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The Best Iconic ‘90s Makeup Looks

The Best Iconic ‘90s Makeup Looks

Living in a time and age where the meaning of "beauty" is becoming more and more unique to each individual. This leaves a wide range of possibilities for what the standard of beauty could be and look like. As consumers keep looking for new things to try, the cosmetics industry is coming up with new ways to look at beauty from a new angle. Cosmetics and beauty products have moved together, building on trends that people are getting to know about. It's important to stay up-to-date on the makeup industry trends because staying aware can be a useful tool in having a competitive advantage in the world. 

Everything that is old is new again. The classic and iconic makeup styles of the 1990s have all made a comeback in beauty trends, from the runways to the streets. This 90s makeup look style comeback has been toned down and made more sophisticated to fit in with the new world. With this '90s revival, there's more fun to be had than there was in the past, and beauty trends are ready to make people stop and stare. Some of the best iconic 90s makeup looks are all-over bronze, pencil-thin brows, the posh aesthetic, overland lips, brick lips, frosted eyeshadow, cut crease, all-over shimmer, face gems, all the lip gloss, monochromatic makeup, barely-there beauty, pastel eyeshadow, purple eyeshadow, bright blush, red lips, blue eyeshadow, black liner, smokey eye and nude lip, and matte skin. 

1. All-Over Bronze

All-Over Bronze makeup look is typically defined as a perfectly highlighted, contoured, and radiant skin look. It features a shimmery or metallic effect. The required tools and products to use for an all-over bronze makeup look are makeup primer, foundation, powder, bronzer, bronze blush, highlighter, and setting spray. To achieve the overall bronze makeup look, start with a primer to eliminate the pores and ensure that the makeup lasts all day long. Apply full coverage, lightweight foundation, and set it all using powder. Bronze the top of the cheeks and temples, then proceed onto the hairline and any other areas of preference. To achieve the glowy look, add some highlighter onto the top of the cheekbone, temples, above the brows, and even in the inner corner of the eyes above the lash line. Set the face, including the neck, with some setting spray. The All-Over Bronze makeup look is one of the most seasonally flattering trends. Bronze makeup looks are the go-to for many celebrities, such as Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner.

All-Over Bronze

2. Pencil Thin Brows

​​Pencil Thin Brows makeup look is all about pencil thin arched brows and is one of the most divisive beauty trends of the 1990s and 2000s. It features defined and smaller thin brows. The required tools and products to use for pencil thin brows are concealer, lighter-toned brow pencil, brow gel, brow brush, makeup sponge, brow scissor, and highlighter. To achieve the pencil thin brows look, start with combing the brows hair and removing any extra length at the top of the brows. Next is to fill in the tops of the eyebrows. Do not fill in or darken the base of the brows, as it will only make the brows less attractive. Along with filling in from the top, add a bit of length to the end tail of the brows, going straight to the temple. Next is to set it with brow gel in a slightly lighter shade that will make the brows less noticeable and sit back a little more instead of taking centre stage. Lastly, highlight and cover the brow bone using a concealer. A highlighter is a nice option to get more arch, lift, and crisp effect without removing any hair. Pencil thin brows were hitting a peak again and have been mainstream on social media, with Bella Hadid leading the pencil thin brow power charge. 

Pencil Thin Brows

3. The Posh Aesthetic

The Posh Aesthetic makeup look is all about wearing a dark liner, nude gloss, and bronze skin. It features smudgy smokey eyes and subtle polished pout lips. The tools and products to use for the posh aesthetic makeup look are nude gloss, black eyeliner, black eyeshadow, highlighter, eyeshadow brush, mascara, and bronze. To achieve the posh aesthetic makeup look, start with smudging black eyeliner all over the eyes for a high aesthetic makeup effect. Add warm golden eyeshadow swept into the crease with a fluffy brush to diffuse the appearance. Then apply a highlighter to the inner corners of the eyes for a wide-eyed effect, followed by mascara. Add bronzer and highlighter all over the face for a load of face glow and dust highlighter on cheekbones, cupid’s bow, and down the centre of the nose. Finish the look by applying nude lipstick and lip gloss. Victoria Beckham's posh spice days made the posh aesthetic makeup look popular. The posh aesthetic makeup style is back in vogue and trending on social media. Celebrity such as Victoria Beckham  have indulged in the posh aesthetic look into their makeup routine.

