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11 Tips for Stimulating Hair Growth

Tips for Stimulating Hair Growth

The hair is one of the most important parts of the body, and its main purpose is to protect the scalp from environmental stress. However, the most known use of hair is for enhancing the looks of the face. Unfortunately, not everyone is gifted with healthy hair. Most of the time, adult men are often bald due to genetic inheritance. On the other hand, most women also are suffering from the inability of their hair to grow normally after choosing to have short hair. These cases of hair problems are most likely to cause deprived self-confidence due to their unpleasant appearance. 

That being said, a step-by-step process must be followed. It is to ensure that the stimulation of hair growth is proper and effective. The hair can be regenerated in different ways, which are through diet and other lifestyle patterns. For instance, a simple massaging of the scalp can help to grow the hair back as the hair follicles are being stimulated. If the process is repeated for a long period, there is a high probability that the hair will become healthy and regain its volume again. 

1. Massage Your Scalp.

Tip 1 for Stimulating Hair Growth

Massaging the scalp is quite similar to the typical massage of the neck and the body. However, it is usually done with gentle pressure. In doing it, use the fingertips of both hands and gently massage them in a circular motion, do the process in 5-10 minutes, for optimal result kindly do it routine several times. It can also be done using automatic devices that work to mimic the pressure of the fingertips. Massaging the scalp has a lot of benefits in regard to hair growth. It will help to make the hair growth centre of the hair follicles and make the hair thicker. It also improves the condition of the people suffering from the disease of alopecia.

2. Avoid restrictive dieting.

Tip 2 for Stimulating Hair Growth

To avoid hair from falling out, it is really important to identify first the problem and why it happens. If the reason for getting hair loss is a deficiency in any nutrients like vitamin D and vitamin B7 or also known as Biotin. It is highly prohibited to crash and restrict diets. An unhealthy diet does not just affect the hair directly, but also the entire body in general.  A person suffering from hair issues must eat a lot of fruits, meat, egg, and vegetables to gain nutrients such as vitamin D to create new hair follicles that are responsible for making the hair healthy.  Preventing the hair from falling out prematurely and stimulating the hair follicles to grow more hair strands faster.  

3. Regular Trimming.

Tip 3 for Stimulating Hair Growth

Trimming the hair regularly can make it thick and healthy. Opposite to the common belief that for the hair to grow, don’t cut it. The reality here is that, when the hair is being trimmed, it becomes healthier. It is the process where the damaged hair stops from spreading to the entire hair strands. Damaged and dead hair is incapable of growing faster; thus, cutting it off is very helpful in stimulation. Similar to blood donation, wherein the lost blood is being replaced by a new, healthier set of blood cells. Experts recommend trimming the hair once every month for men and once every 4 months for women. In addition, it is not all about getting healthy hair, it should also be done for hygienic purposes for a more presentable and clean appearance. 

4. Maintain a healthy diet rich in vitamins and nutrients.

Tip 4 for Stimulating Hair Growth

Maintaining a healthy diet and eating foods that are rich in vitamins and nutrients are one of the most important things needed to do in achieving healthy, shiny, thick hair. The body is very dependent on the things that it absorbs. Thus, consuming food that is high in vitamins and nutrients plays a vital role in making hair grow healthy. Stimulation of hair through massage or regular trimming is not enough, it must also be paired with internal processes. Research says that a whopping 80% of the body’s nutrients are taken from food. Therefore, it is very important to invest in a healthy diet. 

5. Take a look at treatments with platelet-rich plasma.

Tip 5 for Stimulating Hair Growth

Platelet-rich plasma is a process where a person’s blood is extracted and processed in the laboratory. After calibrating the extracted blood in the laboratory, the platelet will be maximized in quantity and will be used to stimulate the hair follicles. The platelet in the body is capable of regenerating the body’s processes; thus, with its help, the hair follicles will also be stimulated to regain the lost hair strands. The process is very popular now, especially on social media, as bald people can have a high chance of retaining their hair. Although it comes with a price, it is highly effective. 

6. Stop using Heat Iron.

Tip 6 for Stimulating Hair Growth

Heat-styling tools such as a blow-dryer, flat iron, or curling iron are known for their usage when regards to making hair fashionable. However, these tools can make hair prone to several hair conditions including, dryness, and thinning of hair and the worse thing is can lead to alopecia, a disease. The disease happens when the immune system attacks the hair follicles and starts to fall out of the hair; it is more common in men. To avoid it, much better to use an organic product to achieve healthy and shiny hair with these, the hair strand will be able to prevent it from falling out.

7. Be cautious when colouring your hair.

Tip 7 for Stimulating Hair Growth

Hair colouring is a process when someone is trying to change their hair colour to look fashionable. The practice was started in 1907 by a famous hairstylist named Eugene Schueller the one who created the synthetic hair dye. In the present time, the practice is more common among K-pop idols. Upon dying the hair, these are the things that need to be noted to avoid hair from being damaged. First and foremost, always do a patch test before applying hair dye on the hair, get a little amount of the product and kindly put it on behind the ear or at the inside of the elbow. Do not forget to wear gloves, as they will protect the hands from dangerous chemicals coming from the product. Do not leave the product longer than the directions because it can damage the hair completely. Lastly, do consider using conditioner because it will help the hair regenerate from the stress caused by the chemicals. 

8. Apply antioxidants product on your scalp. 

Tip 8 for Stimulating Hair Growth

Antioxidants consist of a lot of benefits that are very significant in maintaining the body’s protection against internal and external stress. One of these benefits can be felt in the scalp area. The antioxidants taken from the hair products stick to the scalp and hair as well. With its sticking power, it can provide protection, moisture, and nourishment to the scalp and hair. The nourishment offers stimulation of the scalp and hair follicle for faster hair growth. 

