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Beautiful & Firm Breasts - How to Care of Them?

Beautiful & Firm Breasts - How to Care of Them?

Nice breasts don't have to be big - the most important thing is to keep them well-groomed. Cooper ligaments may extend through the wrong selection of bra, which results in hanging breasts. Therefore, you also need to take care of your breasts during the evening SPA.

Breast massage

Regular massaging of the breast is a way to optically enlarge the bust. However, they do not grow literally, but rather become firmer and fuller, which may give the impression of enlargement. Massage each breast should last about a minute. It can be done in several ways:

  • breast massage with water - while in the shower, aim the water stream at the chest and make an octal motion, covering both breasts. Change the temperature of the water from cold to warm several times;
  • hand massage - massage the breast by making circular movements. You can immediately massage both breasts or alternately. The perfect solution is to combine this operation with the bust firming cosmetics;
  • breast massage using a rough terry glove or sponge - the massage is performed in a similar way to the previous one, but a rough material glove is also used. Do not do it on quite dry skin - it is better to apply olive or firming balm at the same time. You can also do a massage while taking a shower.

Breast massages (using breast pressure) also greatly improve its firmness, but before such a massage you must consult a doctor who will carry out a USG breast examination. Breast massages cannot be carried out by women whose breasts are mastopathic. In their case, this massage is categorically prohibited.

Bust care - moisturizing

The breast and décolleté skin is very delicate, therefore it requires proper care. There are special cosmetics for the bust that properly moisturize and nourish the bust, smooth its skin and firm it. Wanting to have a nice breasts, use moisturizing and firming creams every day, which will include ivy and algae extract The skin on the breast is very delicate, thin and therefore also dries quickly. In the summer, additionally take care of moisturizing - you can use e.g. natural oils. The breast skin is very delicate, but it also requires peeling once a week, thanks to which you can exfoliate dead skin. Remember that the peeling should be delicate and not cause skin irritation on the bust or décolleté. The peeling will facilitate the absorption of nutrients from moisturizing creams and gels. Dead skin can also be removed with a rough washcloth or washing glove. After it, it is good to make a nutritional mask.

Exercises for pretty breasts

Your breasts may lose their firmness due to the sagging muscles that support the bust. The condition of the bust is greatly influenced by any exercises that develop chest muscles. Exercises that will strengthen them are not time consuming and do not require a lot of strength. However, you must do them regularly, because only then the effects will be long-lasting. The most effective exercises for firm breasts are exercises with dumbbells, push-ups and swimming (especially breaststroke). However, it should be remembered that at the same time our bust may decrease slightly due to the reduction of body fat caused by regular training.

Properly selected underwear - a casual and sports bra

You also can't forget about matching the bra. For sure, every woman has noticed that a well-chosen bra improves the shape of the breast and shapes it accordingly. It is worth wearing appropriate underwear, because it can contribute to maintaining firmness. An incorrectly selected bra can deform breasts. When it is too loose, it does not fulfill its function and instead of supporting the bust, it leads to its falling. The second important thing is to adjust your bra to your lifestyle. If you're active and exercise a lot, buy a special sports bra that will make your breasts more stable. Exercise without it can lead to the stretching of the Cooper ligaments, which are responsible for the appearance of the breast. In addition to wearing properly selected underwear during the day, you should also remember about a comfortable night bra.

Sleep in a bra? Is it possible?

Many Ladies probably associate this with torture - but we are not going to persuade anyone to inconvenience! A night bra must be comfortable - it must not cause any discomfort at all. This bra should, however, be fitted enough to keep the breasts fairly in place, not allowing it to spread too much from side to side. Of course, the point is not that the bust in the bra is lifted up when we lie on our backs - it is not possible with the vast majority of busts, and certainly not with damaged busts. Sleeping in a bra can start with your most comfortable bras, even in the wrong size - due to the fact that such a bra should be a bit too loose in the circumference and therefore may be a bit too small in the cups. Pregnant women should also remember about sleeping in a bra, while breastfeeding, and for six months after weaning the baby - regardless of the condition of the breasts.

The most important!

Let's not forget about preventive examinations - regularly do breast self-examination, breast ultrasound or mammography!