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Different Types Of Beauty Makeup Mirrors

Different Types Of Beauty Makeup Mirrors

A makeup mirror is typically a two-sided mirror that rests on a stand and is hinged on both sides, allowing the other user to easily use either side. One side has conventional magnification, while the other has a 4x or 5x mirror, which is useful for spotting and concealing facial imperfections. A cosmetic mirror can be nearly any size or form as long as it allows the person doing makeup to work with both hands.

A makeup mirror is a very essential tool when applying cosmetics. Women are said to have made progress through the mirror, as it were and their  desire to look beautiful is a natural thing for women to do. They come in many styles and sizes, and a lot of women own more than one mirror. Several women also own a large mirror for general use and a small mirror for travel or regular touch-ups. Some of the most popular types of mirrors include handheld mirrors, stationary mirrors, accessory mirrors, magnifying mirrors, integrated mirrors, and lighter mirrors.

1. Handheld Mirrors

handheld makeup mirror

A handheld mirror is used to check the makeup and colouration from different parts of the face. To use a handheld mirror, hold the bottom part of the mirror and angle the elbow where the face can be seen in the mirror.  A handheld mirror is used to reapply makeup products to parts of the face, like applying blush on or powder, when going to an event or for frequent travelling.  Handled mirrors are known for being small and easy to carry, which makes them a good choice for people who travel a lot. A handheld  mirror can be so small and light that it can be put in small bags or travel bags. The handheld mirror comes in different sizes, but the best one will be able to show the whole face without any distortion. The average price for a handheld mirror will range from £4.77 GBP. This price is subject to change depending on the brand’s choice. Some of the brands for handheld mirrors are MGLIMZ 1X 15X Magnifying Hand Held Mirror, Double Side Folding Hand Mirror, FUHUM 1x 15x Magnifying Handheld Mirror, and Folding Hand Held 10x Magnification Mirror.

Handheld Mirrors Advantages

Handheld Mirrors Disadvantage


Cover only small portions of the face

Easy to use and perfect for touch-ups

2. Stationary Mirrors

stationary makeup mirror

A vanity mirror is another name for a stationary mirror. Stationary mirrors frequently have adjustable stands and may also have movable or swivel functions to assist in the application of cosmetics to the face. To use Stationary Mirrors, start by placing the mirror in front of the face to get the full coverage of the face when applying a full coverage of makeup. This sort of beauty mirror is huge and rectangular or square in shape, with light bulbs and magnified lenses to propel the mirror in the direction of easier and smoother cosmetics application such as foundation, eyeshadow, blush, loose powder, and so on. The average price for Stationary Mirrors will range from £19.88 GBP. Some of the brands for Stationary Mirrors are Gatco Magnifying Table Mirror in Polished Brass, Danielle D711 Beveled Oval Vanity Mirror, and Weily Hollywood Makeup Mirror with Lights. 

Stationary Mirrors Advantages

Stationary Mirrors Disadvantages

Allows user to have hands free when applying makeup

High price point

Movable features to users

Some of the stationary or vanity mirrors are more vulnerable to chipping

Easy to use

3. Accessory Mirrors

accessory makeup mirror

A compact cosmetic mirror is another name for an accessory mirror. It is typically a compact round metal case that is used to touch up makeup on one's face outside the house or for an occasion. To use an Accessory Mirror, begin by holding the bottom of the mirror and angling it to the elbow to reach the covered section of the face for reapplying cosmetics such as loose face powder, blush, and so on. The major function of Accessory Mirrors is to have them on hand at all times, especially for small handbags and occasions. This is important because the product isn't particularly large for hand carry bags. The average price for Accessory Mirrors will range from £2.55 GBP. This price is subject to change depending on the brands choice. Some brands for the Accessory Mirrors are Floxite’s Swarovski LED Lighted Compact Mirror, Disney Collection Snow White Compact Mirror, and ASOS Galaxy Compact Mirror. 

Accessory Mirrors Advantages

Accessory Mirror Disadvantage

Light weighted

Some brands are high in price point

Easy to use

Close up view of the face 

4. Magnifying Mirrors

magnifying makeup mirror

A magnifying mirror is a type of makeup mirror that has magnification levels ranging from 2x to 10x, allowing the user to get up close facial coverage. To begin using magnifying mirrors, place them at an angle to the face. Then, take the face and angle it closer to the mirror for beauty product application. A magnifying mirror is ideal for applying elaborate cosmetics, such as eyeliner, lip liner, or various shades that require delicate blending to achieve the best results. This type of makeup mirror is necessary for concealing fine lines and blemishes. The average price for magnifying mirrors will range from £8.75 GBP. This price is subject to change depending on the brand’s choice. Some brands for the magnifying mirrors are Koolorbs 10x Magnifying Makeup Mirror with Lights, Fabuday magnifying Makeup Mirror Double Sided, and Wall Mounted Makeup Mirror- 10x Magnification 8’Two-sided Swivel Extendable Bathroom Mirror Nickel Finish ALHAKIN. 

