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How to improve mood with makeup?

How to improve mood with makeup?

Some people think that both makeup and taking care of yourself can become an obsession. Others think it's just taking care of your appearance, but the art of makeup is not just about choosing products, shopping and sitting in front of the mirror. For some people makeup and skin care ensures well-being, and can also increase self-confidence. Play with makeup also provides a creative and fun outlet for self-expression.

Therapists about positive makeup aspect

Temimah Zucker, eating disorder therapist and body image expert and Licensed Clinical Social Worker which defeat an anorexia says in her interviews for her thoughts on how beauty routines can support people’s emotional wellness. One time she says: “I encourage clients to find meaning in makeup. Perhaps a bold lip color represents how powerful your words and thoughts can be. Or maybe concealer is less about concealing oneself, and more about being mindful that some people will see all of you, and others might not.” So how can makeup improve your mood? Zucker also says: “By cultivating different looks, blending, mixing, and experimenting, you can practice creativity and art, which are often much-needed and encouraged past-times for those struggling with mental health.”

Support against mental illnesses

As you can see, makeup and taking care of yourself can be a support in the fight against mental illnesses. Focusing for a few minutes on simple activities, which, however, require commitment from us, will take care of the mind and release stress and tension. People who have unpleasant childhood experiences related to parental control have the opportunity to regain control over their own lives through makeup. This is the first step to fully regain confidence. Such people have not been able to decide about themselves and their choices since childhood, which is why when they have the opportunity to make daily choices regarding their makeup, they take a step every day to regain full control.

Makeup and depression

Also, people with depression recognize makeup and general hygiene care as a way to take control of their health and life. Depression is manifested in the fact that a person slowly loses his sense of sense, becomes passive, does not feel like any activity and the only thing he wants is loneliness. Man has a feeling of misunderstanding by loved ones, everything that has brought us joy so far is indifferent to us. Therefore, the day when a person suffering from depression is able to get out of bed, take a shower or bath with bath bomb, and do makeup is a great success on the path to cure. People with social phobia or anxiety also benefit from the healing effects of makeup, because it’s gives them the opportunity to put on "armor" that protects them from the world.

Everybody can use makeup to improve their mood

However, not only people with mental illness benefit from the positive aspect of makeup. Anyone can treat makeup as a way to improve their mood. It allows you to use it in various aspects of your life as a way to achieve a goal.

Time to myself

Some people use makeup and skin care as a moment for themselves. We live in a hurry, we don't have time to focus on the meal, we're late everywhere. However, more and more people know that this is not healthy. Therefore, they try to find a work-life balance. Some try to read before bedtime, others play sports, and some spend time on their makeup and taking care of their complexion.

Artistic hobby

There are also people who use makeup as an expression of themselves and their artistic vision. They treat their face and even their whole body like a canvas, on which they apply subsequent layers, achieving an intricate work of art. For some it is a phenomenal evening make-up, while for others it is a make-up that completely transforms them into another person.

Be feminine

Makeup is also a weapon in the fight against lack of confidence or low self-esteem. Professionally made makeup allows you to hide imperfections and emphasize the advantages. In this way, people with low self-esteem are able to see more than just flaws in themselves. That is why, every day, they can become more and more convinced that they are valuable people, whom others pay attention to seeing their advantages and not disadvantages. People with well-applied make-up also feel more confident. Maybe because they hide behind their "armor" that will change them into someone else. In this way, they develop the belief that they are able to pursue their goals. A similar mechanism also works for people who want to be more feminine. Typical tomboy who, on a daily basis, "are only a buddy", thanks to their make-up discover their feminine side and thanks to it they make the first step towards finding their true self.

Paint your smile

To sum up. Makeup is a great solution for everyone, regardless of whether they want to express themselves in this way, forget about their everyday problems for a moment or boost they confidence during an important meeting. Therefore, do not be afraid to reach for a brush. You can, literally and figuratively, use it to paint your smile.