9. Protect your hair while sleeping.

Tip 9 for Stimulating Hair Growth

Sleeping takes several hours, usually 6-10 hours, which means if the hair is left unprotected, it will be exposed to stress for a long period. Thus, if opting for stimulated hair growth, the hair must be protected. The ways of protecting hair before going to sleep include drying the hair, combing the hair, untying the hairstyle, and choosing silk as a pillowcase.

10. Lessen stress level.

Tip 10 for Stimulating Hair Growth

One of the top contributors to hair loss is stress. It is due to the fact that stress causes hormonal imbalances in the body that attacks the hair follicles, resulting in weak bonds of the hair. Thus, decreasing the stress level will have a major impact as the hair follicles will be maintained healthy. Try spending some time on leisure and some fun things to lessen the stress level. 

11. Consider using products that contain caffeine. 

Tip 11 for Stimulating Hair Growth

Caffeine can make the hair grow faster, as it blocks hormonal reactions in the body that suppress the hair’s growth. Thus, consuming coffee at least once a day can help the hair grow more quickly as it is being triggered frequently. However, it is also important to be mindful of consumption because caffeine can cause sleep deprivation and other sleep-related complications. 

What are the things to know in stimulating hair growth?

The things needed to know in stimulating hair growth are the things to be avoided, things to be maintained, and things needed to be done. The things to be avoided include an unhealthy lifestyle, diet restrictions, and intense stress. An unhealthy lifestyle and diet restrictions hinder the body from maintaining its regular processes. Thus, eating adequate healthy foods and regular exercise can help the body to become healthier and stronger. Allotting small time per day for leisure reduces the stress caused by either work or problems. Frequent stress results in hair loss, which attacks the hair follicles on the scalp, preventing the hair from growing fully healthy and quickly. Meanwhile, things to be maintained are pieces of stuff such as massaging, trimming and protecting. Daily scalp massage is needed in helping the hair follicle stimulated frequently; hence, a faster result is expected. Trimming damaged hair strands is another thing to be maintained, in order for the hair to grow faster and healthier. Protecting the hair while asleep must not be forgotten. The exposure of hair for a long period of time to stress affects it on a large scale. Lastly, the things needed to be done are trying other treatments and applying hair products. Trying treatments guided by a board-certified physician is a great help when opting for an immediate result. Especially when dense hair is needed for an urgent event or occasion. Using hair products really helps and also comes at a lesser price. 

What are the cause of hair fall?

The causes of hair fall are genetic inheritance, medical problems, stress, and an unhealthy lifestyle. These things are also the causes of hair loss and baldness. Genetic inheritance is one of the most common causes of hair loss and baldness, especially in men. The hair follicle, usually on top of the head, starts to become weaker, resulting in a lesser volume of hair until no hair is left at all. Another factor of genetic inheritance is age, as the person gets older, the probability of hair loss is higher. On the other hand, medical conditions also contributes to hair loss. Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) is a disease in women where one of the symptoms is hair fall. Furthermore, stress, as what is discussed above, causes the hair follicle to become weak due to hormonal secretion imbalances that attack the hair follicles directly. Lastly, an unhealthy lifestyle, without realizing it, is a major catalyst for hair loss and baldness. The food that humans eat is also what defines their health. Thus, eating unhealthy food means an unhealthy body and hair. 

What are the best product for hair growth?

Tons of hair growth products are being sold on the market right now. These products offer various benefits that promise to regain the volume of hair that has been lost due to hair fall. However, there are some that do not leave any effect at all. Listed below are the best hair growth products that actually work.

  • Women’s Rogaine 5% Minoxidil Foam: If opting for a two-in-one product, then Women’s Rogaine 5% Minoxidil Foam is a great option. The high minoxidil content of the product offers hair growth while suppressing hair fall. It is currently available in a price range of £18.17 GBP. 
  • Hims: The Hims contain both minoxidil and finasteride, which are both good for hair growth. Welcome back to a volume and more dense hair brought by the stimulated hair follicle. The product can be purchased for around £11.80 GBP to £22.94 GBP. 
  • The Ordinary Multi-Peptide Serum for Hair Density: Another product that promotes dense hair, which bald people love to have back. It increases the blood flow of the scalp that stimulates the hair follicles. The price of The Ordinary Multi-Peptide Serum for Hair Density ranges from £14.69 to £15.69 GBP. 
  • What are the best oil for hair growth?

    Oils are essential for the hair follicle and scalp stimulation. These natural ingredients are the most common when it comes to treating baldness and hair loss. Listed below are the best oils for hair growth & thickness.

  • Castor Oil: Castor oils are everywhere in the market when searching for hair growth products. In fact, these are used to thicken the eyebrows, which makes them trending on every social media platform. The product is accessible and highly effective. It can be purchased for as low as £10 GBP and as high as £100 GBP.
  • Lavender Oil: Lavender oil helps to speed up hair growth. It also has properties of generating the cell and removing stress as well, along with castor oil naturally has antimicrobial and antibacterial properties that can help to improve the health of the scalp. The lavender oil’s price goes around £26.90 GBP. 
  • Rosemary Oil: Rosemary oil stimulates the scalp to generate an adequate amount of cells for hair growth. It is a good choice when opting for much thicker hair and faster growth. Rosemary oil products are available on the market for around £8 GBP to £50 GBP.
  • Is hair growth impacted by the weather?

    No, the weather has nothing to do with hair growth. No matter how the weather is, does not affect hair growth. It is something that cannot be affected by the weather unless the particular concern is genetic. Although there are some instances that weather can affect the hair due to some severe hair conditions, it does not solely impact the condition of hair growth.