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How to Keep The Summer for a bit Longer & Prepare Your Skin to The Autumn

How to Keep The Summer for a bit Longer & Prepare Your Skin to The Autumn

Summer is a time of carefree, sun and fun. Often during the holiday relaxation, however, we forget about daily skincare, which the skin tinged with sun and wind can forgive us. As the days get shorter and the sunlight is less accessible, we may notice slightly drier skin, blemishes and imperfections that were previously hidden under our tans. That's why today we will try to find a few ways to keep the summer look on your skin and properly regenerate it before the coming autumn and winter months.

Getting rid of unwanted guests - cleansing and exfoliating

Before proceeding to appropriate skincare treatments, which will allow us to preserve the memory of summer on our skin, it is worth putting some energy into a thorough cleansing of the skin. The basis here, of course, will be washing the skin with a standard gel or facial foam. The next step should be a thorough exfoliation. Both mechanical (coarse or fine-grained) and enzymatic peeling will work well here. A strong enzymatic peeling, however, in our opinion will get rid of dead skin a little better, especially if you haven't used a scrub for a long time. This is because it will reach the cells in every nook and cranny of your skin, even in places you might miss with a standard massage with scrubbing particles. However, remember not to use cosmetics with BHA and AHA acids during the first cooler months, when the days are still relatively warm and sunny. Acids deprive the skin of its natural defence barriers and expose cells to sunlight. This can result in irritation and even severe sunburn. At best, you will get discolouration. However, if you decide to use cosmetics with acids, remember about the mandatory use of sunscreen with the protection of at least 50 SPF, which should be reapplied every 2-3h.

a woman in a field with the sun

We like to shine - give your skin a shine

After removing dead skin, it is worth taking care to restore the balance. A good solution here is to use a nourishing and moisturizing mask, which will take care of the proper hydration of the skin and restore its radiance. If the sun has caused discolouration, it is worth using a mask with vitamin C, which evens out the colour and adds glow to the skin. All kinds of plant extracts in masks will also do a good job of nourishing and firming the skin. If your skin requires special care, use a cosmetic for special tasks - a mask in a sheet. The form of a cotton sheet covered with the essence of active ingredients increases the efficiency of their penetration into the skin and makes them better absorbed by heat. Using the right skincare treatment will make your complexion radiant and healthy, which is a sign of youth and summer.

Also, don't forget to exfoliate your skin on other areas of your body, not just your face. It's a good idea to body scrubs that exfoliate but also leave your skin soft and nourished. Choose a scrub that also has natural oils in it. They leave a soft film on your skin that also works to retain moisture inside your cells.

Sun-kissed - nourished and tanned skin

What we love most about summer is the sun that gives our skin a golden glow. So it's no wonder we want to treasure even the memories of summer days and long, warm evenings. The nicest aspect that reminds us of summer is, of course, the tan, so today there are many ways to keep the sunny complexion. It's best to take care of it while you're already tanning and use after-sun lotions to enhance and prolong your tan. However, if you want to keep it longer, try a bronzing lotion. Not only will it give your skin a slightly darker shade, but it will also moisturize it, especially if you choose a product with a good composition. When applying the lotion, make sure to apply it evenly to avoid streaks. Try to rub it into the skin in circular motions and do not skip any part. Use a gentle massage to help the balm absorb better. Remember to wash your hands after applying the balm - leaving the balm on your hands will give them an orange tint, which is not necessarily the effect you want to achieve.

A characteristic of summer skin is its glow in the sunlight. Naturally, this is achieved through proper moisturizing, a light tan, and the touch of sunlight. But you can get this effect with the right cosmetics. Try using glow lotions to make your skin shine like a diamond.

Get ready for cool days

Regardless of our efforts to prolong summer or just remember it, we, unfortunately, have to expect that eventually, the warm days will end. Be prepared for less sun, a cold and piercing wind that will come with autumn. For your skin to withstand it well, take care of its deep hydration. For this purpose, compose an extensive skincare system tailored to your skin type. Focus on thorough cleansing and include nourishing products in your daily skincare. The basis, of course, is a good cream - choose a light day cream and a slightly richer nourishing night cream. It is also worth using a serum or essence before applying the cream, which will provide the skin with a wealth of nourishing ingredients. Try using natural oils, such as argan oil or avocado oil. Remember that cosmetic oils should be unrefined - only then do they have all the valuable ingredients for which we value them so much. The skin likes the natural ingredients contained in oils, so it is worth including them in your skincare routine from time to time. Use them after your serum but before your cream. Apply the oil to your face with your fingertips and give it a gentle massage. It is best to apply the oil in the evening just before going to bed. It is best to apply the oil in the evening just before going to bed because the skin regenerates better during sleep and absorbs the substances from the applied products more effectively. You can read more about a proper skincare routine.

A smile is the most beautiful make-up

In summer care, it is also worth remembering to care for the skin of the lips. We often forget about this area, which needs just as much attention, especially after the vacations. Lips are exposed to sunlight, wind and other factors, and yet the skin in this place is very delicate. Try to exfoliate your lips from time to time and regularly use nourishing lipsticks that will give your lips a beautiful coral colour without the use of tinted lipsticks. Also, try special lip balms that come in appetizing fruity or dessert scents. 

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Your most beautiful decoration: look after your hair in the autumn

Hair is particularly vulnerable during the summer days. Sun, wind, sea salt and swimming pool chlorine can take a heavy toll on your hair. That is why they need special care before the onset of autumn to regain their health and shine. Treat them to a mask rich in all the ingredients they need: emollients, humectants and proteins. You can buy a ready-made mask that has all these ingredients in it, or you can make one yourself using a different conditioner. Use a non-silicone conditioner and mix it with products you probably have in your kitchen: sunflower oil (unrefined) or olive oil as an emollient, linseed gel or honey as a humectant, and egg yolk or yoghurt as protein. You can very gently heat the whole thing in a water bath for a better combination of ingredients. The warm mask also expands the hair cuticles so that the ingredients can be absorbed better. Apply the mask under a foil cap, wrap your head in a towel and wait about 20-30 minutes. Afterwards, rinse the mask thoroughly with cool water. The low temperature while rinsing will cause the hair scales to close back.


  • Facial skin is designed for a different type of cosmetics than the rest of the body - this rule also applies to bronzing lotions and self-tanners. Always use cosmetics according to their intended use.
  • Whether you choose self-tanner or bronzing lotion, decide what effect you want to achieve. Self-tanners are quicker acting and usually give darker tones. Bronzing lotion needs several applications over 3-4 days to get the final result.