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Although Baldessarini seems Italian, it has German roots. It was in her heart that perfumes for mature and charismatic men were created. Certainly compositions such as Baldessarini Del Mar, Ambre and Nautic Spirit are worth reaching for.

Looking at the graceful, simple and elegant Baldessarini perfume bottles, you get the impression that they once have something to do with Hugo Boss elegance. The combination of two brands into one network is completely in place because the brand's founder, Werner Baldessarini, from Austria, was one of the main designers and a member of the board of the Hugo Boss brand. Despite the small collection of perfumes, Baldessarini boasts fragrances that are highly rated by professionals and customers. One of them is the refreshing scent of Baldessarini Del Mar with citruses, caradamon and patchouli. In 2009, the younger but equally handsome Austrian actor Werner Schreyer became the face of the brand.

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