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How to Apply False Eyelashes: A Step-by-Step Guide for Beginner

Applying Flase Lashes

False eyelashes become more famous nowadays with the help of social media. Many social media influencers create video tutorial on how to apply false eyelashes due to its usefulness in the makeup industry. The false eyelashes are the best makeup tool to make the normal lashes become thick and full enough. These are available in different sizes, styles, and types base on different needs and preferences. False eyelashes are also popular because of how convenient and easy it is to use to cover up the thin and short eyelashes and to aesthetically change the looks of the eyes depending on the desired appearance. Thus, a proper way to apply false eyelashes must be learned in a step-by-step process to accurately use it and to avoid eye and lashes damage. 

Before applying false eyelashes, it is also important to apply concealer to avoid having a dull, flawed, and dark appearance. To use a concealer, put a pea-size amount of concealer directly on the under eye. With the use of a makeup brush, blend the concealer thoroughly onto the entire eye area. Make sure to close the eyes to blend it properly and to keep the concealer away from entering the eyes. After completely covering the eyes with concealer, the false eyelashes can now be ready to attach, which the step-by-step process is to be discussed below. 

1. Trim each of the eyelash strips. 

The first thing to do is to trim the eyelash strips according to the sizes of the eyes. Scissors can be used to cut the excess part of the eyelash strips, but it would be great to use eyelash scissors as these have smaller blades that can make the cutting convenient. On cutting the false eyelash strips, make sure to measure it first on the eyelids so that it would fit perfectly on the eyes and to avoid overcutting which results into wasting and damaging eyelash strips. If the strips have been overly cut, a glue can be used to fix it. For the first timers in cutting false eyelashes, opt for a cheaper brand with a great quality to avoid wasting money whenever the strips have been cut unsuccessfully, however, those experienced ones can use branded false eyelashes. 

2. Curl Your Own Lashes

Different people have different types of lashes in terms of sizes and most especially in terms of curliness and stiffness. False eyelashes are curl by default, therefore, it would be best to align the lashes based on how curve the false ones are. In curling the original lashes, it would be great to use a high quality and branded eyelash curler. This is due to the fact the cheaper ones may be prone to malfunctioning, which is very inconvenient to use, plus it may also damage the lashes as these have the tendency to cut it. To curl the lashes, start with aligning the curler on, then start applying pressure to the curler’s arms slowly to apply pressure on the lashes. The curling session can be stopped once the result has satisfied the required curl. Those with stiff lashes may take longer time to curl than those with naturally-curled lashes.

3. Apply Mascara

Just because it is a false eyelash, doesn’t mean it must appear false to the audiences. Therefore, applying mascara is a thing to be considered. Mascara will help the false eyelashes to easily and properly stick to the original lashes in order for the user to conveniently attach it. In addition, this will also serve as the bridge to make a seamless transition between the original eyelashes and the false eyelashes to achieve a more natural look. To apply a mascara, open first the container and put the mascara brush near the lashes. Align the brush properly to the eyelashes and move the hand together with the brush in a curly direction. This will make the mascara stick on the lashes while curling it at the same time. After the application of mascara, this would make lashes ready for the attachment of the false ones. 

4. Apply your lash glue appropriately

The mascara’s thick consistency is not enough to make the false eyelashes stick to the actual eyelashes. A high quality false eyelashes glue would help in having a good grip between the original and false eyelashes. There are companies that provide glues as freebies, but it must also be taken into consideration the qualities of those stuffs. It would be great to purchase a separate one, as this is guarantees to have a much higher quality and quantity. In applying a false eyelashes glue, open the container and grab a piece of cotton bud. Do not put a glue directly on the false eyelashes from the tube itself, as this will cause a messy application. Instead, put it on a cotton bud and allow it to spread the glue on the false eyelashes. This will make a clean and even distribution of glue. 

5. Wait until the glue begins to slightly dry

After the application of the glue, do not put it immediately on the original eyelashes. Attaching it will just make the glue spread in a messy way on the lashes and even on the eyes. In addition, it would also cause the false eyelashes to slip from the original one, making it more hassle and inconvenient. Allow the glue to be exposed in the air for about 30-40 seconds from its actual application to give it a time to dry and avoid having a wet and sticky attachment. 

6. Apply the eyelash With Open Eyes

A lot of people would think that attaching false eyelashes is easier when the eyes are closed, unfortunately, it is not. It would just make it more time-consuming and difficult to align. Allow the eyes to be open while attaching the false eyelashes with false eyelashes tweezers. Place the band of the strips on the base of the original eyelashes and gently put it. Make it slow and sure, do not rush because it may be placed on the eyelid or at the tip of the original eyelashes. This should make a way to properly align based on the position of the original lashes and the eyelids. Additionally, this could also help in having an accurate way of placement because the eyes are moving body parts and incorrect attachment of false eyelashes may interfere with vision and blinking. 

7. Cover the band of the strip with eyeliner.

Apart from Mascara, an eyeliner is also a makeup tool that makes a refined natural look. The eyeliner should be applied on the band of the false eyelashes to hide the root of attachment. Grab an eyeliner and open the container. Put the tip of the eyeliner applicator on the band strips and create a line based on the preference. This will provide a natural eyelash appearance while defining the eyes more. 

What are the best methods for selecting eyelashes that suit your eyes?

