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11 Best 70s Hair Trends to Try for Female

Best 70s Hair Trends to Try

The 1970s are known for the most iconic looks, from fashion to hairstyles. In this romantic era where the hairstyles came alive. 70’s hairstyle has been known to be long, soft, short, edgy, and unisex, thus men can have long hair and women can have short hair.  Farrah Fawcett-Majors was most famous for her long, feathery, flicked sides, which were later known as the Farrah Flick. The most popular hairstyles in the 70s are Afro, Shag, and Feathered.

It is already the 21st century, and the 70s hairstyle does not seem to be wanting to stay in the past. What was buried in the past was now coming back alive again with different people like celebrities choosing to rock this 70s hairstyle this 2023. And it is no doubt that they all look good wearing them. We can see celebrities like Miley Cyrus, who now have a shaggy mullet and seems to be loving it. This just goes to show that mullet is not only for the men. Even Zendaya had once had a mullet, in which she looked stunning. These people sure did give a nostalgic feeling to a once trendy hairstyle way back in the 1970s. Now, let us go down memory lane and relive the 70s by going through the 11 best 70s hair trends that any female can try.

Listed below is the top selection of the best 70s hair trends for females.

  • Curtain Bangs: a hairstyle that resembles a curtain of a window. It is the most trendy type of bangs that are parted in the middle of the face.
  • Crimped Hair: this frizzy and voluminous-looking hairstyle was popularized by  African-American celebrities, in which the curls are loose. It is made by using a crimping iron tool
  • Boho Braids: French-like loose braids that can be messy yet elegant-looking. It can also be box braids wherein the braids stop in the middle and the ends are curled. 
  • 1. Curtain Bangs

    Curtain Bangs is a versatile, trendier type of bangs that was made famous by Bridget Bardot in the 1970s. It is an effortless bang that can shape the face flawlessly. It is named curtain bangs because it resembles a curtain in the window that is parted in the middle. Furthermore, it fits well with any hairstyle or texture. To achieve this hairstyle the fringe must be cut shorter inside and as it gets further away from the face the bangs get longer.

    2. Crimped Hair

    Crimped Hair is popularized by African-American celebrities, which is a loose curl or waves that leave a frizzy and ultra-voluminous look. Barbra Streisand, an American singer,and actress, is the one who made crimping hair popular. She has been seen rocking this look ever since the 1970s. Geri Cusenza was then inspired to invent a modern crimping tool in 1975 because of Barbra. To achieve this hairstyle, use a crimping iron to create small, tight, zigzag waves on the hair. 

    3. Boho Braids

    Boho braids are lightweight French-like effortless low braided ponytail hairdo that is Bohemian-inspired. The braids are loose and messy, but at the same time look feminine and elegant. It can also be box braids where only the first couple of inches of hair is braided, and the ends are curly, giving a fuller and voluminous-looking hair. To achieve this hairstyle, just do a loose braid in the middle to the lower part of the hair or braid the first couple of inches of the hair and leave the rest curly. 

    4. Feathered Bangs

    Feathered bangs are very much the same as Curtain Bangs, the only difference is that it is not parted in the middle. These trendy bangs have their ends flipped out and textured, and the partition of the hair can be in any way based on the personal preference of the person. The person who is well-known for these iconic bangs in the 1970s was Farrah Fawcett. To achieve this look, use a hair straightener to flip up the ends of the bangs.

    5. Afros

    Afros are fluffed out hair that best fits people who have thick and textured hair. It is popular among African-Americans, who started wearing it in the 1960s - 1970s. To achieve this hairstyle, grow the hair to the preferred length and get the hair permed at a salon using the smallest possible curlers. Let the perm settle after a few days and comb the curls out to expand and separate curls.

    6. The Bob

    Bob haircut is a classic hairstyle, that is best known as a short haircut. Invented by Antoine de Paris in 1909, this alluring and striking haircut was inspired by Joan of Arc and made its modern appearance in the 1920s. In this hairstyle, the hair is usually cut at the jaw level and around the head. Nowadays, many celebrities, like Gwyneth Paltrow and Kelly Clarkson, are rocking this hairstyle. To achieve this hairstyle, cut the neckline into a C shape, and the back just underneath the crown wet. Then, cut the sides from the profile position to create a texturized look.

    7. The Mullet

    Mullet is a hairstyle that was popular and worn by men in the 1980s. It was made popular by David Bowis with his orange mullet trademark. Its popularity began to fall during the 90s. Now, it is starting to be recognized again, not only by men but women as well. Today women like Kristen Stewart, Miley Cyrus, and Zendaya are also rocking this look. To achieve this hairstyle, the hair must be cut short in the front whilst the hair at the back remains long with a messy fringe as an additional option. 

    8. Cher Hair

    Cher Hair is a classic trend in which it gives a timeless look of highlights that has no roots and are fussy. The ends of the hair are in C-shape, making it look effortless, chic, and healthy. Alicia Silverstone from Clueless is the inspiration for this soft blunt look. To achieve this look, lessen the layers in the hair to reduce the volume, which makes for a bouncy hair look. Just make it a straight blowout look that has highlights and a C-shaped end. 