The Posh Aesthetic

4. Overlined Lips

Overlined Lips are all about placing lip liner just outside the natural lips. It features the illusion of fuller lips. The required tools and products to use for the posh aesthetic makeup look are lip liner, lip balm, lip primer, lipstick, and powder highlighter. To achieve the overlined lips, start with exfoliating the lips. It is important to get the lips ready before lining them. Next is to use lip balm to keep the lips hydrated. Prime the lips with a primer to make the lips last all day long. The next step is to line the corner lips a little to make the lip liner and the lip colour match up. Apply a lipstick that’s one to two shades lighter than the lip liner to create a nice ombre look. To clean up the lips, apply concealer to the lips with a lip brush to soften the liner and make it more natural and softer. Lastly, to finish the look, apply some powder highlighter to the cupid bow. The revival of the overlined lips trend is becoming more and more popular on social media, including TikTok. Hollywood celebrity such as Kylie Jenner have been seen indulging in this makeup look.

Overlined Lips

5. The Brick Lip

The Brick Lip is a brown lipstick that has a mix of red and a bit of brown undertones. It features a dramatic look and the shade is flattering. The tools and products to use for the brick lip are lip liner, lip primer, and lipstick. To achieve the brick lip makeup look, start with defining the cupid’s bow. Using the lip liner, outline the outer lips by slightly overlining the natural lip line. Next is to fill in the lip corners and centre of the lip curve. Lastly, fill in the centre of the lips with red lipstick and a bot of brown undertone lipstick for a brick lip makeup look. The brick lips makeup look seems to be making a comeback from the 90s and is seen on all the Instagram makeup artists, and influencers with various versions of the brick have grown in popularity. Celebrity such as Priyanka Chopra have inspired by the brick lip makeup look. 

The Brick Lip

6. Frosted Eyeshadow

Frosted Eyeshadow uses shimmering colours like blue, pink, silver, or gold to create a gradient of colours across the eyes. It features enough glitter pigment to create a delicate shimmer in eye makeup. The tools and products to use for frosted eyeshadow are eyeshadow palettes comprising cream sparkling eyeshadow, highlighter, mascara, and a fluffy eyeshadow brush. To achieve the frosted eyeshadow makeup look, start with applying an eyeshadow primer to the lids, followed by taupe eyeshadow all over the lids and lower lash line. Next, apply a cream sparkling eyeshadow all over the lids, blending it outwards the crease for maximum pigmentation and an effortless fade. On top of the taupe shadow, apply the same colour to the lower lashline. Then add a dazzling silver with a precise fluffy eyeshadow brush. Finish with mascara on the top and bottom lashes to complete the appearance. The frosted 90s eyeshadow style was a sophisticated girl trend in the 1990s. A statement that empowers you to wear something bright and joyful, it is emerging out of the euphoria trend. Celebrity like Jourdan Dunn have been spotted with frosted eyeshadow.

Frosted Eyeshadow

7. The Cut Crease

Cut Crease eyeshadow is an extremely amazing makeup look. It features an optical illusion and dramatic contrast, making the eyes look Bambi-sized and distinct. The required tools and products to use for the cut crease makeup look are an eyeshadow pallet, concealer, eyeshadow fluffy and angled brushes, eyeliner, and mascara.  Apply a neutral shadow close to the skin tone and a dark brown eyeshadow just above the crease of the eyes to define the crease. Smooth the edges of the brown eyeshadow and create a guide for the cut crease with a light concealer. Next, make a cut. To enhance the contrast, apply a cream or white shadow over the concealer. This stage creates the sliced crease appearance. Apply a strong eyeliner down the lash line and finish the eyelids by applying mascara to the top and lower lashes. The cut crease makeup look is trending on social media. It is popular not only in Hollywood, but all throughout the world. Celebrity such as  Ariana Grande have been seen indulging in the cut crease makeup look.

The Cut Crease

8. All-Over Shimmer 

All-Over Shimmer is used to highlight and emphasise the skin. It features a subtle glow from head to toe. The tools and products to use for an all-over shimmer makeup look are shimmery eyeliner and eyeshadow, fluffy eyeshadow brush, lip gloss, and highlighter. To achieve the all-over shimmer makeup look, start with the eyes by applying shimmer directly onto the lids with a fluffy eyeshadow brush. Apply lip gloss and then a layer of shimmer on top. Lips can be glitzed up with glitter powder, eyeshadow, or highlighter. Lastly, emphasise the cheekbones, forehead, and nose. For an extra glow, add a little shimmer to the collarbone or shoulders. All-over shimmer has been a beauty trend for years and is gaining popularity on social media through the pressing of celebrity’s Instagram pages.  The all-over glitter cosmetics trend has inspired celebrity like Selena Gomez.

