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Daily Routine - What you Should Know?

Daily Routine - What you Should Know?

Many aspects are important in skincare: using the right cosmetics, proper care for a given skin type and limiting chemical additives. However, the most important rule is by far regularity. Proper care must be a daily routine that has to be done before you start your day and before you go to bed. Read our short guide if you want to know why it is so important and what you should do every day.

What is a daily routine?

The basis of proper and effective care is its regular practice every morning and evening. It is a daily skincare routine that allows you to obtain beautiful, smooth skin and maintain this effect for many years. This is important because your skin has to face many negative external factors at work, school, or outdoors every day. It collects numerous impurities and it is impossible to protect yourself against it - even if you wear a mask on your face, your skin will be exposed to particles of water vapour from the breath, which will not necessarily have a good effect on it. That is why you need to get rid of these impurities daily and provide the skin with nutrients to keep it in good condition. The decisive minimum care is:

  • cleansing in the morning after a night of rest, during which the skin gets rid of toxins
  • evening cleansing so that the skin can rest and regenerate during the night

What should you do in the morning? Preparing the skin for everyday challenges

In the morning, it is important to cleanse the skin of any nighttime impurities. The basis of morning care is therefore the use of a face wash foam or gel. When drying, remember to use a clean towel, preferably one for your face. You can also use a paper towel with a tight, lint-free structure. The next step is to apply the tonic. Formerly, the function of the tonic was to restore the proper pH of the skin, but today face gels are no longer alkaline, as the old soaps. That is why the modern tonic is a nourishing cosmetic and a base for other products. At this point, it is worth using an emulsion or serum, and then a day cream with a light, not too greasy texture.

Evening refreshment and relaxation, or what should I do in the evening?

The basis of evening care is the removal of all impurities accumulated during the day. So the first step is to remove makeup with a make-up remover or oil. Make-up removers are usually based on micelles and cleansing substances, so they should be additionally washed off the face with a gel or foam. The next steps are not too different from the morning care and include:

  • tonic
  • serum
  • eye cream
  • night cream or essence

The steps provided are the minimum maintenance to be performed on a daily basis. Properly treated skin, pampered with good quality cosmetics, will repay it with smoothness and radiance.

Extraordinary Korean skincare in 10 steps

A more challenging scenario for a daily skincare routine is the 10-step Korean ritual. Depending on the source, the 10 steps may differ slightly from each other, but here are the most common points:

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1. Oil cleansing - how to remove makeup with oils?

A skin massage made with a special make-up remover oil or any vegetable oil, as long as it is suitable for your skin type. Ricin oil or jojoba oil are most commonly used. Use your fingers to spread it over the skin and do a gentle massage. Warm oil gives the best results, so try to rub it a little in your hands to keep it warm. This way you can remove make-up from the eyes, face and lips. You can remove the oil with a damp, warm towel or go straight to the next step.

2. Cleansing the face with a water-based preparation or just washing

Remove the remains of the oil and make-up with a water-based cleanser, i.e. a face wash gel or a foam matched to your skin. While washing, make gentle circular movements, rinse your face abundantly with water and dry with a clean towel.

3. How to remove dead skin cells - daily peeling

In everyday care, a gentle enzyme peeling will work best, removing the remains of dead skin and facilitating the absorption of active substances from other products. From time to time, however, you can use a different type of peeling, e.g. mechanical or gommage peeling. If you have very sensitive skin, skip this step and occasionally use the scrub, e.g. once a week.

4. How to restore the balance - toning

Tonic provides comfortable hydration and reduces the feeling of tight skin. Apply it gently with cotton pads or spray your face and pat the cosmetic with your fingers into the skin of the face and neck. Some tonics are available immediately in face spray bottles, but if your tonic only has a regular bottle, you can pour it into another container. It all depends on whether you prefer to use cotton pads or tap the tonic into your skin. There is an opinion that cotton pads waste precious cosmetic and irritate delicate skin.

5. An appetizer for the skin, or what to use the essence for?

The light formula of the essence prepares the skin for the next steps. It moisturizes and nourishes, and when applying it, it is worth performing a short face massage. Massaging in circular movements with the face essence improves blood circulation, stimulates the skin and helps cells absorb valuable ingredients.

6. An injection of nourishment for the skin - an ampoule or a serum

The ampoule and serum are products that provide concentrated nutrition for your skin. Depending on the type of product, they deeply moisturize, smooth out wrinkles and brighten the skin.