    9. Disco Curls

    Disco Curls is a hairstyle whose roots and tips have prominent volume. It has big bouncing curly locks which makes it look fun and exciting. It was inspired by divas of the dance floor in the 1970s, which are fitting for a girl's night out or any special occasion.

    To achieve this hairstyle, prep the hair by spraying curl hold spray then, pick a hair section to wrap around a curling wand. Repeat the process through every hair section, then apply a serum after.

    10. French-Girl Fringe

    French-Girl Fringe is a hairstyle that is soft on the cheekbones, slightly cropped, and arch just above the brows that blend with the whole haircut. It is a versatile, heavy haircut that has textured ends.  The bangs are thick, full, and long that can cover the eyebrows.  It best fits people who have short hair which is above the shoulder length. To achieve this look, the best option is to book an appointment with a stylist and not opt to cut the bangs at home to reduce the risk of unwanted results. Professionals can cut the bangs that will suit the shape of the face, making it an appealing look. 

    11. Shaggy Waves

    Shaggy Waves are moderate curls that are perfect for everyday hairstyles. It is a versatile hairstyle that has a flawless balance between curly and straight hair that fits every hair type and length. This hairstyle can add volume to the hair and draw attention to the eyes whilst highlighting the cheekbone. To achieve the look, a curling wand or flat iron creates the curls or waves. For a no-heat look, try using ponytails, and headbands, or braid the hair and leave it for hours or overnight before removing it to achieve natural-looking waves. 

    Who were the celebrities who wore 70s hairstyles this 2023?

    Even though it is already the 21st century, the 70s hairstyle seems like it will never get out of style. Many celebrities are seen wearing different kinds of 70s hairstyles this year 2023.  The Hannah Montana actress, Miley Cyrus, went from a straight french-fringe look to a now a shaggy mullet. Billie Eilish, an American singer-songwriter, is now seen with a blonde classic shaggy look. Hailey Bieber went to the red carpet wearing loose boho braids. Selena Gomez is best known for her bob cut, but now she surprised the public with her bob cut with bangs. An Instagram photo was posted where Kim Kardashian was seen rocking a Cher hairstyle.

    How to achieve a 70s Hair style?

    Different hairstyle requires different procedures to achieve the preferred look. The shaggy haircut is the most popular hairstyle in the 70s and to achieve this look hair comb or brush, shampoo and conditioner, scissors, hair ties or ponytails, and a blow dryer will be needed.

    Listed below is the step-by-step instruction to achieve the 70s shag haircut.

    • Wash the hair and use Conditioner 
    • Using a hair brush or comb, detangle the hair
    • Start from the front and section out a small portion of hair.
    • Secure the section with a ponytail
    • Repeat the same all over the crown area
    • Leave the lower area untied
    • Take a hair comb and use it as a guide to the desired hair length
    • Start from down towards the side
    • Take the hair comb guide and place it above the hair.
    • Cut the hair that goes beyond the hair comb
    • Repeat with all the other sections
    • Do not use the guide on the bangs
    • Make sure the bangs do not come down to the lips or nose.
    • Blow dry the hair 

    What are the hair products that are good for hair?

    Hair must be prepped and protected when trying different hairstyles. The five products that are needed to prep hair and keep it healthy despite constant styling are repairers, oil, shampoo and conditioner, spray, and treatments. Hair repairers like Olaplex can reverse the damage to constant hair styling and can restore hair shine. Hair oils like Bio:Renew Argan Oil & Aloe Repair Hair Oil Mist by Herbal Essence can condition and protect the hair from being damaged before using hair styling tools. Shampoo and Conditioner like BioRenew Hydrate Coconut Milk Shampoo and Conditioner by Herbal Essence contains highly conditioning ingredients that can hydrate dry hair, which can be a result of constant styling. Hair Spray SuperPlump Thickening Blow Dry Spray is like a hair primer before styling to make styling easier whilst boosting the volume and fullness of the hair. Treatments like HydraSplash Hydrating Gelee Masque will be a great help to hydrate and condition the hair before styling it. 

    What are the 70s hairstyles for men?

    The five main 70s hairstyles for men are Afro, Mullet, Dreadlocks, Long Styled, and Shag. Afro hairstyle is a fluffed hairstyle that is suitable for kinky, thick, and textured hair. It is popular in African-American communities and known to be the symbol of black pride. Mullet was most popular in men in the 70s wherein their hair is short at the front but long at the back and could be shaggy on the top. Dreadlocks are prominent in reggae culture and are rope-like sections of the hair that are coarse in texture that is created through hair matting. Long Style Hair is as simple as its name, a long, natural hairstyle that has a soft layering and sometimes curls at the ends. Shag is an evenly-progressing layer of hair that has a fringe. Layers start at a short length, which slowly gets longer at the end of the hair.

    Is 70s hair coming back into fashion?

    Yes, the 70s hairstyles are said to be having a comeback into fashion this spring-summer. A lot of artists and celebrities are already seen rocking the ’70s hairstyles nowadays. These celebrities are bringing back retro-looking hairstyles to give off a nostalgic feeling. Celebrities can be seen wearing it on the red carpet or just basically their new look they want to show off to people. And just like that, celebrities can be the pioneer in bringing back this hairstyle in fashion as they can greatly influence what people perceive as trendy styles.