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Every woman - regardless of age, place of residence and social status - should be able to feel special and beautiful. Among other things, thanks to makeup. This was the idea behind the WIBO brand when they launched their first makeup products on the cosmetics market. Although the brand was created even 30 years ago, it still offers its customers products at affordable prices, and what is important - it maintains exceptionally good quality. In their WIBO assortment you can find iconic loose powders for fixing makeup, a soft foundation sponge that matches a high-shelf sponge, cream and extremely pigmented eyebrow pomades or bestselling highlighters in beautiful, champagne shades. What's more, WIBO is still developing and with the creation of new products, formulas and consistencies are also changing. All this means that in addition to a very good price-quality ratio, the brand guarantees following the trends and expectations of consumers.

£2.99 £7.60 You save: 60%( £4.61 )
£6.99 £9.99 You save: 30%( £3.00 )
£7.89 £8.90 You save: 11%( £1.01 )

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