There are different kinds of eye shapes, thus, those require different types of false eyelashes. Countless of false eyelashes options are available in the market right now, which raises a question in your mind, how to find the right false eyelashes for your eye shape? To begin with, almond shape eyes, require thick and an even volume of strands to give a more define shape to the eyes. Another one is the round eyes that need to have a curlier than usual false eyelashes to have an eyelid with a curve appearance. This type of eye shape must not use thicker false eyelashes, as these would make the eyes smaller and duller. The monolid eyes, on the other hand, demands for false eyelashes with many layers and are top-thickened to pave a way for a more open-appearing eyes. Meanwhile, eyes that are close to each other must use false eyelashes that have more volume on the outer corner to give emphasis to the length of the eyes and provide a more outward look. The next on the list is the hooded eyes, which do not have a visible eyelid whenever these eyes are open. Therefore, choosing a curvy with less volume false eyelashes will make the eyes to appear more open and look larger. In addition, upturned eyes are great with cat-eye look as its outer tip is much higher with the inner ones. Therefore, opting for false eyelashes that are thin in the inner part but thickens gradually as it extends outward would be the best option to achieve that sharp and cat-eye like look. Eyes that are large and prominent, such as the protruding eyes, need to have a thick, volumed, and feathery-type false eyelashes to give more life to the eyes and a brighter appearance. Lastly, the deep set eyes are those that do not sit outward of the surrounding bones. These eyes require a lengthy and hairy false eyelashes to emphasize the eyes and avoid a deeper and buried-like look. 

What are common mistakes of applying eyelashes?

The false eyelashes are just a small portion of the makeup look, and people tend to underestimate the process of completing it. With this, a lot of people commit several mistakes which they do not realise at all. Listed below are the most common mistakes you make while applying false lashes.

  • Avoiding trimming the false eyelashes: the eyes have different sizes, thus, aligning the width of the false eyelashes will give it a more natural look when being used. 
  • Utilizing a huge amount of glue: having a wet and sticky attachment will give a filthy, unnatural look, and will also impair vision. Using minimal and enough amount of glue will be great as this will make attachment clean and unnoticeable. 
  • Forgetting to attach false eyelashes with mascara: the mascara blends both the original and false eyelashes together to provide a more natural look. Forgetting to apply a mascara first before attaching the false eyelashes will make both to look different from each other, which makes it obvious that the lashes aren’t original. 
  • Attaching the false eyelashes with closed eyes: the eyes are going to open and close for the entire duration of using false eyelashes, thus, attaching it correctly is very important as incorrect placement of false eyelashes will negatively affect vision and will make it to appear less natural. Open the eyes when attaching the false eyelashes to precisely place it in the right position. 
  • Leaving a gap between the band strips and natural attachment of the original eyelashes: do not attach the false eyelashes on the original ones to achieve a natural look and to avoid difficulties in removing it after. Put the bands of the false eyelashes directly on the eyelids to make it appear like the original eyelashes. 
  • Putting the false eyelashes first before setting the makeup: a makeup contains different kinds of materials like powder and liquid, and putting the false eyelashes first will make these makeup residues go into the strands, which makes it look dirty. Additionally, it would also make the application of makeup, especially in the eye area, difficult. 
  • Not using false eyelash applicator or tweezers: the hands are large enough to operate on such a small detailed area of the face. Therefore, using a false eyelash applicator will be great due to its long yet thin ends that can go on top of the eyes without touching anything around it that may ruin the makeup or the attachment of the false eyelashes itself. 
  • What are the materials needed in applying false eyelashes?

    Application and attachment of false eyelashes may seem to be a simple and easy task, however, it actually consumes time and needs a lot of equipment to accomplish. Listed below are the items needed for proper false eyelashes.

  • False Eyelashes: the most important thing to have is the false eyelashes itself, to give a fuller appearance to the original eyelashes. 
  • Glue: an important tool to make the attachment convenient and keep the hold for several hours of usage. 
  • Small Scissors: to give a proper cut whenever the false eyelashes do not suit the actual size of the eyes. 
  • Cotton Swabs: for a clean and seamless application of glue on the bands of the false eyelashes. 
  • Mascara: to stick the false eyelashes properly on the original one, allowing a more natural look.
  • Liquid Eyeliner: to hide the attachment of the bands on the eyelids and provide a natural appearance. 
  • Concealer: is also a thing to be considered bringing because this will take away the eye’s dullness, flaws, and wrinkles. 
  • Tweezers: for an easy and accessible attachment of false eyelashes directly on its designated place. 
  • Do you use false eyelashes on your lashes or skin?

    Use false eyelashes on the skin, specifically on the eyelids. This will allow the false eyelashes to properly stick and attach because the skin is a compact surface, unlike the original eyelashes which consists of hair strands. It will also make a way for an easy removal because the glue will not have tight hold on the skin. Putting the false eyelashes on the original eyelashes will affect vision, and the glue might enter the eyes, causing irritation and infection. The original lashes may also be damaged if the attachment of the false eyelashes is on the strands of the original one. Lastly, it will be difficult to remove the false eyelashes because it will be painful, and the glue will stick more on hair strands compared to the skin. 

    Do you put mascara on false lashes?

    Yes, to properly blend the original and false eyelashes. Blending is not about the makeup foundations, concealers, and powders; it also includes eyelashes. The false eyelashes and the original eyelashes both have different shades of colour, thickness, volume, and strand quality, thus, if trying to achieve a natural look, consider using a mascara. The mascara will help to blend these two eyelashes to give a flawless finish that will look and appear natural.