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Although the Diesel brand cannot boast of a long history, it has been known from its very best from the very beginning. This Italian company founded in 1978 by designer Renze Rosso began its activity as a fashion brand specializing in the production of denim clothing.

Thanks to intensive, extensive advertising campaigns, we managed to promote goods with the Diesel logo, which prompted the owner of the company to expand its business with further products, including toilet waters for women and men. Diesel fragrances are modern, innovative fragrance compositions that perfectly match current trends. Fresh, joyful and refreshing fragrance notes that can be found in most Diesel fragrances are a kind of celebration of life, passion and courage to face the challenges appearing on our path. Warm, soothing heart notes refer to the classic fragrances, and woody, characteristic for Diesel perfumes bottom chords complete the whole fragrance compositions of this brand. Extremely original, refined bottles in every respect perfectly reflect the character of the brand and its products. There are many details that refer to the roots from which the company originates.

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