Wrinkles and shadows under your eyes give you sleepless nights? You’re not the only one. There are plenty of women out there that struggles with the same problem every day. It is connected with many different aspects. It is this area of the face that can most betray our age and bad mood. What’s more, black circles or wrinkle under the eyes can be a sign of some serious problems with health. However, if you’re healthy and medical researches don’t show anything wrong, it’s time to think of a proper eye skin treatment. If you want to know, how to choose the best eye cream? What ingredients should it contain? We have prepared a short guide that will certainly make it easier for you to choose the right dace cream!

What face cream for each skin type?

Before you start choosing face cream it is essential to determine what type of skin you have. Only this way you’ll be able to decide what ingredients need to be added to the perfect face cream that will meet all your skin’s expectations.

  • Sensitive skin - It quickly gets irritated, it is often tense, reddened and itchy. In addition, it is prone to allergies and sensitive to external stimuli. That is why the best type of cream is the one rich in soothing ingredients: allantoin, panthenol or thermal water. The composition of the cream should be simple. Sun protection is also required. Your sensitive skin is much more demanding than you think. That is why pay huge attention to cleaning it properly with gentle products, without alcohol.
  • Dry skin - Sebum production is significantly reduced, so the skin does not shine. It is even matte. The pores are not dilated and the corns rarely appear. Such skin has a tendency to peeling and rapid aging. Wrinkles become much deeper, which is due to the loss of water from the skin. In addition, dry skin is sensitive to detergents, soaps, wind, frost or sun. That is why the perfect type of cream for dry skin is highly moisturizing, moisturizing, retaining water in the skin (components such as ceramides, hyaluronic acid, urea), restoring the lipid layer of the skin, containing vitamins.
  • Oily and acne skin – these are particularly problematic skin types. They require constant care and selection of appropriate cosmetics. Oily skin, as the name suggests, is characterized by a large amount of secreted sebum and enlarged pores. It is often thick, shiny, prone to the formation of corns. From them often arise numerous imperfections (lumps, pustules). Clogged pores are the basis for the development of acne. It can also be the result of bacteria on the skin. In this case you also need to choose products especially dedicated for oily and problematic skin. It should be light, with components of mineral origin (mica, kaolin, green clay), inhibiting sebum secretion, narrowing pores, matting. In addition, creams should be without alcohol, which strongly dries the skin, causing further production of large amounts of sebum. It can be confusing, cause many people think that if we dry our skin it won’t get oily. However it is exactly on the contrary. That is why it is better to moisturize it that to dry. However, do not use greasy creams, as well as containing comedogenic substances (clogging pores), such as oils, waxes, lanolin or algae.
  • Mixed skin is characterized by areas of dry and oily skin at the same time. The T-zone (forehead, nose and chin) becomes oily, while the temples and cheeks are easily overdried (the complexion is dry). That is why this type of skin is extremely hard to take care of, because there are two types of skin in one. It is recommended to use two creams. One for the T-zone-cream with a light texture, moisturizing, slightly reducing sebum secretion and astringent. An the second one for the cheeks and temples: cream semi-thick, strongly moisturizing or oily(depending on the degree of drying of the skin). 
  • Normal skin is the type that causes the least problems. It does not have enlarged pores, corns, oily T-zone or imperfections. It is properly hydrated, tight and smooth. It also has no wrinkles. This type of skin occurs mainly in children, however adult men and women also have normal type of skin. This skin is the best to take care of. The only thing you need to do is to apply some moisturizing cream with light texture, containing sunscreen.

How to choose face cream?

Face creams vary in brand, packaging, price and composition. The use of specific ingredients makes the individual characteristics correspond to the needs of different skin types and have a slightly different effect. Creams are tailored to care for different skin types. Manufacturers also develop their formulas for the age of users and skin problems. Now, when you know what type of skin you have you can choose the most suitable face cream for your skin and its needs.