Magnifying Mirrors Advantages

Magnifying Mirrors Disadvantages


Some magnifying mirrors may not produce clear reflection of the face

Adjustable angle

Some brands are high in price point

5. Integrated Mirrors

integrated makeup mirror

Integrated Mirror is a term that refers to a mirror that is built into cosmetics products. It is a dual-purpose makeup product that is used to apply specialized makeup to the face. To use the integrated mirror, begin by positioning the product on a specified area of the face and then applying cosmetics. This will allow for a more complete coating of the face, allowing for simpler and smoother application of cosmetics such as lipstick, eyeshadow, and powder blush. The integrated mirrors are necessary and ideal for quick touch-ups or double-checking that the makeup is still flawless and undamaged. The average price for integrated mirrors will range from £6.36 GBP. This price is subject to change depending on the brand’s choice. Some brands for integrated mirrors are L'Oréal Paris Infallible Lip Colour Compact, Urban Decay’s Ammo Eyeshadow Palette, and Benefit’s Box O’ Powder Blush.

Integrated Mirrors Advantages

Integrated Mirror Disadvantages

Easy re-touch of the makeup

The mirror can be easily smudged and clouded with the cosmetics


May limit the effectiveness of the mirror

6. Lighted Mirrors

lighted makeup mirror

Lighted mirrors are ones that have an integrated light for applying makeup, either on the edges or all around the reflective surface. To begin using lighted mirrors, position the mirror in a distant area to ensure complete coverage of the face. Then, switch on the lights to ensure that users can see the face well. This creates a uniform, smooth light source that facilitates makeup application by reducing shadows that might result in uneven cosmetics such as eyeshadow, foundation, and lipstick. The lighted mirror features a variety of lighting options. A well-lighted mirror will provide adequate illumination for a more even and effortless application of makeup products.The average price for a lighted mirror will range from £15.91 GBP. This price is subject to change depending on the brand’s choice. Some brands for lighted mirrors are Conair Double-Sided Lighted Makeup Mirror, Simplehuman Sensor Mirror Hi-Fi, and WEILY Lighted Makeup Mirror. 

Lighted Mirrors Advantages

Lighted Mirror Disadvantages

Improve grooming experience

Some brands are expensive

Enable to apply makeup accurately

May irritate the eyes especially for long use

What to Consider while Choosing a Makeup Mirror?

A makeup mirror is a necessary component of any makeup accessory collection. A good mirror will provide the best results in terms of the mirror's efficiency and quality function. Given the amount of money spent on cosmetics by the majority of women on a monthly basis, it is also critical to guarantee that the mirror provides an accurate reflection. This will help in developing a distinct style that anyone may adhere to on a daily basis. However, it is essential to consider that the performance of the mirror is not exclusively dependent on the lighting and clarity of the reflection, but also on the magnification and features of the mirror. All of these aspects combine to ensure that a user has the optimal mirror fit for their daily makeup process. Several points to consider when selecting a makeup mirror are listed below.

  • Budget and Style: Makeup mirrors are available in a variety of styles and designs, making it simple to pick one that complements the decor and style of the room. Anyone can be as creative as they need to be, but the user must ensure that they do not overcomplicate it and that the final option suits their demands. Set a budget from the outset so that users know what things are accessible when they do their investigation. This guarantees that they get the best deals for their money.
  • Versatility: With recent technological advancements, many beauty mirrors now include additional capabilities that will help the user in getting the optimum angles when applying makeup or grooming. Removable faceplates, as well as swinging, swivelling, and titling arms, are examples of such features. If it is a tabletop mirror, it should include a hinged stand that allows the user to easily alter the face angle. It is crucial to note, however, that high-versatility mirrors are more expensive.
  • Magnification: The next step to consider is the level of magnification available. This is what enables accurate cosmetic application, particularly when blending colours, shaving, tweezing, and putting lip liner.
  • Lighting: The type of lighted mirror to take into consideration is one that emits light. There are mirrors that provide varying levels of illumination. This means that users will be able to move between warm and cold tones in order to balance the available light and achieve the most realistic-looking outcomes.

What is the Best Makeup Mirror Type for Wall?

The lighted mirror is the best type of makeup mirror for the wall. A lighted mirror is an useful source of light, especially when applying cosmetics. Lighted mirrors not only offer aesthetic value to a wall, but they also make it practical and convenient. Lighted mirrors with high-quality LEDs utilize less energy than regular light bulbs, allowing the user to save money on their electricity bills. Furthermore, light shines from all sides of the mirror, providing a clear view of the user's reflection with no shadows. Some lighted mirrors contain dimmable lights that the user can adjust to provide the perfect lighting for their requirements.

What is the Best Makeup Mirror Type for Travel?

The accessory or tiny mirror is the best sort of makeup mirror for travel. Bringing a compact travel magnifying mirror with a light on the journey will save the user from applying makeup that is too thick and not correctly blended. A light-up portable vanity mirror can come in handy. Most mirrors now use batteries, allowing the user to have a clear view and enough of light when they need it the most.

What is the Best Makeup Mirror Type for Bad Eyesight?

A magnifying mirror is the best type of makeup mirror for people with poor vision. Makeup mirrors with 10x to 20x magnification would be ideal for those with poor eyesight. Magnifying mirrors can help with cosmetic application, grooming, and skincare if they have poor vision. An overly enlarged makeup mirror, on the other hand, may create dizziness or nausea. The user must select a magnified mirror that they can use with ease.