil: There will always be excess oil on the face after makeup removal. The usage of dry cotton pads removes those stubborn dirts. 
  • Remove Long-Wear Lipstick Using an Oil-Based Makeup Remover: Lipstick nowadays are known to withstand water, and they are long-lasting as well. Only makeup remover with oil formulation can totally remove that lipstick, even the residues.
  • Avoid Using Baby Wipes to Remove Makeup: Baby wipes are designed to clean the baby’s skin, and not make-up for adults. The baby wipes lack chemicals that break down the structure of the makeup’s hold resulting in aggressive rubbing. Combine micellar water and cotton instead for effective removal. 
  • 1. Cleanse Your Face to Remove Your Makeup

    Cleaning the face with a regular facial cleanser helps the face to break down the hold of makeup cosmetics. The foundation, powder, and blush should be easily removed with a regular cleanser as these accumulate most of the face. The face must be exposed to the cleanser and massaged for at least 15-20 seconds. Paying special attention to the under the chin, hairline, and area around the ears. A quick swipe of makeup remover or face brush should be an initial step if the makeup cosmetics are formulated to last all day. Wash gently the face and stop only when there is no makeup residue on the face anymore.


    2. Always be gentle when applying product to your skin.

    Always be gentle when applying the product to the skin, there should be no rubbing or aggressive application. Makeup removal should always be delicate and does not leave the skin of the face dry and irritated. Using a cleaning oil is highly recommended as it removes makeup products without stripping the skin. Apply a tiny bit of oil on the fingertip and gently brush it around the eyelids, eyebrows, and lips. A vigorous massage is not needed as it will already soften the skin and remove the makeup at the same time. After application, put some cleaning oil on a flat, square cotton pad, and wipe the face. Redo the same face edges mentioned above, and avoid scrubbing in the same direction as the original scrubbing. To bring out the colour, just brush the surface of the skin in one fixed direction.

    3. Before cleaning your face, you can use steam.

    Before proceeding to washing the face, steaming it is also highly recommended. Put some hot water in a dish or the sink and hold the face over it for a couple of minutes. The cleaner penetrates the skin more deeply to remove makeup and dirt, since the steam will open up the pores more than usual. Infrequent use of the method may need more time to steam the skin, but it’s a nice treat one can indulge. Put in a few drops of lavender oil for some spa-like relaxation. 

    4. Concentrate more on cleaning your eyes

    Concentrate more on cleaning the eyes as eye makeup products such as mascara, and liner, are difficult to remove. However, it is also important to note to avoid scrubbing the eyes because the skin there is quite delicate. Instead of using a cotton ball, which leaves behind tiny fibres, remove eye makeup using a makeup remover that is formulated with oil or a dual-phase one. Hold the pads over the closed eyes for approximately 10-15 seconds to allow the makeup remover to break down the substance, then wipe away. Switch to a waterproof eye makeup remover in place of the oil-based when using a waterproof mascara. When opting to get the colour out without damaging the eyelashes, one must have to rub intensely. Simply wet a pad with the remover product, press gently on the lashes for a few seconds to allow the product to sink in, and then gently swipe over the eyes to remove the eye makeup.

    5. Remove any excess oil.

    Removing any excess oil helps the face and the skin get rid of unnecessary dirt. Once the eye makeup products have been removed, go over the eye area again with a dry cotton pad to remove any traces of makeup remover or products that have been missed out. The application of a new set of makeup the following day will be much more successful if one final sweep is performed to eliminate any leftover mascara clumps. Raccoon eyes are an unattractive appearance for anybody to wake up in the morning. 

    6. Remove Long-Wear Lipstick Using an Oil-Based Makeup Remover.

    Removing long-wear lipstick using an oil-based makeup remover totally eliminates it faster and easier. Getting rid of the long-wear lipstick prevents the lips from becoming dry and irritated as most of the lipsticks absorb the moisture of the lips. Do not leave the lipstick until the next day unless necessary. Most lipsticks may be removed with a cotton pad dampened with liquid or cream makeup remover. However, only a lipstick with a lengthy wear time or a highly pigmented colour will require an oil-based formula.

    7. Avoid using Baby Wipes to Remove Makeup

    Avoid using baby wipes to remove makeup because these will most likely irritate the skin, cause allergic reactions and scratches, and these are not highly effective. The baby wipes take time to remove the makeup which results in frequent, prolonged, and continuous rubbing that harms the skin. Yes, baby skin is sensitive as well as the face, but it does not have any cosmetic products that demand for essential ingredients that remove the makeup properly. 

    What are the things to know before removing makeup?

    The things needed to know before removing makeup are the following: be gentle, be slow and sure, use an appropriate cleanser, and tie the hair or use a headband to lift hair up. Firstly, be gentle when removing makeup as the skin on the face is more sensitive, especially the delicate areas of the eyes. Do not rub aggressively and do not focus the rubbing on one particular area of the face for a long period of time. Secondly, be slow and sure in removing the makeup, even on the less sensitive part like the cheeks. Makeup keeps a stronghold on the face, especially when it is applied properly and is waterproof. Makeup removal does not have to be a quick session as similar to applying makeup. Thirdly, one must use the appropriate cleanser and makeup remover. Different areas of the face and varying makeup products demand distinct types of makeup remover and cleanser. For instance, waterproof makeup won’t be removed easily and effectively by an oil-based remover. Thus, opting for a waterproof makeup remover is a must. Lastly, tie the hair or use a headband when cleaning the face. The hair sticks and interferes with the makeup removal session, and it will just slow down the process. Tying it or lifting the hair from the forehead using a headband aids in a faster removal session with more efficiency. 