All-Over Shimmer

9. Face Gems 

Face gems makeup is all about decorating the face with rhinestones. It features glitters to enhance attractiveness and appearance. The tools and products to use for a face gem's makeup look are a piece of paper, cosmetic adhesive, tweezers, and rhinestones. To achieve the face gems makeup look, start with squeezing the cosmetic adhesive onto a sheet of paper to create the face gems makeup effect. The stronger the glue, the longer the rhinestones will stay in place. Lastly, attach the rhinestones to the face. Dip the rhinestone into the adhesive cosmetic glue with tweezers and begin placing it on the face. Face gems have entirely illuminated the beauty trend cycle. It made a big impression on the high fashion red carpet. The face gems makeup trend has inspired celebrity such as Storm Reid.

Face Gems

10. All The Lip Gloss 

The Lip Gloss makeup look is all about putting lip gloss on the lips alone. It features shimmering and juicy lips.  The tools and products to use for all the lip scrub, lip gloss makeup looks are lip gloss, lip moisturiser, facial tissue, cotton swabs, and lip pencil.  To achieve the complete lip gloss makeup look, start by exfoliating the lips to eliminate the dead layer for a fresh look. The lips should next be moisturised with lip balm, petroleum jelly, or any other lip moisturiser. When applying the lip gloss, outline the borders of the lips with a lip pencil to make the look appear natural. Lastly, apply lip gloss in a fair-skinned colour on the lips. The lip gloss makeup style was popular in the makeup industry because Destiny's Child, Spice Girls, and TLC popularised the juicy 90s lip trend and it has gone viral on the internet, particularly on TikTok and Instagram. Celebrity like Angelina Jolie have been indulging in the all-over lip gloss makeup look in their makeup routines.

All The Lip Gloss

11. Monochromatic Makeup

The Monochromatic Makeup look is a makeup technique that uses a single colour over the eyes and lips to produce a striking effect. It features a balanced and effortless appearance. The tools and products to use for the monochromatic makeup look are primers, concealer, foundation, eyeshadow palette, eyeshadow fluffy brush, blush brush, and lipstick. To achieve the monochromatic makeup look, start with using eyelid primer to prepare the lids for eyeshadow application. Apply the eyeshadow with a fluffy eyeshadow brush across the lids, in both corners, up to the brows, and beneath the water line to build up the colour and provide dimension in the outer creases. Then, use a fluffy blush brush to apply blush to the apples of the cheeks, then sweep it across the cheekbones towards the hairline. Lastly, add the same colour of eyeshadow and blush on the lips. The monochromatic makeup style is trendy for spring, but it's been a sophisticated aesthetic that makeup artists have used for years. During the Met Gala 2019, celebrity such as Lili Reinhart were seen wearing the monochromatic makeup look.

Monochromatic Makeup

12. Barely There Beauty 

The Barely There beauty is all minimalism and a makeup-free look. It features a genuine skin stone shine to it and exudes an ultra-cool feel. The tools and products to use for a barely there beauty makeup look are moisturisers, primer, light foundation, concealer, mascara, and illuminating setting spray. To achieve the barely there makeup look, start with hydrating the skin to create a barrier that protects the skin throughout the day. This also helps to relieve dry and sensitive skin, making it easier to apply makeup perfectly. Following that, prime the face to ensure that the thin layers of makeup remain visible throughout the day. Allow the skin to shine through by applying a little layer of foundation. Create the illusion of naturally fuller lashes by using dark mascara. Lastly, use an illuminating setting spray to let the makeup last all day and to impart a glow to the face. The barely-there beauty makeup look trend was featured on the Fall 2014 and Spring 2015 runways, but it is now gaining popularity on the internet. The barely-there beauty makeup trend has inspired celebrity such as Zendaya. 