7. Sheet mask - what is it and how to use it?

The best of the best - active substances in high concentration are placed on the surface of a cotton sheet. The form of a sheet mask is extremely effective thanks to the microclimate formed under the material. The heat allows you to increase the absorption of beneficial substances from the mask and more effectively penetrate the skin. You can remove the remnants of the mask with a cotton pad or massage it into the skin.

8. Eye cream - is it necessary?

The eye cream is the basis of a captivating look. First of all, it strengthens and nourishes the thin skin under the eyes, reduces mimic wrinkles and brightens possible shadows. Caring for this area of ​​the face is very important as the skin under the eyes is extremely delicate and often shows the first signs of ageing due to expression lines.

9. Crown of care - when to apply day or night cream?

The ritual ends with the application of rich cream or gel, depending on which form you prefer. Its task is to complete the care and close all nourishing substances in the skin. Day creams should be used before applying makeup, using BB cream or sunscreen. Night cream usually has a richer composition and heavier consistency, because we usually do not apply anything to the face after it.

10. Sunscreen - does it need to be used?

Korean women never leave home without using sunscreen on their faces. Bright, untouched skin is considered the most beautiful. If you are using your skincare routine in the evening, you can skip this step.

It may seem that there are a lot of these steps and cosmetics that you need to have in your bathroom. However, you don't have to complete all the steps every day - use this list as an inspiration to improve your care. You can choose a few points and use them daily or do different activities every day - it's up to you. The effect of using full care, which Korean women strive for, is obtaining a healthy "glow", that is skin full of radiance, even slightly glowing and reminiscent of an oily layer. However, it is a natural symptom of healthy and well-groomed skin.

What cosmetics can be used daily?

Most care and moisturizing cosmetics can be used for everyday rituals. However, there are some limitations and precautions you should take. The first thing to remember is to use the right cosmetics. If you experience any irritation or burning, do not use the cosmetic. Also, pay attention to the composition of the peels. Only mild enzyme peels are suitable for everyday use. If you experience irritation after peeling, it may contain fruit acids. The use of these substances also requires the use of sunscreen to avoid burns and discolouration.


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All moisturizing and nourishing cosmetics will be the best for the daily routine. The right level of hydration is the basis of healthy skin, which can regulate its mechanisms by itself only when it is provided with the right amount of water. The human body consists mostly of water, which is the environment for all cellular processes. Also, focus on natural compositions based on plant substances. For example, plant extracts have many beneficial components that cannot be found in synthetic equivalents. As biological ingredients, they will also work better with the skin.

Pamper your skin, or how to take care of your body skin?

Not only the skin of the face requires daily care, but other parts of the body also like to be pampered. Therefore, try to regularly care for the skin all over your body. Body scrubs or peelings will also be helpful here, as they will remove dead skin cells, smooth the skin and leave it pleasantly soft. You can also try daily dry brushing, which stimulates blood flow, peels and reduces cellulite. Do brushing after bathing on dry skin with a natural bristle brush - preferably wild boar. Match the bristle hardness to your sensitivity, but the harder the bristles, the better the results. After peeling or brushing, it's a good idea to apply a body lotion to nourish the skin. The important thing is that these treatments should first and foremost please you. There is no point in torturing yourself with painful or unpleasant activities. Therefore, choose the care steps you think you need and the cosmetics you like.

Basics of safe care - what rules should be followed?

There are a few rules you need to keep in mind when implementing conscious skincare into your daily routine. First of all, always remember to check the ingredients of the cosmetics you buy, especially if you have skin prone to irritation and allergies. It is worth knowing the potentially allergenic ingredients and avoiding them. When shopping, do not be influenced by the manufacturer's promises, but rather learn to read the compositions and choose the care according to them. In addition, when starting to use a new cosmetic, always make an allergy test on a small part of the skin, for example on the wrist, elbow crease or the nape of the neck. Wait a minimum of 24 hours after applying the product to make sure that it does not cause any allergic reaction. The effects of severe allergies caused by cosmetics ingredients can be felt in extreme cases for up to several months, so always put safety first! Also, remember that even a cosmetic that you have been using so far may start to cause allergies at some point. If you notice any disturbing symptoms, stop using it immediately. You can come back to it after some time, but always after an allergy test.


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