    What are common mistakes of removing makeup?

    Mistakes are highly expected in makeup application which is the same when removing it. Both makeup experts and beginners commit errors because of the inappropriate makeup removal process. Therefore, it is important to take note of the mistakes to avoid while removing your makeup to prevent further harmful consequences in the future.

    Listed below are the common mistakes in removing makeup.

  • Utilising Baby Wipes: Utilising baby wipes is a tempting thing to do in removing makeup especially when it is a long day. However, one must be aware that baby wipes do not remove all traces of makeup and can spread dirt across the entire face. Instead, have some micellar water on hand when too lazy and exhausted already to wash the face with soap and adequate water. The makeup may be removed easily and gently with just a water-based makeup remover.
  • Using DIY Remover: Using DIY remover is harmful to the skin, especially when the homemade remover is not done with thorough research. When the skin is sensitive, it is not a good idea to make a DIY makeup remover using just a recipe found online. The reality here is that those recipes are not for everyone. The skin might get irritated from one of its components of it.
  • Removing Makeup with Incorrect Formula: Removing makeup with incorrect formulas is one of the most unnoticed mistakes in makeup removal. Different people have distinct skin types, and they have varying demands. For instance, having dry and sensitive skin must not use cleanser or remover formulated with alcohol as it comes with a drying effect resulting in irritation. Better to use moisturising and hydrating makeup remover to keep the skin from flaking out. 
  • Neglecting the Neck Area: Neglecting the neck area is a very common scenario in makeup removal. Makeup enthusiasts tend to prioritise their face as it is the part where most makeup is found. However, they do not realise that makeup products and dirt brought by sweat are also stored in the neck area. One must always include the neck in removing makeup to avoid complications and to stay hygienic.
  • Rubbing the Skin Aggressively: Rubbing the skin aggressively is everyone’s experience. The aggressive rubbing usually happens during the beginner’s era when the makeup is just too strong to remove with a gentle swipe. However, the process is not good for the skin, especially the sensitive ones. The friction and pressure cause the skin to be damaged and irritated which all makeup gurus do not want to happen. Instead, choose a makeup remover that fits the type of skin and makeup then gently swipe it all over the face to remove it effectively. Aggressive rubbing does not mean effective.
  • What are the hacks of removing makeup?

    Long occasions and working days demand a lot of energy. Hence, most makeup users are already drained and tired to remove the makeup products on their faces. Therefore, the need for quick makeup removal hacks has been raised because people want a faster way to remove makeup with less effort. 

    Listed below are the hacks of removing makeup.

  • Apply Lotion for Makeup Removal: Apply lotion for makeup removal makes it easier for the makeup to strip off as lotions are an effective makeup remover. Just spread on some lotion, let it stay for at least 60 seconds, and then proceed to the removal with a cotton pad. Take note that lotion is overly heavy for the face and makes the pores become clogged if not removed entirely. 
  • Spend Time in the Shower: Spending time in the shower is for people who love to have a bath first before going to bed. Makeup removal can be done in the shower if one has a little amount of time to spare before climbing into bed. When washing the face, try using a cleaning oil and then just splash water on the face to remove it. 
  • Utilise Micellar Water: Utilising micellar water is a common thing right now as it does not just remove the makeup effectively, but it does not need to be rinsed off as well. Using micellar water is just like using a toner, just put the adequate amount in the cotton and swipe it all over the face. 
  • Prepare Handy Makeup Wipes: Preparing handy makeup wipes will save someone’s remaining energy to remove their makeup. Although using wipes is not advisable, in most urgent cases, they can be a good alternative to remove a huge amount of makeup and dirt and to maintain the moisture of the face as well.
  • What are the best makeup remover?

    The rise of the makeup industry also paved the way for the makeup remover to be recognized. There are countless makeup removers in the market right now but the best makeup removers must be chosen carefully. 

    Listed below are the best makeup removers. 

  • Cetaphil Gentle Waterproof Makeup Remover: The Cetaphil Gentle Waterproof Makeup Remover is a famous and affordable makeup remover. The product is great for sensitive skin as it has no scent, is not aggressive, and is also not heavy. The Cetaphil Gentle Waterproof Makeup Remover breaks down waterproof makeup easily. The price of Cetaphil Gentle Waterproof Makeup Remover is around £8.47. 
  • Bioderma Sensibio H2O: The Bioderma Sensibio H2O is dermatologist-recommended micellar water. The formulation of the product is made to remove impurities with no drying effect. The micellar water is carefully created to take out dirt, oil, and makeup on the skin and completely eliminate them while keeping the skin nourished and moisturised. The average price of Bioderma Sensibio H2O is £23.66.
  • Clinique Take the Day Off Makeup Remover for Lids, Lashes, and Lips: The Clinique Take the Day Off Makeup Remover for Lids, Lashes, and Lips is well-made to solve the problem of makeup gurus struggling to remove waterproof makeup. No eye irritation and greasy residue are expected with the product. The price of Clinique Take the Day Off Makeup Remover for Lids, Lashes, and Lips is approximately £16.47.
  • Is soap and water effective for removing makeup?

    Yes, soap and water are effective for removing makeup. In fact, soap and water are the safest and most accessible makeup removers. Before makeup removers are invented, soap and water are commonly used to remove makeup. Although it needs more time and effort to remove makeup using the soap and water method, it is highly effective, safe, and cleaner.