Barely There Beauty

13. Pastel Eyeshadow 

Pastel Eyeshadow is all about using easter egg-colored eyeshadow in colours such as lavender, sky blue, mint green, and so on. It features the fiercely feminine and elegant statement of the season. The tools and products to use for a pastel eyeshadow makeup look are an eyeshadow palette, eyeshadow fluffy brush, eyeliner, eyelid primer, small tapered brush, and highlighter. To achieve the pastel eyeshadow makeup look, start with priming the lids with an eyelid primer to create a smooth base and guarantee the makeup lasts all day. The next stage is to experiment with different colours. Apply a sparkly or regular pastel shade to the lids and smooth the colour out using an eyeshadow fluffy brush. Apply eyeliner after lining the bottom lashes with a little tapered brush. Lastly, apply volumizing mascara to the lashes. Pastel eyeshadow is the epitome of the late 90s aesthetic. Pastel eyeshadow has grown in popularity and is now mainstream on the internet. The pastel eyeshadow makeup trend has been seen in celebrity such as Lily Collins.

Pastel Eyeshadow

14. Purple Eyeshadow 

The Purple Eyeshadow makeup look comprises applying a light lavender tint to the lash line and blending it with a darker shade into the crease. It features a sleek statement and a smoke show touch to it. The required tools and products to use for purple eyeshadow are an eyeshadow palette, eyeshadow fluffy brush, and purple eyeliner. To achieve the purple eyeshadow makeup look, start with applying purple eyeliner to the entire lid and blending it to level out the colour. Then, apply a deep purple eyeshadow colour to the crease of the lids and slightly above them. To brighten the appearance and give dimension, apply a lighter purple eyeshadow colour to the inner corners of the eyes. Lastly, line the waterlines with purple eyeliner and apply to lengthen mascara to complete the look. Purple eyeshadow is the newest celebrity beauty trend, and the beauty effect has been all over the world. Purple eyeshadow makeup has inspired celebrity such as Rihanna.

Purple Eyeshadow

15. Bright Blush 

The Bright Blush makeup style is just a run-a-lap flush with minimum makeup and a healthy pop of blush concentrated in the centre of the cheeks towards the hairline. It features the skin with a pleasant and vibrant finish. The required tools and products to use for a bright blush makeup look are the makeup blush brush, loose face powder, and makeup blush. To achieve the bright blush makeup look, start with outlining a triangle on the outside of the face, high on the cheekbones, to get the brilliant blush makeup look. It should be applied to the outside corner of the brow and then down to the centre of the cheeks directly under the iris, staying below the under-eye circle. Next, try smiling; if the colour is too intense when smiling, dust some loose face powder off. This can also make the colour less noticeable. Bright blush has returned, and it's better than ever. The vibrant blush makeup trend is currently taking centre stage, and it's simple to achieve at home. The vibrant blush makeup trend has inspired celebrity such as Olivia Munn.

Bright Blush

16. Red Lips 

Red lips are connected with fashion and elegance. Every lady can wear red lipstick. It features a polished and sophisticated yet modest look. The required tools and products to use for the red lips makeup look are lip balm, red lipstick, lip liner pencil, lip brush, concealer, face powder, and tissues. To achieve the red lips makeup look, start with applying a nourishing lip balm, preferably before wearing makeup, so it has time to sink into the lips. After blotting away the lip balm, add a coat of powder with a brush to create a nice dry canvas for the lipstick. Apply lip pencil before lipstick. Work the formula into the lips with a lip brush. Apply a lip liner to outline the edges and address any unevenness or asymmetry on the lips. Blot the lips with a ply of tissue paper to absorb excess oils, then reapply a light layer of lipstick. This doubles the lipstick's wear time. Lastly, clean up the lips with an angled brush dipped in concealer. Red lips, a symbol of the American suffrage movement, gained international popularity. Celebrity like Dakota Johnson have been spotted wearing red lips.

Red Lips

17. Blue Eyeshadow

Blue eyeshadow is surprisingly universal and complementing. It features a playful, ironic touch to the extreme costuming makeup look. The required tools and products to use for blue eyeshadow makeup look are an eyeshadow palette, eyeshadow fluffy brush, mascara, and eyelid primer. To achieve the blue eyeshadow makeup look, start with priming the eyes with an eyelid primer to create a smooth canvas for the pigment to pop, reduce creasing, and hold the shadow down for longer. Next, spread the blue eyeshadow across the entire lid from corner to corner using the eyeshadow fluffy brush. Lastly, to complete the appearance, use mascara to volumize the eyelashes. The blue eyeshadow makeup look has played an essential role in pop culture, and it followed not only the 90s match-match norm but has become legendary in creating today's beauty fads. Blue eyeshadow makeup has inspired celebrity such as Willow Smith on the red carpet.

Blue Eyeshadow

18. Black Liner 

Black Liner accentuates the contour of the eyes. It features a dramatic and bold look.  The required tools and products to use for the black liner makeup look are black eyeliner, primer, and concealer. To achieve the black liner makeup look, start with preparing the eyes for the black liner look. After cleansing the face, apply moisturiser to help prevent wrinkles and level out any redness or discolouration. Next, clean the base. Apply a tiny amount of eye primer to the eyelid, under the eyes, and around the eye area. This will ensure a beautiful finish and long-lasting makeup. Apply eyeliner above and below the lashes, using thin lines and strokes only. Lastly, apply mascara and blur it out with a pencil liner. Since the dawn of time, people have been applying black liner to their eyes. The black liner is back and took over the New York Fashion Week. Celebrity like Elsa Hosk were inspired to wear black eyeliner.

Black Liner

19. Smokey Eye & Nude Lip

The Smokey Eye and Nude Lip makeup styles are ageless and classic. It features dramatic eyes and burning eyes. The required tools and products to use for a smokey eye and nude lip makeup look are an eyeshadow palette, eyeshadow fluffy brush, eyeliner, eyeshadow brush, matte fixing powder, nude lipstick, lip gloss, and eyelid primer. To achieve the smokey eye and nude lip makeup look, start with priming the eyelids and setting them with a matte fixing powder.  To create a subtle smokey base, use grey, brown, or heather. For a quick splash of colour, use a liner along the lash line and coat between the lashes. Blend a dark shade halfway up the lid into the lid shadow. Then apply it along the lower lash line by pressing the brush gently on its root then smudge it up to add more smoke. Apply 3-4 coats of mascara for a full lash appearance and apply the nude lipstick. Applying lip gloss is optional. The smokey eye and nude lip are two of the most iconic beauty looks. It is well-known globally and is popular among social media vloggers. Smokey eyes and nude lips have inspired celebrity like Shay Mitchell.

Smokey Eye and Nude Lip

20. Matte Skin

Matte Skin makeup is known for its matte finish. This not only conceals facial flaws, but also creates a majestic appearance. It features a sleek and classy look. The required tools and products to use for a matte skin makeup look are a makeup sponge, face primer, foundation, face powder, brush on blush, eyeshadow palette, eyeshadow fluffy brush, mascara, eyeliner, and lipstick. To achieve the matte skin makeup look, start with applying primer first to help minimise pores and fine wrinkles. After applying foundation, use a makeup sponge to mix and rub it out. Grab a powder to prolong the matte foundation's wear duration. Next, apply a matte blush to the apples of the cheeks. Blend the blush with a fluffy brush for a natural effect. Define the eyes with eyeshadow and use mascara to coat the lashes for volume and length. Next, line the lips with a lip liner before applying lipstick. Lastly, apply the lipstick that best matches the lip liner from the centre of the upper lip to the outer edges of the lips. Matte skin makeup is trending all over the internet and has inspired many enthusiasts. Celebrity such as Adriana Lima have been seen sporting matte skin makeup.

Matte Skin

What Is the Value of Keeping Up with 90s Makeup Trends? 

The 1990s are a well-loved decade replete with makeup and beauty trends that have resurfaced numerous times. It was extensively worn by the most beautiful, iconic, and famous people of the day. Although tastes and fashions have altered since then, it's always nostalgic and enjoyable to reflect on the good old days. A makeup trend that was hated a few years ago is now considered a vogue. Some of those makeup styles are making a comeback and have grown daring enough to make people sit up and take attention once more. For 90s makeup look, all-over bronze, pencil thin brows, the posh aesthetic, overland lips, the brick lips, frosted eyeshadow, the cut crease, all-over shimmer, face gems, all the lip gloss, monochromatic makeup, barely there beauty, pastel eyeshadow, purple eyeshadow, bright blush, red lips, blue eyeshadow, black liner, smokey eye and nude lip, and matte skin can be applied at any event including formal events and semi-formal events. 

Are the 90s Makeup Trends Still Applied?

Some of the makeup looks from the 1990s are still popular today, have resurfaced on the runways, and are worn by the most celebrities. It also gained popularity because of internet influencers such as TikTok and Instagram, where fans have been encouraging others with the 90s makeup style. Among the easiest beauty trends to replicate now include all-over bronze, pencil thin brows, the posh aesthetic, overland lips, brick lips, frosted eyeshadow, the cut crease, all-over shimmer, face gems, all the lip gloss, monochromatic makeup, barely there beauty, pastel eyeshadow, purple eyeshadow, bright blush, red lips, blue eyeshadow, black liner, smokey eye and nude lip, and matte skin.

How Do You Do 90s Makeup?

Mastering 90s makeup trends causes knowledge, tools, and supplies. For applying makeup, knowledge is essential. Enthusiasts should understand what products to use, where to use them, and at what intensity to ensure they look nice on the face and in photographs. Having a good understanding of what's going on in the market can be a huge help make learning easier. The tools to use on How to Master 90s Makeup trends are foundation brush, beauty blender, large powder brush, angled brush, eyeshadow shader brush, eyeshadow blending brush, eyebrow brush, and eyelash curler. The required products to use for the 90s makeup look are the foundation, face primer, eyelid primer, eyeshadow palette, eyebrow pencil, eyeliner, blush, highlighter, bronzer, lip liner, mascara, setting spray, and lip gloss.

Who are the Celebrities Reflecting the 90s Makeup Trends?

Listed below are a few of the celebrities reflecting the style of the 90s makeup trend. 

  • Naomi Campbell: Naomi Campbell was one of the most well-known and sought-after models of the 1990s. 
  • Linda Evangelista: A Canadian fashion model who was a top supermodel in the 1990s.
  • Cindy Crawford: During the 1990s, she was an American supermodel, actress, and television personality.
  • Claudia Schiffer: A German model, actress, and fashion designer who currently resides in the United Kingdom. In the 1990s, she rose to prominence as one of the world's most successful models, achieving supermodel status.
  • Kate Moss: A businesswoman and supermodel from the United Kingdom. Moss rose to prominence in the early 1990s as part of the heroin chic fashion style, nearing the conclusion of the "supermodel period." She endorsed many celebrity beauty brands during her time in the industry and until now. 
  • Christy Turlington: She was the face of 90s cosmetics trends and one of the most iconic and successful supermodels of the 1990s.

What are the Other Makeup Trends that are Worth Following?

Listed below are other makeup trends that are worth following.

  • Colourful Lower-Liner Makeup Trend: It can brighten the eye, give it a sultry smokey effect, or add some light definition.
  • Animal-Print Eyeshadow Trend: Nothing compares to animal print in terms of outrageous makeup trends. From the trendy cow print to the traditional leopard spots, make-up artists around the world have been taking inspiration from all kinds of animals, with stunning results.
  • Glossy Eyeshadow Trend: The glossy eyeshadow trend, like all things dewy and luminous, shows no signs of abating. A glossy sheen on the lids provides the face the illusion of extra hydration and lift, resulting in a high impact look with no effort.
  • Bright Mascara Makeup Trend: Bright Mascara rises to the top of the colour occasion, providing the lashes a bigger appearance as well as a vibrant colour.
  • Neon Makeup Trend: Neon makeup began modestly on the Spring 2018 runways, with bold eyeliner and vibrant mascara taking the place of tried-and-true black. With the startling yellow eye makeup trend and multicoloured eye makeup styles, the trend continued to expand. Now, neon colours are almost common.
  • Floating Eyeliner Makeup Trend: Any line around the eyes that isn't explicitly tied to anything else is the best way to characterise the unconventional trend. Rather, the line is drawn in the crease of the eyelids or diagonally to the sides in a cat-eye shape.
  • Watercolour Makeup Trend: Watercolour makeup is the skill of combining delicate sweeps of colour to resemble those lovely watercolour paintings. This cosmetic trend allows lovers to experiment with colour and express their creative side.
  • Mismatched Eyeshadow Makeup Trend: An entirely new eye makeup trend has emerged on the internet, and it is all about symmetry. The mismatched eyeshadow makeup trend consists of applying two or more distinct colours to each of the eyelids.
  • Red Smokey Eye Makeup Trend: In terms of smokey eyes, red smokey eye makeup is arguably one of the more daunting looks that enthusiasts can think of. It shows one's personality's boldness and gives appeal to the eyes.